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    This has been my favorite show and I still watch the previous seasons daily. What is wrong with

    Castle and Beckett being happy in their marriage? The new season is so bad I actually cannot

    make it through the whole show without falling asleep. We don't want to see Castle and his daughter,

    we want to see Castle and Beckett solving murders and being funny and happy together. Forget

    this dark past of Kate's. The fans are ready to move on Castle and Beckett's future. If the writers are

    burnt out, get new ones!
  • Used to be such a great show....

    Sorry to say, the series was slowly decomposing season-by-season. In season 8 they reached the point I decided to stop watching (and spend the time saved to rant here), at least until they bring the storyline and haracters back in order. The change is particularly striking if you watch season 2 and 8 side by side,

    First seasons (those 'we felt in love with') were concentrated on crime solving by two characters that were completing each other both professionally and in private:

    Castle was an easygoing, playboish type, rich and quite famous, with powerful friends - and great storytelling skills he used to make the crime story tick

    Beckett was a driven, down-to-earth, rather shy of powerful detective - with great persistence and eye for evidence and connections.

    This was the relationship that made the series great; it would work just as well in Season 8 with Castle and Beckett working and living together.

    By season 8 those characters were completely refurbished:

    Castle is an infantile and naive middle aged guy, whose only redeeming character trait is devout loyalty to his daughter and Beckett. No fame, no glory.... and rarely resourceful

    Beckett is still driven and down-to-earth, but meanwhile become force to be reckoned with and a girl who could have any men she wanted. Not only she has powerful friends, but she has her own power base (possibility to run for Senate), While she declares her undying love for Castle, events clearly suggest he is her third priority, well behind her job and obsession (mother's death)

    As a consequence watcher is left with a feeling, that nowadays the only element that keeps Beckett with Castle is sheer routine and lack of better options at the time. While in early season the 'do you sleep together' Castle's 'not yet' sounded reasonable, for season 8 chars it would have been 'oh i so want it but i know i have no chance ever'

    Separation between Castle and Beckett was not bold - I would rather say dumb. Let's hope the show will go back to track

    I would give 4-5 stars for first seasons - only 2 stars now... and until Castle is improved, the show have two viewers less.

    I think Castle is on a fast track to close with season 8 (if ratings and viewers continue to drop). Pity


    1. If creators would like to have the spark back they should restore partnership between Castle and Beckett. THey should complete each other, they certainly do not anymore. Caslle should be bacck less infantile and naive, Beckett should be downscaled (or some other changes that would give any balance). Meanwhile Beckett should do some work on winning Castle; last few seasons it was increasingly Castle who went to great lengths to win her with her rather passive and not trusting Castle

    2. Bring Ccastle and Beckett back together and develop their relationship. On-and-off relationship could have worked for other show and characters; in Castle (and their 40ish chars) it only does not.

    3. Concentrate more on solving crimes, with nice twists like you used to. Convoluted multi-episode dark research that leaves one character behind doesn't work.
  • Getting Worse and Worse!

    No idea who dreamed up this new story line but it stinks! Get back to the original formula. Perhaps Beckett could realize that she does NOT want to be Captain and get back to what she does best. As well, the entire series is based on the interplay between Castle and Beckett. There is NONE at present. If this continues you've lost two watchers. Get back to the mysteries.
  • Not fun anymore

    Disappointing and not fun as it once was. Never much enjoyed Castles daughter and sure don't need more of her and less of Kate. Time to move on I guess.
  • This is frustrating

    Dark back story is disappointing. After years of creating a rapport between Castle and Beckett the whole relationship gets screwed up in the new season. Now Beckett treats Castle like a stranger so she can play part-time spy. Whole thing is a turnoff. Writers forgot what makes this show its bread and butter: the relationship between C & B. Right now there is none. Most the guys and probably some girls watching wouldn't blame Castle for divorcing Beckett for lack of chemistry.
  • Castle

    This season sucks. I'm not watching until it returns to it's original format. Demote Beckett and get her and Castle back together#
  • Enough already!

    What has happened to Castle? Enough with the dark back stories. Enough with another separation for Beckett and Castle. Where are the weekly mysteries?? Where is the humor?? I thought that Beckett and Castle would be the contemporary counterparts of Nick and Nora. No such luck.

    If things don't improve soon I will be a former Castle watcher.
  • Redudant dumstuff

    Woman gets captured after Castle and Beckett seperate( again) stupid stuff, tells that if she talks she'll die, then commits suicide by cop, you had a great opertunity to make the series go in a good new direction, Role reversale with Castle being the rich spouse and Beckett as the accomplished dective ah la the Thin Man, instead you decided to rewritw old ideas, you are close to losing me
  • Season Gone Bad

    Really writers? What are you thinking? You took all those years to get Kate and Rick together, then you have them separate? Please get back to a story line that makes sense and made your show popular. Should you stay on this path, you will loose a loyal viewer. So, far you are way off center.
  • So sad to see this show go to the dumps

    I used to love this show but you all have ruined it with foolish interpersonal drama and convoluted external threats. Either get back to the basics or cancel it already. I remember when this show used to be about solving crimes.
  • Good shown goes bad

    The premise for the new season makes no sense. Just cancel it now. Such a contrived mess. Castle and Becket separate, so Castle can win her back again? writers have lost their Mojo!
  • Ingredients of a new Castle's season:

    - Misterious bad guy beckett has to "fight" with.

    - New Castle's family member out of the blue.

    - Some trouble in castle-beckett relationship that will be solved later.

    - Done!

    Seriously, it should have ended a while ago.
  • Old and dumb

    The show has gotten so horrible. My husband and I were faithful viewers, but this season seems so dumb. Why does each episode have to be about one of the main characters being in danger?? We already know they'll be safe at the end. Have the writers just gone on "lame" leave? Bring back the mysteries! Make the show interesting again. For now, there will be 2 less viewers.
  • new season

    so why don't they do reviews for castle anymore
  • Just A Plain Thank You!

    Dear Executive Producers, Writers and Actors: The premier season reflects creative new spins, entwines new as well as old actors in amazing ways. Thank you for the creativity, maintaining the existing cast and outstanding stories coming. While I was in the hospital for 2 months battling my cancer, your show was something that brought "home" into my hospital room. I watched and rewatched your shows for this reason. Nathan, your interview of being grateful was vey touching. I remember having to leave home at 16, living alone and the financial hardships I endured. Those back to basic memories keep you strong and in tact. Thank you all at Castle for being there for me!
  • The look on Beckett's face

    When she grabbed Neimans wrist was classic she really looked so p***d and love the homage to the film serenity with the blood dripping from the scalpel instead of the axe weileded by River after killing the reavers, class!
  • September 21st is the day

    when the waiting period will over
  • Can't Wait till the Next Season

    I've got nothing to criticize about, Castle Season 7 was AMAZING, I Watched all 7 seasons more than 4 times I think and can't get enough of it, Season 7 finale was just AWESOME. Can't wait till the 8th season, Looking forward to it guys, Lots Of Love To The Cast And The Crew.
  • castle season 7 finale brought hopes to the series

    I totally agree that the show from the sixth season has been loosing its charm but this season 7 finale has brought big hopes to me.

    Despite the necessary thriller part even though few parts of the mystery mask might sound like a child's play. But the dialogues by the end of the season finale was really great. I personally think that its a good start for the show to get back into its track. But I really didnt see the time travelers words coming true.

    And in the end like Javier asked ,it still a question for us as well that in the nxt season whether we will hav the couple to solve the homicide or political corruptions, and if Beckett is gonna get busy in her campaign then we might not have

    1. the caskett moments or

    2. we might not have the crime mystery killer finding moments.

    But still I have hope on the writers of Castle.

    Im sure that even the Castle crew understood that the show is loosing its charm, as a result I could see the star cast a bit overacting in the last episode. I think this is because of the pressure which they might have faced through the TRPs.

    As I am still a die hard fan of Castle's first few seasons I am hoping for the best in the future episodes in season 8.

    . Castle chose his ruggedly handsome smiling giant picture which was selected by Beckett :D
  • Tie in to Time Traveler episode from last season

    In season 6 there was an episode with a man claiming to be a time traveler from the future. He told Castle and Beckett that in the future they would be married, have 3 children, he would be a literary writer, and she would be a senator. Nice way to tie that in to this season finale!!
  • Suggestions for future story lines...

    May 11, 2015

    I taped last weeks episode just in case I had a change of heart and wanted to watch it.. something I haven't done in quite a while with Castle. A few minutes into it was enough to recall why I stopped watching. A once excellent show, a rarity for TV, is irrevocably mediocre. I'd rather bite into aluminum foil than watch another episode.

    Kate has gone from being a tough, street smart detective with a sharp wit and a devilish, playful wry sense of humor to a fuzzy, mushy, cornball, super model turned debutante cop. This is the same person who dedicated her life to finding justice for her mother?

    Gag me with a pitchfork!

    What an awful turnaround and insult to what once was a great legacy.

    I won't waste any words on Castle. His character is beyond pathetic. The only TV he's worthy of doing is a commercial for some diet program.

    Over and out forever. This show sucks.

    January 14, 2015.

    I give up. I quit. Fillion's overacting has turned Castle into an affectatious buffoon, and Katic's syrupy, gag me with sweetness, has turned Becket into a pom pom girl.

    Can anyone say Moonlighting? Heck, at this point, I'd swop.

    I used to love this show primarily for the characters. The story lines were okay, but nothing extraordinary. Now I despise it for the same reason. Go away.

    This show couldn't rate a 10 even if it was graded on a curve. Pathetic and sad.

    December 9, 2014

    Unicorns, pookas, leprechauns, Peter Pan, Snow White & the 3 dwarfs...

    I got it! Lanie finds a strand of Captain Montgomery's hair and clones him.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous. Each episode, my eye cue drops by 20 points, which probably explains why I still watch. We'll see which one runs out first.


    November 10, 2014

    If I was at the theater, I would have walked out. As it was I was home, so I had to settle for the kitchen. It's the room farthest away from my TV. Had I stayed a moment longer watching, I would have been minus one TV right now, after it made its way out the window to the ground three flights below.

    This is what we've waited seven years for? As bad and disappointing as the episode was, of greater disappointment was that the cast actually agreed to participate in such a lame insult to one of the most loyal fan bases ever.

    Maybe for the next episode they can reincarnate Derrick Storm from the dead. At this point, I'll believe anything. And while we're on the subject of death, I think it's time to do a mercy killing of Castle. It's already beginning to smell like carrion.

    Seeing as Zero isn't offered as a rating option, I'll amend it here. Zeroooooooooooooooo.


    Everything has a shelf life. Some longer than others. Some things go naturally, some from neglect and some because their purpose for being has ceased. Has Castle passed its peak?

    A real sign that something has gone stale is when it takes a strained effort to do what once came naturally. This show prided itself on it's wonderful blend of contrasts, the heavy with the light, the serious with the humorous, the ridiculous with the sublime. They pointed, and rightfully so, to past movies such as "My Girl Friday" as being some of the show's sources for creative inspiration. Contrast and point/counterpoint can be very powerful devices in the creative arts, be it writing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, acting.

    However, how successful contrast works is due greatly to the strength and appropriateness of the juxtaposition each side provides the other. A yin yang kind of thing if you will.

    The comical side to Castle worked because of how well the serious side played off of it. It was an intelligent brand of humor, that knew how far to stretch and push the artistic envelope before becoming silly, absurd and irrelevant. There was always an element of plausibility that made the show's contrasts work exceedingly well. Now they don't work at all.

    There's obviously an ever widening disparity in fan's ratings, which typically doesn't bode well. Number 1 used to mean something different. There should be no confusion what it means here.

  • Renewed? Yes! Refreshed? We'll see

    I have been a Castle fan since day 1, but I have to admit that the last few seasons have not really been 'must see' television. The show often sits on my DVR for weeks before I get around to watching it. However, I am glad that they renewed it for another season and I have some hope. Since the show runner is not returning, perhaps new blood will bring back some of the magic and whimsy that made this show great. What ever happened to the first couple seasons when Castle had a connection to everybody (used his influence in the pilot to speed up forensics, got a judge to sign off on a search warrant, etc) ? Maybe the new show runner will also remember that Castle IS a celebrity and a fabulously rich one. Nobody ever seems to recognize Castle in the last few seasons and as he has been one of New York's top ten eligible bachelors for several years (prior to his marriage of course), he should really be recognizable nearly everywhere he goes. I don't mind Beckett and Castle being married as they seem to make it work for the show (unlike Bones, which I just stopped watching all together). I just hope that they either breathe fresh life into the show or they end it next season.
  • I think 'meh' sums it up.

    I was a late comer to Castle. Watched the first 4 or so seasons back to back and at first I was really hooked, loved the style of the show and I've always been a Fillion fan. However, recent seasons just don't seem to be able to hold my interest. I can't even put my finger on it exactly. Perhaps its the lack of a real direction, typical of this kind of show, with the main ongoing plot initially being the romance of the leads. But since that's moot (dare I say repetitive) now it's just turned into a week by week yawn fest. I still like the characters, just isn't a real reason to watch them and hasn't been for a while.
  • This show needs new writers

    Ever since season 5, this show has been going downhill. Last nights episode was the worst! If the writers can't come up with some more interesting story lines, then they should not have a season 8, it should be taken off the air. Sorry everyone!
  • Castle is one of my favorite shows.

    I love the the show. I wait for it each week and I watch the reruns. I love watching castle and beckett each week.
  • leave castle alone

    the only show I watch I am suffering anxiety problems castle make it go away for an hour because I get involved in it .
  • still waiting for

    series 5 in the UK
  • Castle is my Favorite show

    Keep going with this show ABC. Look forward to it each week and watch the reruns as well. Castle and Beckett becoming Hart to Hart?
  • Castle

    Yes. Keep it on. Awesome Show!!
  • What about some new angles?

    I will be seriously upset if Castle will not be back for Season 8, because it is the only show that makes me want to watch TV. Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are my 21st century Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. Watching the episodes this season, I believe the writers can focus more on relationships and not so much with how the cast solve crimes, which could be the secondary themes instead of the first. I would like to see more romance between the married Rick and Kate, episodes on how their work affects and test their love for each other, and their dealings with the people they love - Castle's mom, his daughter, Kate's dad, Ryan's to wife Jenny, Alexis' being away at college, etc. How about bringing more love scenes between Rick and Kate, without any phone interruption as they are about to get hot in bed? This shouldn't be difficult because these two have the most amazing chemistry on the small screen. And what happened between Javier and Lanie - will they ever get back together and if not, will they ever have at least a personal life? This show will never lose its appeal for me; they can go on until Kate gets pregnant, Alexis graduates from college and settle, until Martha becomes a Broadway success even at her age, until Captain Gates turns coat and starts liking Castle, until Javi and Lanie realize they are truly meant for each other, etc. Walker, Texas Ranger went on for 11 seasons; why can't Castle last that long too? Life is rich and there are so many angles of it that the writers can explore.