Season 2 Episode 15

Suicide Squeeze

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • A Professional Ballplayer who was a Cuban defector returns to his country as a visitor only to be found dead on his return to the States. Castle and Becket check everyone he knew out, but discover that the player was hiding something from everyone.

    A show highlighted by a cameo by Dodgers Manager and eventual Hall of Famer Joe Torre. (You knew I would mention that didn't you!) This episode gets a plus .5 for that scene and Beckett's reaction!

    Overall this episode would be termed filler to me The show has been on a roll. The story on this episode turned out to be a little on the sloppy side. We have the Agent played by the Devil himself, Ray Wise, a number of former ball players, a loan shark, and then the very attractive wife of nine years, Maggie Vega played by Chandra West.

    You never seriously looked at the wife as the suspect even though she had suspicions that her husband was cheating on her. But when Castle and Beckett get the picture of the other women they start to work the angles. Through some very good detective work they managed to pull the case together with as always the major help of the two sidekicks Ryan and Esposito. All in all a pretty ho hum case with the killing turning itself into a neat little bow at the end. That was a nice twist though and a heartwarming scene at the end with the widow. I really expected something a little more sinister myself. No worries though as the series has been excellent this second season and looking really good for a third. Let's hope they pull out all the stops for these last seven episodes now. At least I think they are shooting 22 this season. It's hard to keep track with the networks these days. They all keep adding episodes to this season to make up for all the shows they've canceled. Thanks for reading...