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  • Seasons 1 to 6 and 7 so far...

    Looks like we all have our favorite episodes. I have watched all the episodes. I think Season 7 is slipping. I also like Seasons 1 and 2 - I prefer Beckett's shorter hair style and they are very funny. For storyline and acting, I very much like the two episodes "Pandora" and "Linchpin" in Season 4. Lots of details. Excellent acting from Stana, Nathan, Jennifer etc. Feels like watching a funny Bond movie instead of a TV programming.
  • A mixed bag

    I have watched every episode in the seasons one through six, I did watch some of the season seven episodes. I am giving my thoughts on Castle chronologically. Season one was good, you had great characters, much development for them, at least for it being only ten episodes. Season two was also great, this season, and the third, are the ones with the best "Beckett's mom" moments. Season three is my favourite season. I mean, 3XK, Montgomery being the 3rd cop. The finale was great and it felt a little bit like "Lost" with the "everything ties in together"-stuff and it was good. But then season 4 came.... First of all, I hate Gates. End of that. Then, in the finale, we got to know who was the guy that had ordered Joanna Beckett dead. I was so disappointed. Senator Bracken is one of the WORST villains ever. A good villain has arrogance, way too much pride, being a gentleman, cocky, not afraid to kill someone, intimidating and EVIL!! Senator Bracken fails at the most important criterias.. He is not intimidating and he doesn't have the balls to kill someone himself. He is arrogant, much pride, cocky and he is being a gentleman to those oblivious to his crimes, but those are just small factors and would only make the villain look bad if he/she was intimidating or willing to kill/do something very bad. However, the hitman that killed Montgomery and the investigator of Joanna's case filled all those criterias, maybe not the cocky and gentleman part, but he was a better villain than Bracken. Season 5 was a season with not too much drama and I liked it. Season 6 was also a good one. I absolutely loved the 3XK episode there. But Pi or Pie or whatever he was called... I did not like him, but I kinda felt bad for him, idk why. Luckily he disappeared so it's fine. Season 7.. It was easy to see that they did not have a bigger mystery than the crimes in the episodes, so they came up with the Castle's disappearance thing and I really did not like that due to the writers trying so hard to get us into it and that is never a good thing IMO. Season 7 felt dull and without any humour. I get that Castle had a memory removal, but that doesn't mean that he should not have any humour. I did only watch episode 10, 2,3 and 4, those were without the goofy, crazy theory, and humourous Castle. The ending of season 7 was utter shit.. Just like the season 6 one. He helped find the murderer and since the mob boss cut his hand with a knife he can't work with the police. That made no sense.. Then again, that might have been intended.
  • Suggestions for future story lines...

    December 9, 2014

    Unicorns, pookas, leprechauns, Peter Pan, Snow White & the 3 dwarfs...

    I got it! Lanie finds a strand of Captain Montgomery's hair and clones him.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous. Each episode, my eye cue drops by 20 points, which probably explains why I still watch. We'll see which one runs out first.


    November 10, 2014

    If I was at the theater, I would have walked out. As it was I was home, so I had to settle for the kitchen. It's the room farthest away from my TV. Had I stayed a moment longer watching, I would have been minus one TV right now, after it made its way out the window to the ground three flights below.

    This is what we've waited seven years for? As bad and disappointing as the episode was, of greater disappointment was that the cast actually agreed to participate in such a lame insult to one of the most loyal fan bases ever.

    Maybe for the next episode they can reincarnate Derrick Storm from the dead. At this point, I'll believe anything. And while we're on the subject of death, I think it's time to do a mercy killing of Castle. It's already beginning to smell like carrion.

    Seeing as Zero isn't offered as a rating option, I'll amend it here. Zeroooooooooooooooo.


    Everything has a shelf life. Some longer than others. Some things go naturally, some from neglect and some because their purpose for being has ceased. Has Castle passed its peak?

    A real sign that something has gone stale is when it takes a strained effort to do what once came naturally. This show prided itself on it's wonderful blend of contrasts, the heavy with the light, the serious with the humorous, the ridiculous with the sublime. They pointed, and rightfully so, to past movies such as "My Girl Friday" as being some of the show's sources for creative inspiration. Contrast and point/counterpoint can be very powerful devices in the creative arts, be it writing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, acting.

    However, how successful contrast works is due greatly to the strength and appropriateness of the juxtaposition each side provides the other. A yin yang kind of thing if you will.

    The comical side to Castle worked because of how well the serious side played off of it. It was an intelligent brand of humor, that knew how far to stretch and push the artistic envelope before becoming silly, absurd and irrelevant. There was always an element of plausibility that made the show's contrasts work exceedingly well. Now they don't work at all.

    There's obviously an ever widening disparity in fan's ratings, which typically doesn't bode well. Number 1 used to mean something different. There should be no confusion what it means here.

  • must be the last season

    the 6th and presumably last season has been all over the place from the episodes with becket in washington that painted the writers into a corner story wise to alexis doing detective last shown episode Veritas in any other season would have been a two parter as in the previous seasons, with the big finale their wedding. overall series has run its course the writers have run out of ideas or have given up.
  • I don't get it

    How can anybody watch this show? Castle is an arrogant prick.
  • castle is the best

    I love this show so much. I love the actors, crew, the show all around.

    please bring it back for another season. this show makes me smile

    through my hard times.
  • need a season 8

    look it came to a rough start coming back but with football why would u give up watching Castle it's the best yes it could go further they need to have a kid and have more fun
  • For Better or Worse and Worse Won!

    First the wedding: It's the wedding only a rich guy can pay for to avoid going to the drive through chaple in Vegas: Cheap and quick.

    Next the show: It's over now. Give Kactic and Fillion their million buck raise and drop the curtain.

    Remember: We always have seasons 1 - 6 and can fantasise the rest.

    Season 7?

    Forget about it.
  • Season 7 isn't awful, that would be to kind

    No tv show is perfect and occassionally I didn't appreciate a past episode of Castle but usually the scripts were quite entertaining.

    The storyline of Season 7 is just idiotic. I'm unclear if it could possibly be blamed on a drug dependency problem but that would probably be doing the drugs a disservice.

    I still love the whole cast even though they've been given garbage to peform..
  • Season 7 Off to A Ludicrous Start

    We have been serious fans of Castle since its beginning. Not as great as Firefly, but still wonderfully entertaining.

    Until Season 7.

    Rationalizing a two-month disappearance that leaves everyone Castle loves - especially Alexis - completely unknowing just to forget something unpleasant strains credulity to the breaking point. Having Kate and everyone else turn on him and doubt him on top of that strains credulity and interest well beyond the breaking point.

    The big mystery is how any writer could conceive such a lame plot device and how any producer could actually let that lame idea become part of the series.

    We eagerly anticipated every Castle episode. Now we wonder what we will be forced to suffer through next in this nonsensical contrivance if we bother to watch the next episode.

    Insufferably inane.
  • Season 7 not awful

    The show is not awful, the writers created a new mythology that leave everyone with questions, the show would be stupid if they revealed everything about Castle disappearance, yes Kate and Rick need to be married and show more emotion towards each other but for now the cases are interesting and castle disappearance is interesting and im sure everyone wants to know what happened to castle.
  • Season 7 AWFUL

    I became interested in Castle around season 3, now this new story line I have lost all interest. RIP.
  • I can't believe I'm about to diss Castle!

    I thought after the disappointment of "For Better or Worse" that the Season 7 premiere would get me fired up for the "new mythology" that the Castle bosses have been touting for months. Instead, I was very underwhelmed by not only "Driven," but "Montreal" as well. Don't get me wrong, there were great moments . . . like the emotionally raw opening scene with Kate in her wedding dress being soaked by the fire hose and the "hooah Kate" take down of the guy crushing the SUV, but taken as a whole, this was not only a sub-par season premiere, but two back-to-back sub-par episodes. I simply didn't believe that Espo (and eventually the others as well) could so easily think Castle was either faking amnesia or had some horrible secret, evil life. The acting was flat in many parts. For example, the very fakey Alexis and Martha opening scene. I mean really? Dad/Son is burning to death in a car and all we get is an odd expression on Alexis' face and an "OMG" from Martha? Not at all what I'm used to seeing in a Castle episode, let alone a premiere. Sigh, I am really starting to doubt that this new mythology thing is going to work out. I fear that Castle may be getting ready to "Jump the Shark". Case in point, episode 3 coming up next week about a paranormal or invisible man is NOT just a fun Castle episode. The promo looked flat out ridiculous. And Castle is starting to seem more like a caricature of himself, rather than than witty, slightly childlike genius we've come to know and love. Tactical smooch anyone? Believe it or not, I would have been very satisfied if the season finale had also been the series finale. After the incredible "Veritas" episode, have the final episode be an amazing wedding with the final spoken words being Castle and Beckett gazing into each others' eyes and simultaneously saying, Always. Then there could have been text basically reiterating (with some embellishments) what the "guy from the future" in Season 6 said: Richard Castle stopped writing mystery novels and became a famous, successful writer of serious literature. Kate Beckett went on to become Chief of Police, NYPD, and then a very popular US Senator from New York. They have three children and reside in the Hamptons.
  • What the H...

    Geez what is it with the whole "I forgot" and trust issues, have the producers of the show forgotten and no longer care we fans like or expect about the show. I only hope that they can get back to the storylines that made me watch the show in the first place, I watched some of the reruns on TNT the other day and released how fun the show can be and what a drag the start of this season is....

    Please can we get over the castle amnesia and trust issue crap story line or I'll just stop watching till the second half of the season when I suppose the show should be back to normal
  • Had a hard time even watching the entire Episode

    Wow, talk about the worse episode I've ever seen. Can't believe I waited all summer for this. Whoever wrote the script was suffering from the effects of a serious concussion. I'm so tired of how those that he's worked with for years so quickly run him under the bus when something they don't understand occurs. The more i think about it the more this was one of the stupidest episodes I've ever seen, even when compared to Mr. Rogers.
  • seriously?

    this dance has gone on way too long,give the fans what they want,a wedding..
  • What was that?

    I really like Castle but I have to say that Driven was a particularly strange episode. It felt so far removed from the norm that it was a little too unbelievable. Think the story lines might be getting away from them. I will hold out hope that it is just an over the top scene setter for the rest of the season.
  • The found their way back to Castle

    A comeback equal to show's reputation the past 6 years. Simply astonishing!
  • new season

    so why don't they do reviews for castle anymore
  • Premiere Driven

    Dissappointed that Kate and the crew would think that Castle would plan on missing his wedding and that they were so quick to convict Castle of faking his memory lapse. If this kind of writing continues I will revisit my viewing priorieties.
  • Castle Premiere Driven

    Castle was great with strong finish with Veritas, since Marlowe and Annan asks the audience to have nothing but complete suspension of disbelief. In their background checks of Kate Beckett The NYPD and FBI would have found out that Kate was already married, and questioned her hard on Rogan O'Leary's criminal past, think they would not have looked at Castle as they were engaged and maybe found the father connection. The writers on NCIS would never have missed these little details.

    Then this crazy Castle gone missing, back in two months, head doctor says he maybe faking. No where in the show did they take the returned Castle and check his DNA to the real Castle DNA. If he is faking, all Beckett has to do is demand of Castle to take a lie detector test, if he does not then they are finished. Ask him: did you get a dengue fever vaccination, did you go to these countries, were you shot a few months back, did you stage your kidnapping, did pay money to have the car crushed, did you camp out for two months, did you know the guy in the trailer, no ones got control to their emotions to fool the machine. If he refuses ouch, no more Castle sitting in the Chair beside Beckett's desk, then what do you call the show

    Up through Veritas great show, but now Castle is a Clown and Beckett a hand wringing crying little thing that does not know how to get the truth out of Castle. Who's going to show up next? Roger Rabbit cartoon caricatures speaking to Castle in his dreams.

    Come on guys this was great love story with crime fighting, now I have no idea what this is, it's not even well thought out. I am reading the Heat Books, this writer is much better than Marlowe and Annan (makes you wonder who does their thinking for them when they are alone), and the books are now better than the show.

    NCIS: LA, I am yours.

  • The Engagement was the end for me.

    I loved Castle but this browncoat had to tune out when Caskett was born. It's like Moonlighting all over again.
  • The Show

    I don't even have to say much. This show is amazing. It's not for everyone but it's definitely suited for me. :) I love everything about it. The characters and all. Perfect! !
  • Castle season 7

    Does castle really get shot and die in season 7 I've seen in youtube that he does

    If it gets canceled i dont even know what i am going to do. I will probaly like die. Or cry in my closet for eva. But BEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE FOR SURE! LOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIITTT!
  • castle and beyond

    Castle can make mistakes and i will still watch because the show is brilliant the whole dynamic is brilliant between castle Beckett and the rest of the castle family. I watch Bones and find it hard to justify the things they do but Castle doesn't make me do that. I knw the end of S6 was not the greatest but if the other seasons are anything to go by we should be patient and wait and see what brilliant things they come up with x i knw i cant wait for S7 x Caskett forever x

  • Castle

    It is tired and formulaic and worst of all TNT plays it incessently. Every fucking night. Multiple episodes in row. It's their entire prime time line up. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I will not watch TNT whenever it is on. They have other programs I enjoy but they marathon this one without any sense of mercy or balance. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!
  • What happened to 'Caskett'?

    Well, the first three seasons were 'will they, or won't they', and at the end of season 4 (Always) they finally gave into their feelings for one another. All through season 5 the show was exploring their ups and downs with becoming a couple, especially in episode 4 'Murder He Wrote', when they went away for the weekend alone, and you got to see them really enjoy their time together, but so far this season (6), the 'chemistry' is definitely lacking, especially for a couple that's supposed to be in love and getting married.

    The show's creator (Andrew Marlowe) has asked for fans to be patient this season, but episode 8 just aired two days ago (which, if this season runs 23 or 24 episodes like the others, is a third of the way through), and so far the only thing we know about the 'Caskett' wedding is in the beginning of episode 4 Becket says to Lanie, "we haven't set a date, and we just want to enjoy our engagement", and in the beginning of episode 7 Castle tells Becket he would like to get married in space. A third of the way through the season, and that's all we know about the wedding?

    I'm not saying they have to get married this year, but the episodes this season have been up and down showing how much they're in love. For example, in episode 1, Beckett happily accepts his proposal with kisses, and later in that episode is pleasantly surprised when he shows up at her apartment in DC. In episode 2 when Beckett learns Castle only has a day to live, she doesn't shed a tear, or have a moment by herself where she gets emotional? In episode 3 when Castle suggests getting an apartment together in DC, Beckett actually seems happy to kiss him. In episode 4, Castle gets shot in the chest, and all Beckett does when he comes around and she realizes he isn't dead is smile and give him a hug? At the end of that same episode Beckett returns to duty at the NYPD, and the kiss they share at the end seems forced, like they had to do it to show they're still a couple. The story-arc in episodes 5, 6 & 7 were the Castle / Alexis relationship, which needed exploring, yet we have Alexis, who's only been dating her boyfriend a few months, and now living together in their own place, but Castle and Beckett, who've known each other for years and are now engaged, still living separately? How is that believable? At the end of episode 8 Castle replaces his lion picture with shells he & Beckett picked up on the beach at the Hamptons, and again, all Beckett does is smile and give Castle a hug? Doesn't feel like a couple madly in love and ready to get married, does it?

    It was noted that when Stana and Nathan were seated at the Paley Fest this year (2013), they didn't sit next to each other, which they've done previously. Could it be that they aren't getting along? That would explain why they don't seem to be 'into' each other this season, like they have before.

    I can understand expanding other character story-lines, (Ryan's pending baby, Alexis moving out), but the show needs to return its focus on the 'Caskett' relationship, or viewers are going to run out of patience, and start tuning out.

    [UPDATE 01-14-14]

    Well 4 more episodes have passed since I wrote this original review, and I must say that the show has definitely picked back up, so I guess Marlowe was right, we had to be patient !

    We had the return of Jerry Tyson (3XK), which was an excellent episode for the 5 main characters, and very creepy at the end ! We're sure to see Tyson again in the future.

    Then the baby episode showed Kate warming up to the idea of having kids, and how she and Castle would do as parents, a very nice episode.

    Next we have Ryan & Esposito trapped in a fire, with Jenny in labor, another great episode.

    Finally last night we get to see Castle's father once again, and a date for the wedding (September) !

    So, I will admit that the beginning of the season was a bit rough, but now at the halfway point, the show is as good as it has been in quite a while.

    [Last UPDATE: 06-17-14]

    So, the finale aired about a month ago, and I, like most fans, found it disappointing, to be kind. The season as a whole wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as last year (Season 5) or the year before (Season 4). The premise of the finale was a bit far fetched, believing that Beckett didn't know she was previously married, especially after recently applying to the Attorney General's office for a job, and being a former law student at Stanford? I'll admit the running around trying to get the divorce papers signed was fun, and in general it was a light episode, but then do a quick cliffhanger with a car crash? Why? The fans are going to tune in when the season starts again, they didn't need a cliffhanger to force the issue. Marlowe should've ended the season with "Veritas", as that brought closure to the Johanna Beckett murder and Senator Bracken story, then started next season with the wedding. From a lot of the blogs I've seen, many fans have claimed they won't return to watch the show, but I think they're just mad they didn't get a wedding at the end of the season, and will reluctantly tune in when season 7 starts, because they still want to see a wedding. I would've been fine with the car crash if this was the first episode of next season (7), and it would be a "tune in next week" to see what happens, instead of dragging it out over the summer. Now that Marlowe has stepped down as show runner, maybe David Amann will get the Castle ship back on course, but we'll have to wait until September to find out.
  • Cancel this boring show and put on your browncoat..

    It just hurts to see captain Malcolm having to act out these horrible scripts.. Bring back Firefly and it's amazing characters and writing. That is all.
  • like the daily surprise menu in your favourite restuarant

    Every week for the past 6 years I weekly dined (with exception of the summer months) in my favourite restaurant around the corner . Because I am always in for a surprise, I order always the surprise menu. After the first ten times, I knew am satisfied with this choice. After 100 meals: never a dull moment, always a surprise. !!!Sometimes the diner is copious and brillant, sometimes the meal as a whole is just eatable but fills the stomage. But every meal has always a bright spot, a moment of flavour, of well done (even) potatoes or lettuce. I often have thought to abandon the diner, or look for another place, but the surprise diner stays my favourite. It satisfies me, I am filled after the hour, I have remeniscense of yoyfull moments and have forgotten some minor moments. That is also the result of the whole gang in the diner, the cooks, the catering, the management, the serving persons, the maitre d'o, the personal attention every week. Of course I know the surprise will gradually slip into the background, and it is the diner that attracts me, that fascinates me and is a kind of addiction. Change all words about the diner in Castle!!!.
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