Season 2 Episode 15

Suicide Squeeze

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • Watching this episode I felt like meeting friends I haven´t seen for a while and the chemistry between the characters felt the same. I hope the next episode is like the the title: a bomb!

    Watching this episode I felt like meeting friends I haven´t seen for a while and the chemistry between the characters felt the same. I´m not a baseball fan so maybe that´s why I didn´t enjoy this episode like all the other ones before. Also, would you go to a crime scene with high heels? This episode at times looked like a fashion event and not a cop story. I also desliked the way they shot the episode, it didn´t have a nice flow, it felt like...there was no soul in it. The episode had it´s moments but nothing extraordinary. I hope the next episode is like the the title: a bomb!
  • Castle and Beckett investigate a murder of a famous New York baseball player. Joe Torre has a cameo. The episode successfully tugged at the heartstrings... but nothing else...

    After three very wonderful episodes since the start of the new year, as other reviewers have noted, this seemed like a "filler episode" (ya can't throw romance and flirting between Beckett & Castle EVERY episode though the fan base would beg to differ). Now more new episodes until March as you all know.

    For the most part, the comedy fell very flat and as noted, no romantic tension whatsoever. We did get a new facet on Castle's personal life, we've never really thought about his father before (though even the very first episode in Season 1 joked about Martha's many men when she and Alexis sprung Castle from jail) and this episode brings that question to the forefront. Makes sense to me, Beckett lost a parent, Castle is helping her find closure. Castle has never met one of his parents, I wonder if Beckett through her detective resources helps Castle find his father? Beckett was reluctant to talk to Castle about her mom for a while, Castle likely will be reluctant to talk to Beckett about his unknown father for a while... good counterbalance if you ask me, enriches these two to hopefully come together in a deep relationship two or three seasons from now if popularity stays or grows.

    Okay, I digress... as for the actual murderer, my record for guessing right is pretty poor, but I got this one right... kinda stuck out like a sore thumb if you ask me... simply because other suspects were way too obvious as not being the actual murderer thanks to how the story was told.

    On the positive side, Molly Quinn can really hold her own. She continues to really play Alexis in such an endearing way... you can't help but love Alexis.

    One last note, perhaps I'm way too critical, but the two Jose Molina written episodes (other one is 'Famous Last Words') are the two lower scoring episodes on, though still good. You've got one more strike Jose... pun intended.
  • A Professional Ballplayer who was a Cuban defector returns to his country as a visitor only to be found dead on his return to the States. Castle and Becket check everyone he knew out, but discover that the player was hiding something from everyone.

    A show highlighted by a cameo by Dodgers Manager and eventual Hall of Famer Joe Torre. (You knew I would mention that didn't you!) This episode gets a plus .5 for that scene and Beckett's reaction!

    Overall this episode would be termed filler to me The show has been on a roll. The story on this episode turned out to be a little on the sloppy side. We have the Agent played by the Devil himself, Ray Wise, a number of former ball players, a loan shark, and then the very attractive wife of nine years, Maggie Vega played by Chandra West.

    You never seriously looked at the wife as the suspect even though she had suspicions that her husband was cheating on her. But when Castle and Beckett get the picture of the other women they start to work the angles. Through some very good detective work they managed to pull the case together with as always the major help of the two sidekicks Ryan and Esposito. All in all a pretty ho hum case with the killing turning itself into a neat little bow at the end. That was a nice twist though and a heartwarming scene at the end with the widow. I really expected something a little more sinister myself. No worries though as the series has been excellent this second season and looking really good for a third. Let's hope they pull out all the stops for these last seven episodes now. At least I think they are shooting 22 this season. It's hard to keep track with the networks these days. They all keep adding episodes to this season to make up for all the shows they've canceled. Thanks for reading...
  • Where was the REVELATION about Castle's father all the adds were making such a big deal about?

    I kept waiting for the BIG REVELATION all the ads promised, but, really, there wasn't much. We knew he was 'famously fatherless' already. We knew Alexis would have questions--I certainly would in her shoes. And we knew Castle was good at making up stories-I mean, seriously, an astronaut-pirate-humanitarian-Nobel-Prize-winning-Whip-Cream-eating-slash-inventing mystery? If there is any follow-up to the who's-my-daddy storyline, I think I kind of like the idea of Alexis tracking her grandfather down, maybe enlisting Beckett to assist, without Castle knowing until all is said and done. As for Beckett and her gushing fangirl moments... well, I have to say, while I haven't been into baseball since I played Little League, my entire family is rabidly fanatic about hockey; for a few of my teen years the Canucks were the only thing that my dad and I could talk to each other about without yelling. Heck, as I type this review I'm watching the Canucks lose to Tampa Bay on ppv... but I digress. The Cuba connection to the case was good, though didn't delve as deeply into the messy politics of anything to do with the island, which I'm sure any such case would inevitably get tangled in.