Season 6 Episode 20

That '70s Show

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2014 on ABC

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  • Castle pays homage to the worst decade in the history

    Castle pays homage to the worst decade in the history of bad decades! This episode was only saved by Esposito and Ryan's comical Starsky and Hutch act!
  • That 70's Show

    There were some amusing parts in this episode, but it got annoying at times, and the story just did not feel like it was that strongly pieced together. Still, I'd say it was a little better than average.
  • Great Trip Back In Time

    This was a tongue-in-cheek episode and good for them for doing it. Just a touch of plausibility to give it a foundation and then off they went in time travel. And with a "who dunnit" to boot. There are times that shows need to have some fun with themselves - and with the audience. This was a great example of how to do it. Everything was spot on accurate. Nice to have Disco back again!!
  • great funny episode

    I enjoy this episode. and the situation. I'm we can laught have mistery and fun
  • Why I started watching this show in the first place!

    This episode reminded me of why I started to, and continue to, watch Castle. If I wanted to see a "police procedural," then I would watch one. Castle is that, but with tongue in cheek, and sometimes just silly in a good way. Last season was too serious. This season it appears they are trying to get back to their roots, which is fine with me. Good silly goes a long way with me.
  • Fun 70's ride

    This episode was hilarious and absolute fun.
  • ridonkulous and hilarious - so who needs plausible?

    All the initial plot exposition and setup leads to Harold saying he'll only give a statement at the station, which means they have to redecorate everything to make it look like it's still the '70s. Since Gates is out of town, they decide to go for it, and hand it over to Martha, because they need to give her something less destructive to do than helping with the wedding. out with computers, in with typewriters.

    The results are fabulous. There are '70s-era prostitutes being booked, who look pretty much the same as modern prostitutes. There are rainbow vests and polyester pant suits. There's Kate in high-waist bell bottoms that show off her magnificent ass, and Alexis in a crop top, because they had to work her in somehow. There's the magnificently hilarious Ryan and Esposito, who've overdosed on old police footage and conveniently look exactly like a pair of cops from the '70s.

    Javi's mustache and Ryan's wig are Laugh out loud hilarious.

    The episode ends, of course, at a disco. Everyone gets to boogie down, Espo checks out Lanie a lot, and I'm still not really sure why those two broke up. And Gay Harold symbolically gets one last dance with Vince. The writers must have all been planning this as the 4-20 episode and they hit a great fun home run
  • Hilarious

    This episode was one of the funniest I've ever seen. Sure it's supposed to be a serious "cop show", but there are times even in the darker moments of life that have a lighter side to them. And this was well portrayed. What's the point of talking about all the ways it "should have been"; just relax, sit back and enjoy. There's enough seriousness in other dramas of this venue to make up the difference. Once in a while we need a laugh in the midst of drama. I thought it was great.
  • Silly, stupid, sitcom-ish.

    I could see Castle and Beckett playing along with the 70's theme in that guys house. I could maybe even see them playing along while inside the morgue with Lanie. But the whole precinct? Give me a break. Does that precinct only work on Beckett's cases? What happens if another real crime happens while they are play acting? it was all rather stupid and silly and reminded me of various sitcoms.

    I half expected to see Jerry Seinfeld walk in with those stupid glasses, or Ross walk in pretending to speak with a British accident or even Barney Fife dressed as a store mannequin.

    The only redeeming things were Lanie in the Foxy Brown outfit and Alexis in her barely there halter top. Wow!! on both accounts.

    But, come on Castle writers, you can do better.