Season 5 Episode 3

Secret's Safe With Me

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on ABC
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A repossessed storage unit, treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites all come together in the case of a woman inexplicably murdered. Castle decides to enter the storage unit auction to see if anything inside might have led to her killing.

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  • Secrets Safe With Me

    The looking under the bed scene was a little corny, but the father-daughter scenes on this show are almost always good, so I'll let that slide.

    The case was a little bit boring today, as was the continuation of the Castle and Beckett romance through that weird handshake. The show might be the highlight of Monday nights still, but this episode was really disappointing from a mystery standpoint, and a relationship one.moreless
  • Castle: Secret's safe with me

    Excellent! the romance is out and it sure feels good. At last. Now your ratings will go up. Castle and Beckett have the most wonderful love story. I'm glad they can now show it.

    The two support detectives get an A+ too. I'm glad the chief has warmed up. She is much more attradctive as an addition to the show.

    Nice job. Keep it up. The best season BY FAR.

  • Fun episode

    The case was a little weird, especially with the ending but I liked the character moments in the episode - like the handshake of Castle and Beckett, so adorable! Plus "The butler did it" had me cracking up :).

    Loved that Martha knew immediately about Castle and Beckett and that Castle told Alexis. Castle dealing with Alexis moving out was a little sad and sweet as was Martha's offer of staying so that Castle won't be alone. Wonderful episode.moreless
  • Touching episode

    While the murder case was great and sparked a few thoughts, it was Castle's relationship stories that really took a root this week.

    With Beckett sharing further personal stories about herself with Castle and Castle having to deal with Alexis moving out, it was great. And the ending with castle's mother was really touching. Of course, though, "rent-free."
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Caroline Lagerfelt

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    • Martha: Alexis' moving out got me to thinking. And after many hours of soul searching, I have made a decision.
      Castle: Have you now?
      Martha: Yes. I have decided, out of the goodness of my heart, that I will continue to live here...
      Castle: Rent-free.
      Martha: Please don't interrupt. I will continue to live here so that you, Richard, will never, ever be alone.
      Castle: You'd do that for me, mother?
      Martha: It's a parent's sacrifice.

    • Alexis: It's always been fine, because no matter what, I'd wake up, and you'd be there, and I'd know that everything's fine.
      Castle: Oh, and when you wake up here...
      Alexis: Then I'm here. And you're there. Even though there is only 5 miles away, It's not here.
      Castle: Well, everything is going to be fine. And you are gonna be fine. And though I am there, if you need me here, here is where I'll be.

    • (at the precinct, they whisper to each other)
      Castle: I so wish I could kiss you right now.
      Beckett: Yeah, I know.
      Castle: (while holding hands like a shake) This is me...softly touching your face, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss.
      Beckett: And this is me kissing you back, running my hands through your hair.
      Castle: Best handshake ever.
      Beckett: Yeah.

    • Beckett: Alexis hates me? Is it because we're together?
      Castle: I guess she feels like she's being replaced, which is weird because she's never done this before, not with Gina, not with the hundreds of super-hot girlfriends I've...
      Beckett: Okay, I don't need to hear this.
      Castle: Right.
      Beckett: So do you think I should talk to her?
      Castle: No, no, no, no. No, she'll eat you alive. Let me handle it.

    • (Castle is at Beckett's precinct desk)
      Beckett: Who said that you could answer my phone? And why are you going through my drawers?
      Castle: I was just looking for a pad of paper.
      Beckett: Sure you were. Stay out of my stuff, Castle.
      Castle: Your stuff? Need I remind you, I've already seen your stuff.
      Beckett: Yeah, well, some of my stuff is still private.

    • Castle: My little girl is going to college.
      Martha: Seems like just yesterday, you were checking under the bed every night, promising her that monsters aren't real.
      Castle: Well, I lied. Monsters are real.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 8, 2012 on CTV
      Australia: November 12, 2012 on Channel 7
      Germany: February 15, 2013 on Kabel 1