Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2013 on ABC
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    Castle "Target" Review: Going Liam Neeson

    As big, crazy Castle arcs go, this one couldn't have kicked off much stronger.

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    While investigating a murder, Castle and Beckett find a link to a kidnapping plot. FBI Agent Harris is called in to help find the kidnappers.

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    • Target

      The episode tried a bit too hard to be serious, and a bit too hard to emulate Taken, while not going out and admitting they were trying to copy Taken. That being said, still a strong show that had me hooked, and fun to see them take this dramatic approach as opposed to their usual light-hearted style.
    • Nathan Fillion given an opportunity to showcase his acting skills

      I've enjoyed Castle at a moderate level ... it's always worth a download and Fillion's a funny charismatic actor, but I know he can be so much more and this episode proved it. Anyone who's watched Firefly can attest that Fillion's Malcolm Reynolds was a protagonist with many levels ... something that Richard Castle has been sorely lacking. Castle's great: he's witty, charming and helps Beckett and co solve the case but that's pretty much it. BUT this episode, nailed it. Pretty much in the few minutes when Castle is left alone with the perp and he starts his speech about how he's the father, etc .. I figuratively had a geekgasm as he was channeling ol Mal' Reynolds (and probably a bit of Liam Neeson too). It was a great few min of TV that made me glad I stuck with Castle as long as I have. I just hope that the writers are able to utilize Fillion's skills some moremoreless
    • Target

      First time watching! Who is the good looking FBI guy at the end working the computer, tracing the cell pings? WOW!! Nice eye candy for the ladies!
    • Riveting!

      What an episode this was! Gripping and moving at the same time; was so glued to it that stopped breathing at times. Looking forward to the 'Hunt', hope it's a fitting conclusion to this exhilarating start.

      And Nathan Fillion, you are always awesome, but this was way above awesome!

    • Yayyy

      Great episode! Finally a really really good one in a long time. I am a bit disappointed that Alexis and Sara were taken to Paris, France. The story line was already very similar to could have at least changed the destination. However, I guess that is the only plausible place that has a distinguishable landmark, so it kind of makes sense that they would choose this place.

      I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode. I just hope that it is not disappointing.moreless
    Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh

    FBI Agent Harris

    Guest Star

    Bernard White

    Bernard White

    Anwar El-Masri

    Guest Star

    Katherine Kamhi

    Katherine Kamhi

    Lina El-Masri

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      • Castle: I'd like a minute with him. (Beckett leaves the room)
        Douglas Stevens: (Castle closes and locks the door) I just said I don't wanna talk, so you can't question me. I have rights. I'm not going to say anything without a lawyer.
        Castle: I'm not a cop.
        Douglas Stevens: Then who are you?
        Castle: You remember the girl with the red hair? I'm her father. Please know, I will do whatever it takes to get her back. The police outside are my friends. My daughter's friends too. So it's just you and me.
        Douglas Stevens: If you touch me I'll press charges.
        Castle: I don't care. Where are they?
        Douglas Stevens: I'm just a driver. I, I don't know anything.
        Castle: You know Henson ditched the van for the black Yukon. So where did he go? Where did he take the girls? I won't ask you again, where did he take the girls?
        Douglas Stevens: (Beckett stands outside listening to screams) Aah! Stop! Aah! Aah!

      • Martha: Oh, she was the center of our lives for so long, and now she's just... gone?
        Castle: Right now is just Alexis' time to make her own way in the world. But she'll be back. Like Simba in The Lion King, it's the circle of life.

      • Castle: (To Beckett) You know, I still remember when Alexis was born, they handed me this tiny person, all bundled up. She just stared up at me. And when I looked down at her, this feeling hit me, like I'd been struck by lightning. It was love. That instant, inexplicable love you can only feel for your child. In that moment, I knew. I knew my life had changed forever. And now it's about to change again.

      • Beckett: (after Castle tortures him) Tell me what happened with Douglas Stevens.
        Castle: I appealed to his humanity.
        Beckett: I didn't think you had that side to you.
        Castle: When it comes to the people I love, I do.

      • Beckett: Castle, listen to me--
        Castle: Don't. Don't promise me you'll find her unless you can do it, because ... I would never forgive you. Anymore than I'd ever forgive myself.

      • Castle: Did a web search on El-Masri. He's worth over $300 million.
        Beckett: Yeah, but still, who hires an ex-commando to babysit their daughter?
        Castle: I've considered it.

      • Beckett: It's like the guy was invisible.
        Castle: He was hiding in plain sight. A foreign agent in deep cover on some kind of special reconnaissance mission.
        Beckett: So then why would he shoot up a van?
        Castle: Maybe Jack Bauer was driving.

      • Esposito: This was a serious shooter.
        Beckett: What else do we know about him?
        Ryan: Well, Hasim Farouk is a Saudi national living here as a student.
        Castle: Majoring in what, urban warfare?
        Ryan: Uh, undeclared, actually, up at Columbia.
        Beckett: So what was he doing in Lower Manhattan?
        Castle: (Columbia is Alexis' university) More importantly, what is Columbia doing admitting gun-toting lunatics and are there any more of them?

      • Castle: I've come to realize that, like a bird, Alexis needed to leave the nest. So I let her fly I turned around and I strode away. That's acceptance.
        Beckett: But wouldn't acceptance be letting her go, seeing where she flies, and then being okay with it?
        Castle: Yeah, but I wouldn't be okay with that. I don't want to see where she goes, what other birds of prey are out there and what other nests are--
        Beckett: So is that acceptance or denial?
        Castle: Well, it was acceptance till you started applying your fiendish logic.

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