Season 3 Episode 20

Slice of Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2011 on ABC

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  • I Guess You Can get Anything on a Pizza Now-a-days!

    Ok first off I want to star by saying this episode showed me my favorite and least favorite parts of Castle! My favorite is Castle's outlandish theories of how the people are murdered, and the thing I've started to get annoyed with is how in like every episode Laney calls, Kate answers the phone and goes "Beckett" and then her and Castle are suddenly in the morgue.

    Now to the episode: I thought this was sort of ridiculous. Like really? A drug dealing pizza place, that's as bad as the episode of CSI: NY with the food truck that is really a pimp! But this was only an 8 by me, because it's Castle, and even though it's corny. It was well written.
  • 4/4

    Another so so episode of Castle here. I guess two good episodes in a row left me a bit spoiled and we were overdue for another disappointing installment. Usually I don't like the Castle and Alexis scenes, but I have to say that they were probably the highlight of the episode here today. Seeing her struggles and his reactions turned out to be good TV. But the actual case this week was a letdown in my eyes. Just some stereotypical shots at NY area Italians and the "twist" of the female you don't expect being responsible for it all...yawn.

    Okay episode, nothing to rave about though.
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