Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2013 on ABC

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  • Target

    The episode tried a bit too hard to be serious, and a bit too hard to emulate Taken, while not going out and admitting they were trying to copy Taken. That being said, still a strong show that had me hooked, and fun to see them take this dramatic approach as opposed to their usual light-hearted style.
  • Nathan Fillion given an opportunity to showcase his acting skills

    I've enjoyed Castle at a moderate level ... it's always worth a download and Fillion's a funny charismatic actor, but I know he can be so much more and this episode proved it. Anyone who's watched Firefly can attest that Fillion's Malcolm Reynolds was a protagonist with many levels ... something that Richard Castle has been sorely lacking. Castle's great: he's witty, charming and helps Beckett and co solve the case but that's pretty much it. BUT this episode, nailed it. Pretty much in the few minutes when Castle is left alone with the perp and he starts his speech about how he's the father, etc .. I figuratively had a geekgasm as he was channeling ol Mal' Reynolds (and probably a bit of Liam Neeson too). It was a great few min of TV that made me glad I stuck with Castle as long as I have. I just hope that the writers are able to utilize Fillion's skills some more
  • Target

    First time watching! Who is the good looking FBI guy at the end working the computer, tracing the cell pings? WOW!! Nice eye candy for the ladies!
  • Riveting!

    What an episode this was! Gripping and moving at the same time; was so glued to it that stopped breathing at times. Looking forward to the 'Hunt', hope it's a fitting conclusion to this exhilarating start.

    And Nathan Fillion, you are always awesome, but this was way above awesome!

  • Yayyy

    Great episode! Finally a really really good one in a long time. I am a bit disappointed that Alexis and Sara were taken to Paris, France. The story line was already very similar to could have at least changed the destination. However, I guess that is the only plausible place that has a distinguishable landmark, so it kind of makes sense that they would choose this place.

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode. I just hope that it is not disappointing.
  • This episode has it all!!

    Fantastic episode!! LOOOOVE this show!
  • Ah!!! That explains it!

    I wrote a review for NCIS episode "Canary" and my title asked if they had given all the good writers a holiday as the episode was pitiful for the highest rated show in America.

    It seems they DID give them a vacation but they moonlighted here, instead.

    Castle has been meandering along a bit for the last few eps but, boy did that change here.

    Easily the best episode of this season, starting off fairly light (or as light as a death and kidnapping can be), then ramping into high drama when Alexis was also found to be gone.

    I also mentioned in a review of "Elementary" that time seems to fly past when what you are watching "grips" you and won't let go.

    This was the first episode of Castle in a while where my attention was rivetted to the screen and the forty minutes simply vanished..

    High tension, with a fine performance from the usually comedic Fillion and the always watchable Katic.

    Although not a father myself, I can totally relate to the seething undercurrent of anger and grief that would drive any Dad to basically torture/kill anyone that could lead to a rescue.

    Here, Beckett went out of character from her usually "by the book" cop personna and "walked away" when Castle asked for a minute with one of the kidnappers.

    That's what love is, you do what you gotta do.

    I was pleased that, at last, Gates showed some sympathy for Castle and even more that Beckett hugged Castle in full view, not caring whether or not Gates was watching. It was the right thing to do!

    Alexis, as usual, remained calm, steadying her friend and made a spirited attempt to escape, although failing.

    As the phone stayed on, when she dropped it, I'm slightly surprised the Police simply didn't trace the GPS unit in it but I really don't care.

    Can't wait for next week to see the outcome.
  • Taken 3

    Great episode, right up until the end

    Paris, really... ?

    What next, Marko from Tropoja ?
  • Whoa!

    This is great! No one can describe how I'm feeling right now because, I have to see the continuation of this episode reallllllyyyyy soon!!!!
  • Literally on the edge of my seat

    I can't believe how amazing that was. Normally with these shows I guess things pretty easily, but I had NO IDEA any of that was going to happen, and now I can't believe I have to wait until next week to see how they get them back!! Agh! So good!