Season 5 Episode 17

Scared to Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2013 on ABC

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  • Scared to Death

    The copy of The Ring, preceded by Taken copy weeks back, showed that Castle may be following the suit of Psych these days. Even though the premise was outrageous, the episode was still oddly entertaining in its own right.
  • Back to basics

    After the utter rubbish perpetrated in the name of entertainment that was "Hunt", a welcome return to what made Castle such a great show.

    A grisly corpse (sorry but her face had me chortling, every time I saw her), spooky videos and characters "sparking" off each other.

    The Caskett pairing is being kept on a low key basis, apart from the mention of some "saucy" bedroom pictures and IMHO, that's the way to go until the writers can pull something unexpected out of the hat.

    Although I missed Lanie in this I do love the verbal sparring between Castle and Perlmutter.

    Based pretty much on the "Ring" (BTW, the original Japanese version is waaaaay better than the remake), this was an entertaining 40 minutes of TV with Castle having a minor panic attack after watching the video and Ryan and Esposito acting like a pair of sissies when they wouldn't watch it.

    It was interesting to have Wes Craven on the show in a cameo and it's excellent that some big names are willing to appear on shows like this. I've kinda missed the poker nights, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    Unlike others, I don't usually try to second guess the outcome, so I was slightly surprised at the reveal but over all, I was thoroughly happy with episode.
  • Ringer

    show always impresses me midway through movie, just when you think the show is kinda dull it picks up beautifully and holds you attention to the end, with an added twist to the plot.
  • Awesome show

    Love it
  • So cheesy but Castle always makes me laugh

    Castle is such a child and I love him for that. Aside of that, the sound of Beckett's heart rate up was so cool, it actually made me little. But seriously, I'm hoping for an improvement.
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