Season 4 Episode 14

The Blue Butterfly

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on ABC

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  • Film noir just for the fun of it!

    I got a big kick out of this episode. Very clever use of the cast. Lanie sings beautifully!

    I loved Castle reading narrating from the diary. Bogart couldn't have done better. ("Why am I narrating?" -- Hee.)

    "This is the stuff dreams are made of. "

    I swear the writers of this show really know how to have fun with murder.

  • Flashback

    This is one I've been waiting a long to happen and my wait has paid off in full, this is another of my favorate episodes of the show. I'm a fan of the noir genere it was one of the first generes I ran into when I was a kid so this episode was a treat for me. It does the same thing as the "Flashback" episode "Magnum P.I." once did where they take all the key characters from the show and transition them into the 1940's decade where the Noir/Mystery genere was born, and it fit like a glove for "Castle".

    It was just great seeing the setting, the common cleches like in one scene Castle states that the couple fell in love in just five days, I find that funny because it's true the couples in most Noir stories always do. But it was just a joy seeing both Kate and Castle in the contemporary roles of the genere, I like how there were different but slightly the same at the same time.

    Castle playing the hard boiled detective doing the narration as things happen down to his charisma. And Kate playing the femme fatale, a beauty that you can't help but fall in love with, mysterious, seems to be a good girl just mixed in with danger. The chemestry with the alternate versions of Castle and Kate is great and strangely found myself carring because it just simply feels right you want both of them to make it. I also can't help but feel that it's also kinda a forshadowing as to where the relationship of both Castle and Kate will head in the future once we find out what happened with the alternate versions.

    Sometimes the future can be found in the past.
  • Great, good fun!

    Everyone involved in preparing this feast for the lovers of nostalgia positively outdid him- or herself. Writers, actors, musicians, producers, photographers, and editors of all facets obviously operated at the top of their form, and probably had a rollicking good time doing so.

    Lanie the sensuous nightclub singer, Ryan the plucky Irish mobster, Esposito the silken Cuban tough guy marvelous. Alexis the brightly malevolent avenging Fury with the southern accent, Martha the bossy, almost-motherly secretary with the New York twang superb (and obviously savoring every second of breaking their previous molds in such a witty and delightful fashion). As the series has progressed, we have seen each actor portray an impressive range of emotions; we already knew that they excelled at bringing their characters to life but we've seldom seen them having so much fun in the process!

    Beckett and Castle, fluid as their characters can be, threw themselves into their 1940s roles with readily noticeable zest hard-boiled detective is PERFECT as a doppelganger for Castle the novelist, his multiplex awareness already established: even in the midst of action, Castle is watching himself AND writing, mentally, the narration of that action. The lovely, magnetic woman of mysterious depths, with a touch of tragedy, blooms naturally from the woman whom Beckett already is, and blends well with the woman she is becoming as she gradually lets down her many barriers and allows herself care for Castle.

    Although the plot itself contained several "guessable" twists, the overall conception and the manifest talents of the ensemble cast made this episode among the most thoroughly delightful of the series to date. Encore!

  • nice one

    one of the best episode in the show
  • So good I had to watch it twice.

    Nothing says how good an episode is than to hear that it was so good it had to be watched more than once. This has to be the best episode of the past 2 seasons. I loved how they would flash from past to present & the dialog was fit for an Emmy.
  • Fantastic Episode..That's what those writers & cast are capable of

    this episode was absolutely perfect...the way they combined present & past stories was simply genius...

    Abc don't U dare not renewing the show for many many seasons more... ;)
  • Outstanding episode, but the ending missed and left an opening for . . .

    Like all the other reviews, I must agree about this being one of the best episodes. In fact, it got me to visit and get one of the seven Nikki Heat by Richard Castle books. Just something about how Richard Castle writes (verses the TV series), which reminds me of this episode.

    As for the ending, the writers missed it, and SHOULD / MUST revisit this before the series end.

    SPOILER, but given how long ago, I feel safe talking about it now.

    The episode ends with Beckett and Castle walking off agreeing the Blue Butterfly was paste, but what if there were two of them. There are two reasons for two of them:

    1) Many people have copies made to protect the original. Given how much protection the owner gave it, well, would he do the same for paste?

    2) After the original went missing, maybe the owner had the fake made because he couldn't bear to have people know it wasn't there. Yet, the strain of worrying about the original is what took his life (heart attack). People didn't put two plus two together, because they thought . . .

    Remember: Stan came up from the office with the Blue Butterfly. He didn't come from the alleyway with it (from behind the brick). Also the Blue Butterfly the police tested came from the murderer's home, which is the one Stan found in the office.

    As for Joe and Vera, they (most likely) thought the owner (Tom D) found it in the alleyway, but in reality he had the copy made. As they were hiding, they wouldn't know about the copy.

    So what about the future? Well, there are many ways to lead the viewers back to this story, such as a body . one of the guys who guarded Vera OR another treasurer hunter who felt Beckett and Castle got it wrong). Hmmm, his death and her involvement however slight MIGHT make her running for office difficult, thus they (Beckett and Castle) become involved. I put it this way, as how knows where the series is going with her maybe going into politics (AT THIS TIME). I do believe she will given the time travel episode with the coffee stain.

    Anyway, this discussion is yet additional proof about the greatness of this episode. As one sign of a great story is when the reader keeps taking, thinking, and imagining / exploring its past and/or future.

    Only one last thing to add to this review. A big and public thank you to the writers, producers, and actors for an enjoyable hour (well 40 minutes or so) of television! THANK YOU!! :-)

  • 40s jazz club

    This was the most creative episode ever. Nice job writers!
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