Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on ABC

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  • Castle, Serious Business.


    From the "tense" surgery/waitingroom scene to a sudden 3 month time jump accompanied by a lot of crying and emotional distress this was nothing like a regular Castle episode.

    The show has proven that it can deliver tense and good drama in for example Tick, Tick. And in many ways this feels like a copy of that story. Becket is in mortal danger although noone expects her to really die. Castle and Becket go through another breakup though we all know they will be back together by the 20 minute mark. See the pattern? The problem with this episode is that they did absolutely nothing original. The whole badass new captian routine and the amnesia after the gunshot, I've seen it so many times before and done better. Big twist coming though, the amnesia turned out to be a lie! So we can start the whole "will they or won't they" routine again, YAY!

    But all sarcasm aside Castle is still Castle so even though it may not be the most original of shows we can always count on a solid performance by the cast. Also the episode was very watchable considering how many elements were crammed into these 45 minutes. Martha and Alexis didn't have much screentime which is always a good thing, while Ryan and Esposito had plenty which is also a good thing.

    The mystery of the week is hardly worth mentioning. Taking the backseat is a pretty big understatement. Actually I think it would have been wiser if the writers would've dropped it and used the extra time to add some depth to the time jump. We are told bits and pieces about the 3 months but it really lacks any impact.

    An episode that I was expecting but not was hoping for. Packed with events and changes it felt rushed and messy at times. But mostly the cliches and rehashed story elements made this a dissaponting Castle episode.

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