Season 5 Episode 7

Swan Song

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on ABC
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    Castle "Swan Song" Review: The Day the Music Died

    "Swan Song" was an episode of Castle in which very little happened. But hey, there was some fun mockumentary-style spoofing, so at least we have that.

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    When a rock star is murdered, the documentary crew filming the band continue on by following Beckett and Castle as they investigate.

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    • Not my Cup of Tea

      While I understand the premise behind the episode and that it wasn't supposed to be "normal", it just wasn't my cup of tea. It was different - we got to see the group from another perspective perhaps, and it definitely had its funny moments. However, everything felt off kilter.

      I didn't feel any interest in the episode whatsoever, to the point where I found my homework more interesting. I felt annoyed for them with the cameras around, even if they were pleased that they were being filmed. The case itself wasn't anything to brag about either. There weren't really any surprises and I just could not get into the characters, the band, the suspects. Everything just seemed so boring, and slow.moreless
    • Swan Song

      That's the whole point kids. They weren't being themselves, which is why the whole episode feels "off", to the point where the case took second place to them acting out, just like all the other "reality" shows. I liked it.
    • Seems vaguely familiar to me...

      This ep was a complete rip off of The Office Job in Leverage, complete with everyone acting normal in front of the cameras except the main characters. Only Leverage had Parker and a sandwich skit to make it funny.

      Although, if you're gonna rip off a show, it might as well be a good one...
    • Love the show, hate the camera style

      I'm a long time fan of the show; however, this episode did not cut it. The camera style was distracting and made the show feel fake.
    • Swan Song

      The documentary style of the episode was annoying, but it is not like this case was pretty intriguing regardless. Too slow-moving, and I just could not get invested into the format or any of the suspects.

      Came off as very mediocre.

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      • Castle: Swan eluded his cameraman to go on a clandestine errand, an errand so important, he missed a band meeting. He was acting erratically, went to the bank right beforehand. This all points to one thing.
        Ryan: Drugs.
        Castle: Dr-drugs.
        Beckett: That's an interesting theory, but that is pure speculation.
        Castle: Actually, it's not. Pure speculation would be Swan purchasing thermonuclear technology to have a scientist make him an amplifier that went all the way to 12. This, musicians buying drugs, that's just Monday morning crossword.

      • Castle: (about the cameras) Come on. What's the big deal? It'll be fun.
        Beckett: Look, Castle, what I do here, this is... mine. And just because they want to invade my privacy, it doesn't mean that I have to help them do it.
        Castle: Okay. That may be. But... these cameras, they're not going anywhere. They're gonna see something. I just want them to see what I see.

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