Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • A good one.

    I've always enjoyed this 2-part episode. But the ONLY thing I dislike was Fallon not even listening to Castle and Beckett's theory. I mean I understood the pressure, so I understood his need of trust in his team and his interrogation of the wife (who I wasn't very convinced of, I'd be crying more than her!), but when they come back you don't even let them explain their theory or assign someone to look into it.

    I'd rather have 2 people look into it and 2 people look into something else, opposed to ignore one possibility and boot 2 people off the task force. You talk about the pressure you're under but you throw people off the task force opposed to give them desk jobs or something.
  • Radioactive, Part 1

    Wow, this is episode was amazing. Castle does another amazing 2 part episode. It wasn't as good as "Tick, Tick, Tick..." and "Boom" but it was still such a good episode. I can't wait for part two of this episode.

    I loved Castle and Beckett locked in the quarintine, becuase they get really personal, which is always a key player in what makes castle amazing. The case was genius, the investagator who was brought in was a total jerk, and the cliff hanger left me in a frozen state, mouth wipe open, and a little drool.

    Overall I think this episode was the bomb! (Ha, get it? Bomb?)
  • Better and better

    Castle just keeps getting better IMHO. This ep kept me glued to the screen through out. Last seasons two parter was epic and I feel that this one will be too. I mean it doesnt give you a hint really in the little guide we get beforehand just how good an ep is going to be. Yes that agent from HLS is a complete idiot and really annoyed me but it brought Castle and Becket a little closer which is always good in my book and that little scene in the tent was magic, I so thought Castle was going to confess all. He looked really mad when he wasn't able to. The whole ep was very serious and its nice to get that once in a while, it was all very dramatic right to the ending, I just can't believe I have to wait a whole week before the next show. Besides, Josh is so gone now, from what Beckett says in this she isnt happy so byebye Joshy!
  • Here it is, this season's two episode long serious case. XD

    Who can forget Tick, Tick and Boom? Well this time we have Setup and Countdown. A nuclear bomb, Beckett's relationship on the rocks, our two heroes trapped in a cold storage compartment, and a two hour time limit. All in all this episode was awesome for one singular reason: growth. We saw a glimpse of Castle (albeit uncomfortably) as a detective when Ryan told him what he usually tells Becket. As I mentioned earlier Beckett's relationship is on the rocks, but adding to that was Castle almost...confessing? And another clandestine work session between Castle and Beckett, and this time it just skipped right to it, no arguments had.

    This episode is a Setup in every way possible. Can't wait to see how this concludes. X) This is more of recap than a review, but really? What needs to be said? The writers outdid themselves on this one.
  • 316

    The first part of what I assume will be a two parter is a bit of a mess. Castle had hit its stride earlier in the season, but lately they have been nothing more than mediocre plots after mediocre plots. This lame attempt at creating real drama could have been seen from a mile away. How about creating a situation where the ending is not so obvious? Do we really believe Castle and Beckett will be trapped in this locker, or whatever it is, for an extended period of time? I doubt it. More filler from Castle, the show that is quickly becoming the Monarch of mediocrity.
  • no way!!!

    the worst part of this show is that i'll have wait for a whole, incredibly long week to see the next episode and find out how they'll escape death. Oh, an by the way... "you haven't heard of the Serenity?" cracked me up... well chosen name for a spa. I just love the little allusions they sometime make to that show.

    the pace of the show was much faster and the atmosphere more serious, even the music was different. it kept me glued to my chair throughout the whole show and that doesn't happen too often. SPOILERS AHEAD
    It broke my heart when Castle sent his daughter away without her even knowing and when Esposito and Ryan were talking about how they tried to send their loved ones away from town. It made the whole show feel so dramatic and real. And when Beckett's beeper went off the first time, in the storage facility, it was priceless, her fear seemed genuine. If the next episode will be just as good this might be one of Castle's best (not hard to imagine as Castle is getting better and better with each episode)
  • They just keep upping the ante...

    The Castle writers and performers just keep upping the ante for the viewers this season. They give you classic, light hearted, albeit wonderful Castle-fluff, and then: Bam! You get a totally serious, honest to gawd detective episode that blows your socks off and makes you say: "what just happened?"

    Except for maybe Madonna, no one or nothing shakes itself up quite as well as "Castle" does, and that, ladies and gentlemen, will be the secret to its long term success. Apart from the fact that its the two-parters that seem to be the pinnacle of perfect detective TV, there is no other warning that you are about to be "Castle Super-sized"! In tonight's offering, it would appear that, and I mean really...go figure...its the DHS that is replacing the CIA as the scum bags of democracy. The gnat turds who live in the pond scum of our society.

    Something is not right on Main Street, USA. And my money is on Castle and Beckett and apple pie, to "make it so". Part deux will reveal all...

    Until then, I am so sure Josh is history. And apart from the fact that the guy who plays him exceeded my ANNUAL salary for his brief no-liner tonight, I can get with that...