Season 2 Episode 13

Sucker Punch

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • Recently got into Castle. All episodes are good but this blew my mind. So unexpected as well as it was in the middle of a season. FANTASTIC though, spoilers inside...

    This was an outsanding episode. From the moment Laney said that the case might be connected to Beckett's murder I was engulfed into the episode. I love how they have used this subtle story in the background and brought it to the forefront of a random case in a random episode.

    So many twists as well, in this. I was feeling really tense when they got to the parking lot as arranged thinking the killer would be unveiled finally, but to have Richard as the hitman? PERFECT twist, and something I really did not pick up on; him saying "her killer".

    Great episode that had me in tears by the end, of sadness and frustration to the fact that Kate was so close but lost him.

    Genuis writing, really is.
  • riveting. finally some info. and major progress on Beckett's mom's killer.

    ... and in the climax, there's certainly another strong hint of how Beckett feels about Castle.

    Loved the fact you got to meet Kate's father... and clearly Castle will do anything to help Kate.

    We also really got to see a more emotional side of Beckett and how well Stana's acting abilities are.

    Not gonna say anymore... but one of the top 5 episodes of Castle so far in my opinion. This one of course had a very dramatic and serious tone to it.

    There wasn't a whole lot on the romantic front... but this is expected, we're only in January, we still have February and May ratings sweeps. :>

    Last but not least, did anyone catch the who in real life inspired Johnny Vuong? Go to YouTube and search for 'Tom Vu'... and be prepared to laugh at how silly yet effective this guy was at taking people's money...
  • While investigating the death of an Irish mob enforcer, Castle and Beckett discover the killer is the same person who killed Beckett's mother ten years earlier. With Castle and the force behind her, Beckett tries to solve this case and her own mothers.

    A very strong episode with a great storyline as we learn a little more about what happened to Beckett's mother. The only negative comment I could make is that the epsiode just seemed a little rushed at the end. We receive a certain amount of satisfaction, but not completely.

    Some very interesting characters are invovled this week and no one seems to ever be what they seem. They meet a Irish Mob Boss that wants to rid his neighborhood of drugs. A real estate entrepeneur who turns out not to be anything like the character he portrays. A philathrapist who builds schools in Afganistan and has a very different past and present.

    Tamala Jones as the ME does an excellent job again as the concerned friend who wants to find out the truth for Beckett. I have enjoyed the episodes where we have seen more of her character. Also I think the rest of the cast is great and it is a joy to watch them all.

    Castle and Beckett have some moments and you can see the relationship growing. I have to say I really enjoy these two together. The reason I think it works is they are truly equals so there is no rush for anything to happen. We are just playing the game right now. Maybe in the fourth or fifth season something serious will happen between them.

    Another solid episode in this strong sophomore season of Castle. The ratings have been stellar for the show the last two weeks since it's back from the winter break. I think we'll be seeing this show on the air for some time. Thanks for reading...
  • This episode continues the most realistic portrayal of a relationship on television, in my eyes, and the we get some ending to Beckett's mothers killer.

    The one thing about this show that I love is the mature way of handling the evolving relationship between Castle and Beckett. It isn't one of the many and thousands of will they/won't they every week, it's more of a can they, over time, finally move into a relationship. This episode did an amazing job, especially with the reveal that Beckett's mother's killer was within grasps.

    The story was pretty interesting, introducing us to some organized crime families that can always bring about interesting tales of loyalty and federal government involvement.

    The ending was very surprising and I could understand Castle's feelings for what he did, but when Beckett cleared it up with her little secret, all was OK. And that was where the relationship aspect really shinned.

    But really, this professional, ruthless killer comes up with such an cockeyed plan as that? In the end, it didn't really matter as much.
  • Amazing episode with crucial series development and outstanding acting. Left me in tears by the end!

    Wow. . . What an episode. I really don't know where to start. In terms of the show, I think this is one of the best episodes yet. Which is saying something because this show is regularly excellent anyway. This episode has some really crucial character development, mainly for Beckett (Played by Stana Katic who is outstanding in this episode!) The relationship between Castle and Beckett is also developed, with a really nice scene between them at the end of the episode, which I found the most emotional of the episode. I must admit it left me in tears, which is truly saying something!
  • Finally, Beckett is open to finding the culprit behind her mother's killer

    So here we are thinking it's just going to be another case solver, with Beckett and Castle joking around, having fun, then there is the 'wake up call' of Beckett's Mother's unsolved case. What are we going to do now? This plot was well executed. There were parts of the episode I lost track of; like how Beckett's mother died and the entire situation circling her mother, since the writers took so long to finally tackle it, but I got back on track soon enough.

    I did not expect Beckett's mom to be brought up anytime soon, which the writers were probably gunning for; that need for suspense and curiosity. The guy behind the murder was a dead end, literally. He actually didn't seem as much of a threat, probably until he pulled Castle into a corner, forcing Beckett to choose and the dilemma would have you on the tip of your toes. I mean I didn't even care about the case before hand - did they even solve it?

    I admire Castle's connection with Beckett, it probably killed Beckett more seeing the man die with the information of her mother's premeditated murderer. Who would really go through the trouble to hire someone to kill Beckett's mother? Why would the hit-man show up now, do the writers have something planned for the viewers? I'm interested, if that's what they were trying to accomplish. Back on the topic of Castle and Beckett, I was wondering how Beckett would deal with Castle and I am glad she didn't send him away, or blow a fuse. She handled everything with a level of responsibility, which makes me realize that she may even love Castle a little.

    I really believed that Castle was going to resign, so I'm glad she convinced him to stay by telling him he was fun, and it is fun watching them together. It has been weeks now, but the opening theme for the show is very unique and I think I'm beginning to learn it word for word. My favorite part would be Beckett "You do remind me a little of Hooch". The both of them have such great onscreen chemistry and I wouldn't mind seeing them through for another two seasons and more...

    'Sucker Punch' well Beckett did get hit hard in the gut, when she couldn't fully salvage the truth behind her mother's killers. Let's just hope Beckett finds what she is looking for.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four Stars

    Grade B+
  • we find out more about beckett's mother's murderer.

    Okay, I love this show BUT (yes there is a but), the writers still need a little work in the drama department. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for the witty banter and castle goofy-ness, in fact that is why i watch and enjoy the show so much. however, a little drama here and there would be appreciative. this show seems to always get to just the tip of the dramatic iceberg but never actually go that extra heart wrenching mile. after watching the episode promo for this weeks, i had high hopes for a little in the drama department but a was a little let down. yes, it had a couple heart almost-achy feelings but didn't truly delivered a climax in one of the major arches of the series. I still love this show and nathan fillion so i will be a fan but please, please give us a little more to sink our teeth in!
  • One step closer.

    Beckett is one step closer to closure on her mother's murder and dare we hope that she and Castle are one step closer what?

    Its too soon in the show to make wonderful things happen, so I guess this was just this season's tease; and work it did.

    A really good episode with the right amount of tension, and that signature humour in the midst of such a difficult case. And with her father's help, Beckett seems to have faced her demons and the fears they have caused, and can now move forward.

    All in all, I think Beckett handled herself very well. I would have liked to do what Castle eventually did...only lower...and with my REALLY spiky heel...!

    Despite the progress made, the relationship will have to take its time, and so too will the final solution of this case. Otherwise, there would be no show. I will be enjoying the ride...