Season 5 Episode 22


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on ABC
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While the team looks for a way to disarm the bomb that Beckett has stepped on, Castle diverts her attention by engaging in an argument about who fell for whom first.

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  • A beautiful episode.

    Not many shows make me cry but this episode did. It was great taking a look into their past and seeing how they have fallen in love. The ending was perfect. Tears rolled down my face. Great episode for a clip show.
  • Still

    EVERY cop show has to have this episode at some point, where someone steps on a land mine or bomb, and they need to open about their life. Predictably, Beckett survived, but some of the clips shown and the dialogue was well timed and placed.

    Strong episode, despite the cliche.
  • Favorite clip show

    This is one of my favorite clip show episodes. I don't usually like that type of episode but they did an excellent job. And "bomb buddy" was priceless.
  • Please no break up

    I feel he risked his life to be with her at the end,it has got to count for little conflict is normal but pleassssssse don't break them up.
  • Awww - memories!

    Excellent episode with the flashbacks to some great moments.
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Allan Louis

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Adam Rose

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Stefan Marks

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    • Beckett: (to distract her from the bomb, Castle is describing, through flashbacks, all the "inappropriate" things Beckett has said to him, when he suddenly stops and we see him just staring) That's it? That's all you got?
      Castle: There's more, but I'm thinking back, I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years.

    • Beckett: Castle, please. There is no reason to put yourself in danger. There's nothing that you can do here.
      Castle: Nothing? Excuse me. Who's gonna be your bomb buddy?

    • Beckett: It's time to say goodbye.
      Castle: I'm not leaving.
      Beckett: Castle, you promised that you would help me with something when the time came. This is it.
      Castle: Beckett, no.
      Beckett: Please, Castle. Please don't make this any harder than it needs to be.
      Castle: I-I wish I could kiss you. I wish so many things.
      Beckett: No. There's no regrets. All in all, I think we've had a great run. You should go. Rick. I love you.
      Castle: I love you, too.

    • Beckett: Someone blew up an apartment downtown.
      Castle: Seriously? And you didn't call me?
      Beckett: Castle, you said you had a chapter due.
      Castle: Yes, which is writer speak for all procrastination's welcome.

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