Season 5 Episode 7

Swan Song

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    Not a bad episode I guess, it all made sense. I've never enjoyed movies with this camera style method.

    I did dislike Castle touching Kate's face at the office. Like cameras or not, you're in the middle of a public and populated place so you do something like that? It was just stupidly out of character.

    Once again, how Kate was looking for a confession is actually illegal. If he had of confessed to anything it wouldn't be admissible because she was bullying him. I love this show but some episodes it gets old just watching her yell at people.

    I did like the head of the cult, he was annoyingly smart and I think he's the Reaper from Criminal Minds - which he was awesome on.

    And I didn't entirely like the ending with Kate leading them into the storage room, and why would they even enter? Like the lights were on, you could see what it was...
  • Not my Cup of Tea

    While I understand the premise behind the episode and that it wasn't supposed to be "normal", it just wasn't my cup of tea. It was different - we got to see the group from another perspective perhaps, and it definitely had its funny moments. However, everything felt off kilter.

    I didn't feel any interest in the episode whatsoever, to the point where I found my homework more interesting. I felt annoyed for them with the cameras around, even if they were pleased that they were being filmed. The case itself wasn't anything to brag about either. There weren't really any surprises and I just could not get into the characters, the band, the suspects. Everything just seemed so boring, and slow.
  • Swan Song

    That's the whole point kids. They weren't being themselves, which is why the whole episode feels "off", to the point where the case took second place to them acting out, just like all the other "reality" shows. I liked it.
  • Seems vaguely familiar to me...

    This ep was a complete rip off of The Office Job in Leverage, complete with everyone acting normal in front of the cameras except the main characters. Only Leverage had Parker and a sandwich skit to make it funny.

    Although, if you're gonna rip off a show, it might as well be a good one...
  • Love the show, hate the camera style

    I'm a long time fan of the show; however, this episode did not cut it. The camera style was distracting and made the show feel fake.
  • Swan Song

    The documentary style of the episode was annoying, but it is not like this case was pretty intriguing regardless. Too slow-moving, and I just could not get invested into the format or any of the suspects.

    Came off as very mediocre.
  • loved it!

    i loved the doucmentry nature of the episode!
  • aweson episode

    this episode was fantastic- castle and the other detectives pretending to be badasses for the cameras, lanie shy for the cameras and whatnot. loved it!!!
  • Bad, Worse, this Episode

    Documentary style, really? I can't think of something that would have made the episode worse...

    Atleast they still solved a crime, so that's a bonus point.
  • Rocking!

    In addition to the novelty of the documentary style shooting, it was fun to watch Castle, Lanie, Espo and even Gates hamming it up for the camera. The case was interesting and the best part was Castle and Beckket standing like school kids before Gates. Rocking episode!

    Know what else is rocking? Beckket's jackets and hair!

  • Awesome

    Ha! This episode was a crack up.
  • Swan Song.

    I enjoyed watching this one. Very different