Season 6 Episode 16

Room 147

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2014 on ABC
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Castle and Beckett seemingly have an open and shut murder case when a woman confesses to having murdered a struggling actor. But when they determine the woman couldn't have done it, another comes forward to confess just as convinced they did the murder. The team realizes that multiple confessions by strangers have made this a mysterious case indeed.


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  • Confessions

    A murder investigation gets confusing when three different people confess to the crime.
  • Room 147

    A good episode here that focused on manipulation, both mentally and with a camera. Good to see Spinelli get a primetime guest spot too.
  • three confessions and a turtleneck

    weird murder - But Kate & Alexis are the story,

    Dude looks made for crazy in a turtleneck, and obvo choice for Manipulator, but NOOOOO - it was that chick from the Podunk Playhouse? "I. Had. Lots of shouting! Looking impassioned! Of all the confessions in the hour, this was the lamest. I call Bullshit!

    that's okay - Rick gets to play crime clown and lead the Guessing Games. but the real story was kate and alexis doing what adults in TV shows should do - sit down and talk through their issues like adults. Beckett reaches out to Alexis on her own and shares her concerns about the Crimson Cutie's exhausting drive to make her lease. Good talk girls. and the just right ending - Alexis moving back into the loft, and many awwws from the fans. Ding Dong the PI is dead, and our little sweetie is back where she now knows she belongsmoreless
  • Mixed Nuts

    This is another really good one, this is basically a typical whodunit mystery but what makes it different from the norm is the fact the suspects don't keep themselves hidden.

    Not a lot I can say, I love the fact that everyone really has to twist their brain on this one, even we do as were trying to make sense of each of the suspects. At first they might seem like the typical wacks that would confess to a crime they didn't really do, but the strangest thing about them are the exact details that they described and all were being truthful about it.

    Personally I was thinking that each of these people were under some sort of hypnosis or brainwashed, because there is no way different people that confess can describe all the exact details perfectly. And as we see one thing leads to another and the case gets stranger as we see they were all part of what was a help program but is really a cult at least it seems that way. From that intro video down to the fact the company knew who Castle and Kate were, I'll admit I found that kinda creepy. And really didn't like the guy that ran it I could see right though him; personally what he was doing is wrong not just scaming people out of money but the method of curing people which isn't a cure but is brainwashing. Sure it might have stopped at least for a while whatever psychological ailment they had but their consciousness was violated by a lie. It's sort of like that old quote "Happness is the biggest con game and that saying is right it can be, the thing is there are no easy solutions, solutions exist and healing/happness is possible but you have to work at it, that's just one of the facts of life.

    As usual it was fun seeing both Kate, Castle, and the rest solve the mystery. This episode had a few highlights. One was that theory that Castle made on the suspects all being psychically linked and were somehow psychically linked with the killer, seeing his point of view on things. I thought it was both funny but also seems like another cool idea for Castle to make a book out of. It also sounded uncannily similar to the underrated 90's psychic suspense thriller "Fear" (version with Ally Sheedy), so you could say this was a small reference joke.

    Second was the talk both Kate and Alexis had, I thought it was touching because this was something Alexis never really had much, a mom figure to talk to. But also further justified that Kate is capable of being a mom as she gives Alexis great advice. Alexis really shouldn't stay at that apartment, there really isn't anything for her there. But also she shouldn't punish herself, yeah she made a mistake but it's one anyone could make, it can sometimes be a bit confusing defining the difference between thinking we love someone and actually loving someone.

    Third, Alexis has dumped Pi's butt. When I heard that news I thought two words YES! and ALLELUA! I always felt both Alexis and Pi were mismatched, Pi was just too much of a hippie. And we discover a real dead beat as he didn't pay his half of the lease for the apartment. Alexis deserves better, hopefully if she does get another significant other into her life it will be with someone cool let alone useful.

    I really liked the ending which I thought was touching when Alexis in the end does the right thing, she comes back home, and both Alexis and Castle hug. Welcome home, Alexis.

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

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John Getz

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Bradford Anderson

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    • Beckett: It's interesting how malleable the human mind is. I mean, all those people wanted was a little help.
      Castle: But instead, they became Guinea pigs, all because they turned to the wrong person for answers.
      Beckett: Yeah, well, sometimes it's hard to know who the right person is. After all, it took you three tries.
      Castle: True, but I figured it out, and you didn't even have to drug me.
      Beckett: How do you know what I do to you when you're sleeping?
      Castle: Whoa. Well, whatever it is, wake me up for it next time.

    • Beckett: Come on, Castle. Could you just tell me what this is all about?
      Castle: Not until I know I'm right. Which... I am. You should know you're engaged to a genius.
      Beckett: Yes, a genius at annoying me.

    • Alexis: All those things my dad said when I was moving out about me making a mistake moving in with my boyfriend, he was right. I can see it so clearly now. Why didn't I then?
      Beckett: You were in the love haze.
      Alexis: The love haze?
      Beckett: It's like a drug! It makes intelligent people do stupid things. Then it clears, and you look around, and you wonder, "what was I thinking?" Your dad just wants to help. It's okay to let him.
      Alexis: Yes, but this was my mistake. He shouldn't have to pay for it, so I will tutor and do whatever I have to until the lease is up.
      Beckett: Okay. I get it. Look. I know what you're doing seems noble, but it's not. I mean, the long hours, the exhaustion, what you're actually doing is punishing yourself. Trust me. I've been there. This-this isn't necessary. Your dad loves you. He worries about you. I think your penance is paid.

    • Castle: Eleven seconds to a confession. That's got to be your personal best.
      Beckett: You sound like you're disappointed, Castle.
      Castle: Well, I am, a little. I mean, a secret phone, room 147, this case had conspiratorial promise.
      Beckett: Well, most likely Justin was cheating on his girlfriend with Anita, and the two of them met up at the hotel, and that's where things went south.
      Castle: Yes, well, most likely, that is boring.
      Beckett: Look, not every case has to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

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