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Season 6 Episode 15

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2014 on ABC
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Episode Summary


Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a mean high school girl at one of Castle's alma maters. Castle is thrilled when he discovers that it might be the work of a teenage telekinetic.

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  • Carrie

    One of the best episodes so far this year, when Castle and Kate investigate a murder and the chief suspect is a bullied schoolgirl with telekinetic powers!
  • Smells Like

    An interesting episode here, and one that pushed the line further than they usually do regarding Castle's outrageous supernatural theories. Definitely watch it.
  • Moved me !

    Much more like Castle of old.

    Craziness allowing Castle to invent bizarre schemes to explain the impossible is classic and brought fond memories of the earliest episodes with Castle bouncing insane theories off Beckett and her, in turn, rubbishing his viewpoint.

    More of the same please, writers.

    Kudos to the two young actresses playing the cohorts of the main bad "gal" for standing there when chairs smashed into the wall right beside them in the video. Of course, it could have been simply CGI these days as it's damn nearly impossible to separate fiction and reality.

    The story was well paced with facts being eked out slowly but surely, throughout.

    I particularly liked the back story of Castle & Beckett both not going to their respective proms and figured it was a certainty that they would end up at the school prom about to take place.

    The Headmaster was superb at put Castle (Rogers) in his place as if no time had passed at all.

    All in all, a great episode back to the series best but I miss Gates and wish she would get back ASAP.

    Roll on next week.moreless
  • Scanner Girl

    This is another really bizzare entry in the series, but that's why I like it, it really shows this show isn't afraid of taking chances, and this to me is one of the good ones.

    Once again like the dynamic between both Kate and Castle as Kate is exercising her usual skepticism in the whole psychic phenomina and Castle is expressing his unwavering belief in it. We even get a little depth to Castle's past as he use to go to the private school and played a really daft prank which was putting a cow up on a roof.

    However I really like the girl whom supposedly has the powers, she's a character that is sympathetic because she has been a target for some clich at her school. I hate clichs, they make everyone feel inferior for no good reason and think they own everyone and everything. But worst of all promote an image and lifestyle that everything needs to be perfect and the same, which we all know is a big fat lie.

    We see this girl is scared not so much of them but of these psychic powers she supposedly has, which I feel is realistic, how would you react if you one day discovered you had super powers. I even like her friend whom has been helping her, whom is a boy that loves creating special effects. What she says about him I thought was really sweet, but also discovers she's not alone and there is someone that wants her. Both of them really are right for each other because, both are outsiders and kinda geeks, the boy has an interest in film and effects, the girl into reading and a fan of the X-Men comic series which is cool since I'm one myself; despite not being part of a clich they both have a lot to offer the world and each other. You can say there is a slight parallel to both them and Kate and Castle since in their lifetime both have also been outsiders in their lifetime and are also geeks, but they work together well and contribute to the world by solving crimes together. While the clich that has targeted them both offers nothing to anyone and the world except for themselves but trust me no good comes to them in the end.

    The ending was sweet and clever, depite Kate's sceptism justified in most places there was one place that couldn't be discounted, which was the part when both Kate and Castle see objects revolve around the girl at a slightly fast speed, so the girl has power after all. But it was sweet when we see both the girl and boy dance with each other at the prom but also Castle and Kate whom have finally found their wedding song.moreless
  • What?!?

    classic castle carrie craziness - but i still don't get the title reference to Nirvana.
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  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Beckett struggles to solve a murder and Castle deals with his past at his former high school)
      Beckett: Castle, none of this adds up. What were those girls so afraid of? What happened in that cafeteria?
      Castle: I'd offer a theory, but I'm too busy having detention flashbacks.

    • Beckett: Do you regret it, that prank, missing your prom, not being here with Audra Dobson?
      Castle: Not even a little bit. Everything I've ever done, every choice I've ever made, every... terrible and wonderful thing that's ever happened to me, it's all led me to right here, this moment, with you.

    • Castle: The outcast, the mean girls, the rage that erupts in a telekinetic attack. This is a real-life Carrie.

    • Beckett: Is that blood up there on the rafter?
      Lanie: Yes, and it's hers.
      Castle: How'd it get up there?
      Ryan: Well, as far as we can tell, our killer threw Madison up there.
      Lanie: Which is probably what killed her. She has a major intracranial injury.
      Castle: She was thrown against the ceiling? That is a superhuman feat bordering on physically impossible.
      Beckett: Okay, Castle, let's hear it. What's your outlandish theory?
      Castle: Isn't it obvious? Madison made the Hulk angry.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Lucas: (painting banners) Sorry. Just trying to get this done for tomorrow's dance. Been at it all week. At this point my lungs are probably cerulean blue.

      Cerulean blue alludes to a word repetition method the "Pusher" uses in The X-Files episode 3x17 to lull his victims into doing what he wants. The episode "Pusher" aired in February 23, 1996 and was written by Vince Gilligan and directed by Rob Bowman. The same Rob Bowman who is an executive producer and director of Castle.