Season 5 Episode 22


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on ABC

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  • A beautiful episode.

    Not many shows make me cry but this episode did. It was great taking a look into their past and seeing how they have fallen in love. The ending was perfect. Tears rolled down my face. Great episode for a clip show.
  • Still

    EVERY cop show has to have this episode at some point, where someone steps on a land mine or bomb, and they need to open about their life. Predictably, Beckett survived, but some of the clips shown and the dialogue was well timed and placed.

    Strong episode, despite the cliche.
  • Favorite clip show

    This is one of my favorite clip show episodes. I don't usually like that type of episode but they did an excellent job. And "bomb buddy" was priceless.
  • Please no break up

    I feel he risked his life to be with her at the end,it has got to count for little conflict is normal but pleassssssse don't break them up.
  • Awww - memories!

    Excellent episode with the flashbacks to some great moments.
  • Fanservice 1.01

    So your Network bosses contact you in the last half of the season telling you they decided to give you 1 more "free" episode to squeeze in before end of season.

    GREAT! However what to do with this filler episode, you have little time to shoot let alone write one amidst the normal deadlines.

    Easy, you give the fans a Greatest Hits of Caskett from Season 1 to 5.

    Brilliant choice and lots of laughs were had.

    Tipping it from 9 to 10 on my scale, was that me and my girlfriend did the exact "Indiana Jones Swap" talk seconds before Castle and Beckett did. Priceless!
  • spoilers

    Nothing like a likely-death scenario to heal a relationship! I couldn't find fault with this episode. Of course I *knew* they were going to save her, but I was still in suspense, and there was a niggling suspicion that they might end it like that just to shock everyone. I knew they wouldn't, but they still managed to cause me to doubt myself. I approve.
  • A late 100th Episode

    These flashback episodes are usually aired to highlight the 100th episode of the series capturing the journey over the few years. But in the case of Castle... it was aired a couple of episodes late.
  • Full of past memories.....

    I have to say, usually episodes that mainly focus on clips of past seasons are difficult to stomach, but I did enjoy it with Castle.

    In my opinion this episode was a nice shout out to the fans. Especially to all those who were "Caskett" fans from the start. At times it was almost like a fan-cut of favorite scenes. I have to agree with a comment below, the "case of the week" was just there to have a reason to show those clips.

    Well done writers. There were other shows that did this and failed miserably. To bad this season is almost up.
  • Great episode!

    It was lovely in many ways. I am however glad they switched this episode with the last because if they would have come of this episode in to a storyline where Castle and Beckett are suddenly stagnating that would have been realy wierd. This episodo coming AFTER that episode makes alot more sense.

    Someone wrote below that the next season would be the last and I hope they are wrong, I think this show has a lot of episodes in it yet!
  • Lazy and insulting

    If the writers cant be bothered to write an original episode why not just schedule a re-run? What a witless episode. You combine an obviously unsuccessful attempt on the stars life (what you really thought Beckett was going to die?) with cobbled together clips from past shows. Lazy, insulting to viewers intelligence but sadly not atypical for network TV lately.
  • Castle Par Excellence!

    Now this is more like it!!

    Vintage banter! Suspenseful Plot! - and neat Twist to plot and story-line (motive for the bombings AND the Captain's awareness of the Rick/Beckett relationship)

    Nice episode all round
  • the clip show

    I don't mind clip shows as long as they move quickly and fill my needs, and this one did..... the clips were funny and sexy and the bomb thing was just the duct tape to hold it together. The show is renewed for another season, but the next will probably be the last. I hope the writer/producer gets notice early enough to come up with a clever set of final episodes. It's been a great ride.
  • Even Flash back episode can be could be "legend... wait for it"!!!!!

    Yes ok it was mostly flash backs and yes there was no real story behind but I found the episode awsome.

    There were a lot of laughing ant tension on the same time. Of course we knew that she wouldn't die, not until last episode at least!! That was not the question.

    It lost half a point because even if Castle is truly and madly in love with her what father could leave her daughter (and mother and father) alone?????????? This part was a bit absurd.
  • Where was Alexis?

    It was a good, but not great episode. I was proud that Rick showed how much he cared, and has grown up by being Kate's bomb buddy, but where was Alexis? I mean her dad is in a building with a bomb that could go off and no one bothers to tell her. Lanie was also conspicuously absent. Lanie is Beckett's best friend and she is not fretting over her friend standing on a bomb?? The big reveal with Captain Gates knowing about the Caskett was underwhelming. Best line of the episode was Castle commenting on Kate's different hairstyles over the years. Stana Katic is a beautiful woman and I loved all of her hairstyles, but the long hair is definitely her best look.

    I do not understand why they threw a clip episode in when they have so much left to do. They still have to deal with Senator HRG. I love Jack Coleman, but he will always be HRG to me.
  • As far as Flashback episodes go...

    Home-run. It's definitely not a story-mover by any stretch of the imagination. We do get one important story moment, but it's kind of ruined with the knowledge of what happens only a week later (thanks to the two episodes being aired out of order). However, the episode was still done very well with beautiful music backing. I was laughing and tearing up and awwing at all of the appropriate moments. If we had to have a flashback episode, this was definitely the way to do it.
  • Best Episode So Far!

    Hands down, this episode was by far the best episode. In this episode, the Caskett couple have many flashbacks dating to as early as Season 1 and this episode really refined their relationship. For the first time, Beckett actually addresses Castle as Rick which we have never or rarely seen. In the end, she says something along the lines of, "You know Castle. When I was standing on that bomb, I was thinking about which kiss was the Castle asks which does she think is the best and she replies with, "I think we are just getting Now, hopefully this means there's 100 more episodes to come or at least 3 more seasons ;)