Season 5 Episode 20

The Fast and the Furriest

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on ABC



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    • Beckett: Is there anything that you don't believe in?
      Castle: Sure, there is. There's, um... Okay, well, what about you? If not Bigfoot or zombies or ghosts, what do you believe in?
      Beckett: I just I believe in the everyday magic of life. I mean, things that I can see and touch. Like, um, the green shoots that pop through the snow in February, or the flatiron building, or the way that I feel when I hear Coltrane. It's--
      Castle: Now I can appreciate the everyday, but why not live in the possible? The world just doesn't have as many mysteries anymore. There's no new continents to explore. There's no more deepest, darkest Africa. Everything's all mapped out by satellites and sonar, yet, still, people reach for the unknown. It's what makes us grow.

    • Perlmutter: So I typed the blood. It's a match to our victim.
      Castle: Never mind the blood. (about the giant footprints) What is your opinion on these?
      Perlmutter: Well, professionally, I can't speculate what those are, Mr. Castle. But personally, I can say that anyone who believes in Bigfoot is an ass.
      Castle: That is a common assertion amongst the uninformed.

    • Castle: Well, I know who the killer is. Did you see how that gorilla looked at me?
      Beckett: Yeah, I think it was lust, actually, Castle. You are ruggedly handsome.
      Castle: Bloodlust, maybe. No, don't let Moonshine fool you. I'm betting he and his fellow retirees are actually super-intelligent apes, plotting to take over New York City. They're gonna round up all the people, put us in a sanctuary.

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