Season 5 Episode 10

Significant Others

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2013 on ABC



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    • Martha: What you shouldn't have done was let Meredith stay here in the first place. This isn't a flophouse, darling. You've got to stop letting freeloaders just live here.
      Castle: Please tell me you see the irony.

    • Beckett: Corey Francis is really...
      Esposito: Noah Kesswood. Former officer in the army's military intelligence corps.
      Castle: Former military intelligence?
      Beckett: Noah uses a fake identity, starts dating Michelle, and then he disappears just after she's killed?
      Castle: It's The Bachelor meets Homeland.

    • Castle: Listen, Meredith, about you staying here--
      Meredith: Thanks again, Richard. I can't tell you how much this means to me.
      Castle: Yeah. It's just Beckett and I--
      Meredith: Are wonderful. It's so refreshing to see how secure you two are in your relationship. You know, most women would take issue with an ex-wife staying with their boyfriend. But not Kate Beckett. She gets it.
      Castle: Yeah. Kate gets it. Um, here's the thing, Meredith, I--
      Meredith: I know. And, It isn't easy for me to admit. I haven't been the best of mothers. I've missed so much of our daughter's life. So the fact that you're letting me be here now for Alexis during her time of need, Richard, I'll never, ever forget this. (walks away)
      Castle: Neither will Beckett.

    • Lanie: You've gotta take care of it. This is Meredith we're talking about. The deep-fried twinkie that Castle has ex-sex with whenever she rolls into town.
      Beckett: Lanie. Look, I trust him. He's not gonna have sex with her.
      Lanie: Fine. Let's say it isn't about sex. It's about boundaries. Meredith is marking her territory. You can't just let her waltz in and out whenever she pleases.
      Beckett: He's in a catch-22. Alexis is sick--
      Lanie: Doesn't matter. This is a war, girl, and guess who's losing.

    • Beckett: Good morning, Lanie.
      Lanie: Not from the way you sound. What's wrong?
      Beckett: Men are clueless.
      Lanie: Men or just Castle?

    • Ryan: Just dinner between your ex-wife and your new girlfriend. That's deadly. Castle, you have two worlds, two, right now they're both coming together.
      Esposito: Uh oh.
      Ryan: And what happens when worlds collide?
      Esposito: Boom!
      Castle: OK guys. You are taking this a little too far.
      Esposito: (grabbing Castle) Castle, Meredith knows things about you.
      Castle: So?
      Esposito: So.
      Ryan: So.
      Esposito: (to Castle) So is there anything Meredith knows that you don't want Beckett to know? Boom.
      Ryan: Two worlds colliding. (Castle hurries after Beckett)

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