Season 5 Episode 17

Scared to Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2013 on ABC

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  • lame.

    Castle's 'wacky' hypotheses are supposed to be outlandish, quite unlikely and in the end essentially wrong but with a technical or otherwise insignificant kernel of truth.

    There have been a few including this one which are so lazy and for lack of a better adjective -simply ***ed.

    Seriously - a Unicorn riding, rifle wielding; Bigfoot as the one who really assassinated JFK is just as likely as this BS 'The Ring' rip off and infinitely more original.
  • Scared to Death

    The copy of The Ring, preceded by Taken copy weeks back, showed that Castle may be following the suit of Psych these days. Even though the premise was outrageous, the episode was still oddly entertaining in its own right.
  • Ringer

    show always impresses me midway through movie, just when you think the show is kinda dull it picks up beautifully and holds you attention to the end, with an added twist to the plot.
  • Awesome show

    Love it