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  • Castle

    There was a time I watched TNT virtually every night. The Closer, Major Crimes, Perception, The Mentalist. But justnight after night of Castle Castle Castle. I dont even bother to tune in any more. This boring ass soap opera is tired and formulaic and worst of all TNT plays it incessently. Every fucking night. Multiple episodes in row. It's their entire prime time line up. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I will not watch TNT whenever it is on. They have other programs I enjoy but they marathon this one without any sense of mercy or balance. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!
  • take this into consideration! !!

    I dont get what everyone says is so good about the show. I do admit i used to love it i have all the seasons and watch every show but theres nothing to look forward to anymore its like the writers have nothing new to offer. They use the same people even the extras are the same they show mostly the same scenes in the same places too like come on. There usually is a big thriller in every season and ive started to notice the murder at the begining of the show is the same as other shows in previous seasons and the same clothes even somtimes and not to mention the kidnapping some one answers the phone and its the character that got kidnapped and then someone always as soon as they know who it is they act all surprised and someones got to turn there head and as something stupid that everyone expects not to mention i heared that usually in every single episode someone carries a richard castle book and i look for it every time and its hard to spot but its the book i mean like really and everyone knows the story they use for every episode it hasnt become more sespensful since the beginning i belive you have to grow with your audience not keep it the same you hace to scare them or worry them for every moment of each episode and change it up not keep it the same if the writers did that people like me wouldnt pick up on props and fake stuff every episode i have to watch even more closely now that there repeating the same incidents please someone take this edvice its all true and maybe just maybe youll see it too did i mention im 13 and i used to see the show when i was little and get so scared and know i think to myself why would you be scared if it was soo AviobviouslY fake i rate it a 3 out of 5
  • Hopefully, this is the last Kidnap plot

    I quit watching Bones because it became the "Cleetus and Brandine Go Undercover" show. Other shows have fallen into repetitive plots and failed. Hopefully, Castle can avoid this mistake and keep moving. Shows such as NCIS have re-invented themselves for the better. A new, fresh approach for Castle will keep the show alive, but falling on trite quick-thrill plots will signal the end. However, if the writers can't pull it off, it's been a good run. Keep your fingers crossed folks, one more season is pretty much guaranteed, let's hope Castle can keep going for a few more years.
  • Please change back to the old castle!

    I really do not get why they changed a format for Castle that was so successful

    ??? Please they need to go back to the original one.

    I am really bored with this way.
  • Bring back the original Castle

    I stopped horrible, dumb and stupid. You took all the joy out of watching.
  • Get new writers

    Castle is following the path of NCIS Los Angles. Castle sees a murder doesn't call the police. Instead, he follows the murderer into the woods at night unarmed. How dumb do the writers think we are?
  • Listen To Your Fans!

    I love the show. No doubt it is fun and predictable. Thankfully it doesn't have the graphic violence, over the top sex scenes and drama that is ridiculous. It is a great show.. Creative and engages your imagination.

    However, so far I'm not liking the new direction. It feels as though it has lost its connection between the characters. I hope the creators will re-consider the new direction before the audience decides to leave.

    I have also heard this may be the last season for Castle. I hope this isn't the case. Please bring the story line back that we all love and keep the show on the air. Don't leave us without Castle.
  • Predictable but fun

    The culprit is always the person who is given a small part at the start of the investigation, but still fun to watch the process of connecting the dots.
  • 1920s Series

    I cant be the only one who wants to see castle in a Pi series set in the 20s......
  • Don't lose your audience in the plot twists

    Last night's episode of Castle should make one thing apparent to Nathan Fillion - The title might be Castle, but the premise doesn't work as well without Beckett and the 12th. The plot twist where Castle is excluded from the precinct because of this tie to the mob, unlike the other ties we're aware of, has not only taken the story in the wrong direction, it has drained the life out of the characters. There is a palpable difference in the energies of all the characters when they aren't together. Stana might need Nathan, but he needs her just as much. End this madness and get back to good story lines.
  • This change should be shot

    The series worked fine with Beckett and Castle et al 12th precinct working together and homelike with Mom and Alexis...

    Now it is horrible. ... if this continues I am done watching. ..

    Bring back the TEAM!!
  • Like the P. I. angle

    Nice change of pace, the whole We can't work together but we're working together but competing against each other thing, but ultimately the show doesn't work without Castle and Beckett together at the 12th so how does Castle eventually return? My gut feeling is that it will be Captain Gates that masterminds his return and in a Gates/Beckett moment (like Beckett and Castle's season 2x13 "If you tell anybody what i'm about to say there's going to be another shooting" ) That Gates wild theories and speculation aside likes and respects Castle as an investigator and considers him an asset to the 12th. Like I said gut feeling because it's the most unlikely scenario.
  • Suggestions for future story lines...

    January 14, 2015.

    I give up. I quit. Fillion's overacting has turned Castle into an affectatious buffoon, and Katic's syrupy, gag me with sweetness, has turned Becket into a pom pom girl.

    Can anyone say Moonlighting? Heck, at this point, I'd swop.

    I used to love this show primarily for the characters. The story lines were okay, but nothing extraordinary. Now I despise it for the same reason. Go away.

    This show couldn't rate a 10 even if it was graded on a curve. Pathetic and sad.

    December 9, 2014

    Unicorns, pookas, leprechauns, Peter Pan, Snow White & the 3 dwarfs...

    I got it! Lanie finds a strand of Captain Montgomery's hair and clones him.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous. Each episode, my eye cue drops by 20 points, which probably explains why I still watch. We'll see which one runs out first.


    November 10, 2014

    If I was at the theater, I would have walked out. As it was I was home, so I had to settle for the kitchen. It's the room farthest away from my TV. Had I stayed a moment longer watching, I would have been minus one TV right now, after it made its way out the window to the ground three flights below.

    This is what we've waited seven years for? As bad and disappointing as the episode was, of greater disappointment was that the cast actually agreed to participate in such a lame insult to one of the most loyal fan bases ever.

    Maybe for the next episode they can reincarnate Derrick Storm from the dead. At this point, I'll believe anything. And while we're on the subject of death, I think it's time to do a mercy killing of Castle. It's already beginning to smell like carrion.

    Seeing as Zero isn't offered as a rating option, I'll amend it here. Zeroooooooooooooooo.


    Everything has a shelf life. Some longer than others. Some things go naturally, some from neglect and some because their purpose for being has ceased. Has Castle passed its peak?

    A real sign that something has gone stale is when it takes a strained effort to do what once came naturally. This show prided itself on it's wonderful blend of contrasts, the heavy with the light, the serious with the humorous, the ridiculous with the sublime. They pointed, and rightfully so, to past movies such as "My Girl Friday" as being some of the show's sources for creative inspiration. Contrast and point/counterpoint can be very powerful devices in the creative arts, be it writing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, acting.

    However, how successful contrast works is due greatly to the strength and appropriateness of the juxtaposition each side provides the other. A yin yang kind of thing if you will.

    The comical side to Castle worked because of how well the serious side played off of it. It was an intelligent brand of humor, that knew how far to stretch and push the artistic envelope before becoming silly, absurd and irrelevant. There was always an element of plausibility that made the show's contrasts work exceedingly well. Now they don't work at all.

    There's obviously an ever widening disparity in fan's ratings, which typically doesn't bode well. Number 1 used to mean something different. There should be no confusion what it means here.

  • Better and Better

    so i will use nexus10 title (sorry for that ) but the show is actually getting better and better. its brilliant. every case is well played. it has a start and an ending. i m ok with the marriage cause it was time to move on. i love how they solve every case and it keeps me on edge to find out what really happened. i just love this show , its my only 10.
  • Better and Better

    Like many of you when I saw the wedding go ahead I also had flashbacks to Tony and Jeanie and thought "Nooooo, don't do it" The sexual tension will dissipate and it will ruin the emotional dynamic of the entire show. Thank god, I was wrong, maybe not as steamy but just as good overall. Come on Season 8, can't wait.
  • All in all a good run !

    Well starting with the first episode Castle caught the eye of almost everyone mainly due to nathan 's witty humour and stana 's beauty and the storyline was kept precise and ended with quite a nice climax of castle investigating Beckett's moms murder . Season 2 kept the graph growing at a steady rate and season 3 was epic with introduction of Montgomery as third cop and shooting of Beckett season 4 unexpectedly was quite a surprise with the death of Beckett s assassin and ended with Beckett finally accepting her feelings for castle with a glimpse of their love making. Season 5 was the best with drama action love romance and mystery which was accompanied by season 6. Season 7 is probably the first time where they have not yet shown promise but all in all it is quite an amazing show
  • Seasons 1 to 6 and 7 so far...

    Looks like we all have our favorite episodes. I have watched all the episodes. I think Season 7 is slipping. I also like Seasons 1 and 2 - I prefer Beckett's shorter hair style and they are very funny. For storyline and acting, I very much like the two episodes "Pandora" and "Linchpin" in Season 4. Lots of details. Excellent acting from Stana, Nathan, Jennifer etc. Feels like watching a funny Bond movie instead of a TV programming.
  • A mixed bag

    I have watched every episode in the seasons one through six, I did watch some of the season seven episodes. I am giving my thoughts on Castle chronologically. Season one was good, you had great characters, much development for them, at least for it being only ten episodes. Season two was also great, this season, and the third, are the ones with the best "Beckett's mom" moments. Season three is my favourite season. I mean, 3XK, Montgomery being the 3rd cop. The finale was great and it felt a little bit like "Lost" with the "everything ties in together"-stuff and it was good. But then season 4 came.... First of all, I hate Gates. End of that. Then, in the finale, we got to know who was the guy that had ordered Joanna Beckett dead. I was so disappointed. Senator Bracken is one of the WORST villains ever. A good villain has arrogance, way too much pride, being a gentleman, cocky, not afraid to kill someone, intimidating and EVIL!! Senator Bracken fails at the most important criterias.. He is not intimidating and he doesn't have the balls to kill someone himself. He is arrogant, much pride, cocky and he is being a gentleman to those oblivious to his crimes, but those are just small factors and would only make the villain look bad if he/she was intimidating or willing to kill/do something very bad. However, the hitman that killed Montgomery and the investigator of Joanna's case filled all those criterias, maybe not the cocky and gentleman part, but he was a better villain than Bracken. Season 5 was a season with not too much drama and I liked it. Season 6 was also a good one. I absolutely loved the 3XK episode there. But Pi or Pie or whatever he was called... I did not like him, but I kinda felt bad for him, idk why. Luckily he disappeared so it's fine. Season 7.. It was easy to see that they did not have a bigger mystery than the crimes in the episodes, so they came up with the Castle's disappearance thing and I really did not like that due to the writers trying so hard to get us into it and that is never a good thing IMO. Season 7 felt dull and without any humour. I get that Castle had a memory removal, but that doesn't mean that he should not have any humour. I did only watch episode 10, 2,3 and 4, those were without the goofy, crazy theory, and humourous Castle. The ending of season 7 was utter shit.. Just like the season 6 one. He helped find the murderer and since the mob boss cut his hand with a knife he can't work with the police. That made no sense.. Then again, that might have been intended.
  • must be the last season

    the 6th and presumably last season has been all over the place from the episodes with becket in washington that painted the writers into a corner story wise to alexis doing detective last shown episode Veritas in any other season would have been a two parter as in the previous seasons, with the big finale their wedding. overall series has run its course the writers have run out of ideas or have given up.
  • I don't get it

    How can anybody watch this show? Castle is an arrogant prick.
  • castle is the best

    I love this show so much. I love the actors, crew, the show all around.

    please bring it back for another season. this show makes me smile

    through my hard times.
  • need a season 8

    look it came to a rough start coming back but with football why would u give up watching Castle it's the best yes it could go further they need to have a kid and have more fun
  • For Better or Worse and Worse Won!

    First the wedding: It's the wedding only a rich guy can pay for to avoid going to the drive through chaple in Vegas: Cheap and quick.

    Next the show: It's over now. Give Kactic and Fillion their million buck raise and drop the curtain.

    Remember: We always have seasons 1 - 6 and can fantasise the rest.

    Season 7?

    Forget about it.
  • Season 7 isn't awful, that would be to kind

    No tv show is perfect and occassionally I didn't appreciate a past episode of Castle but usually the scripts were quite entertaining.

    The storyline of Season 7 is just idiotic. I'm unclear if it could possibly be blamed on a drug dependency problem but that would probably be doing the drugs a disservice.

    I still love the whole cast even though they've been given garbage to peform..
  • Season 7 Off to A Ludicrous Start

    We have been serious fans of Castle since its beginning. Not as great as Firefly, but still wonderfully entertaining.

    Until Season 7.

    Rationalizing a two-month disappearance that leaves everyone Castle loves - especially Alexis - completely unknowing just to forget something unpleasant strains credulity to the breaking point. Having Kate and everyone else turn on him and doubt him on top of that strains credulity and interest well beyond the breaking point.

    The big mystery is how any writer could conceive such a lame plot device and how any producer could actually let that lame idea become part of the series.

    We eagerly anticipated every Castle episode. Now we wonder what we will be forced to suffer through next in this nonsensical contrivance if we bother to watch the next episode.

    Insufferably inane.
  • Season 7 not awful

    The show is not awful, the writers created a new mythology that leave everyone with questions, the show would be stupid if they revealed everything about Castle disappearance, yes Kate and Rick need to be married and show more emotion towards each other but for now the cases are interesting and castle disappearance is interesting and im sure everyone wants to know what happened to castle.
  • Season 7 AWFUL

    I became interested in Castle around season 3, now this new story line I have lost all interest. RIP.
  • I can't believe I'm about to diss Castle!

    I thought after the disappointment of "For Better or Worse" that the Season 7 premiere would get me fired up for the "new mythology" that the Castle bosses have been touting for months. Instead, I was very underwhelmed by not only "Driven," but "Montreal" as well. Don't get me wrong, there were great moments . . . like the emotionally raw opening scene with Kate in her wedding dress being soaked by the fire hose and the "hooah Kate" take down of the guy crushing the SUV, but taken as a whole, this was not only a sub-par season premiere, but two back-to-back sub-par episodes. I simply didn't believe that Espo (and eventually the others as well) could so easily think Castle was either faking amnesia or had some horrible secret, evil life. The acting was flat in many parts. For example, the very fakey Alexis and Martha opening scene. I mean really? Dad/Son is burning to death in a car and all we get is an odd expression on Alexis' face and an "OMG" from Martha? Not at all what I'm used to seeing in a Castle episode, let alone a premiere. Sigh, I am really starting to doubt that this new mythology thing is going to work out. I fear that Castle may be getting ready to "Jump the Shark". Case in point, episode 3 coming up next week about a paranormal or invisible man is NOT just a fun Castle episode. The promo looked flat out ridiculous. And Castle is starting to seem more like a caricature of himself, rather than than witty, slightly childlike genius we've come to know and love. Tactical smooch anyone? Believe it or not, I would have been very satisfied if the season finale had also been the series finale. After the incredible "Veritas" episode, have the final episode be an amazing wedding with the final spoken words being Castle and Beckett gazing into each others' eyes and simultaneously saying, Always. Then there could have been text basically reiterating (with some embellishments) what the "guy from the future" in Season 6 said: Richard Castle stopped writing mystery novels and became a famous, successful writer of serious literature. Kate Beckett went on to become Chief of Police, NYPD, and then a very popular US Senator from New York. They have three children and reside in the Hamptons.
  • What the H...

    Geez what is it with the whole "I forgot" and trust issues, have the producers of the show forgotten and no longer care we fans like or expect about the show. I only hope that they can get back to the storylines that made me watch the show in the first place, I watched some of the reruns on TNT the other day and released how fun the show can be and what a drag the start of this season is....

    Please can we get over the castle amnesia and trust issue crap story line or I'll just stop watching till the second half of the season when I suppose the show should be back to normal
  • Had a hard time even watching the entire Episode

    Wow, talk about the worse episode I've ever seen. Can't believe I waited all summer for this. Whoever wrote the script was suffering from the effects of a serious concussion. I'm so tired of how those that he's worked with for years so quickly run him under the bus when something they don't understand occurs. The more i think about it the more this was one of the stupidest episodes I've ever seen, even when compared to Mr. Rogers.