Season 5 Episode 10

Significant Others

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2013 on ABC

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  • Ex takes over.

    I'm surprised Martha didn't let Meredith have it from the beginning. Sure she didn't want Alexis to get upset. It was her mom by the way. But to let her come in and take over kinda. I don't believe Martha Rodgers would just step aside.

    Richard coming home to set her(Meredith) straight was funny. I knew he wouldn't do it.

    As others have said, Lainey, and Espo, and Ryan trying to give advice was so cute. Castle and Beckett need to know more about each other. Even though I find my wife has more history she won't tell, and we have been together for 30 years. But it's no deal breaker.

    The case at hand, The wife (Leanne Piper) changing her name and hiding was a little odd. I didn't see it coming. And the scene with Walter and Samantha Voss destroying the valuables and Them being arrested after Kate warned them.
  • Nice episode!

    Would have gotten top points if we actually would have gotten to SEE the dinner between Kate and Meredith. Such a shame we didn't....
  • Significant Others

    I enjoyed this episode of Castle. A little bit of the ex and the current partner worked, a little bit of the case (and a primetime appearance for Nancy Lee Grahn) but this was also a little bit of a predictable episode that succumbed to a lot of the cliches.

    Overall, I'll give it a solid score.
  • A touch of Wodehouse.

    Castle returns with a touch of Wodehouse style story line. Given that he was the best writer of comedy in the past hundred years I could not be happier that Castle is drawing some inspiration from the works of . If he were alive today this is the sort of thing he would be writing. If you like light screwball comedy with a decent murder case thrown in this is the episode for you. Castle is pretty much Bertie Wooster in this one and it is fun to watch. The inter cast does a great job and one question I have had since the show began(Why Castle got together with Meredith in the first place)is answered when they give her some more depth. The scenes between Castle and the guys really stand out,it's nice to see such a close bond between them now. This episode was a very good example of screwball comedy and while that may not appeal to everyone I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • More Romance

    I too agree that Castle and Beckett need more "alone" time aired on the show. They are incredibly "hot" together and daughter and mom need to step aside for a few and let them grow as a couple. Not that I expect a hot and heavy, but the Halloween one cracked me up. Beckett really stole the show and knocked him on his butt with the "kiss me" and slidding into the room. So glad their back in either case.
  • Men are from Mars, Yada, Yada, Yada

    I'm possibly just glad the series is back but I found this episode very good from a number of points.

    1) a good case with a satisfactory result, even 'though I had a tad of sympathy for the ex wife but murdering someone to protect her disappearance was OTT.

    2) Castle floundering round like a beached fish with Meredith and Beckett "sparking" off each other. As a guy, I can completely sypathise with him. It didn't matter what he did, he was simply a "dead man walking".

    If anything could even begin to show the difference between the thought processes of men and women, this came fairly close.

    "I gave you the look", for crying out loud! What are men supposed to be? Psychic? Guys are easy, you poke 'em with a sharp stick and they'll do what you ask. A "look" is a waste of time, ladies. Men do NOT understand "looks"!

    It seems the writers can't let the couple have a decent time while the "honeymoon" period lasts but have to raise the possibility of conflict with the whole "daddy" issue.

    Given that Meredith has sown the seeds of doubt in Beckett, I can see an inquisition heaving into sight very shortly for Castle.

    However as I recall, Castle hasn't really shown any particular interest in finding out who his father is, so I can't see why Beckett would involve herself in finding him.

    The whole Ryan/Esposito hazing Castle was brilliant but I'd like to see Gates getting some inclination of the change in status of Castle and Beckett.

    Unfortunately, I can see rocky times ahead for the duo but hope it is dealt with swiftly and doesn't drag on 'till it gets boring.

    . as Stana Katic still seems to be imitating a stick insect, it was great to see Meredith really fill out a pair of tighty whities. Hubba, hubba!
  • storyline with Meredith sucked

    Okay, right now this episode has 22 votes and an average of 9.6, but in my opinion the Meredith-Drama-Storyline sucked, I have been very happy with the Castle-Beckett-chemistry after their well-handled "hook-up", they are so sweet together, and now the writers need to put up some drama to the relationship? Unnecessary, troubling and sad. BUT Ryan and Esposito were very funny in this episode teasing Castle.