Season 2 Episode 11

The Fifth Bullet

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • When an art dealer is found murdered a fifth bullet seems to be missing from the scene until a man walks in with amnesia and the bullet is found in a copy of a Russian novel he is carrying. Eventually all signs point to him as the killer.

    A fun episode with a lot of good feelings to go around. We get to see the warmer side of Beckett and Castle as well as Esposito and Ryan. Also we get to see some family time with Castle and his mother which is very touching. The ice cream bit was cute, but how many people keep eight different tubs of ice cream in their house? Marc Blucas of Buffy fame plays the amnesiac Jeremy Chadwick. What an interesting story and Jay as they called him seemed like such a nice fellow. As Castle said later in the episode when they thought Jay had shot the art dealer, to paraphrase "I could imagine going to jail for murder understanding what I did, but to go and have no idea why or what caused the altercation?"

    Great piece of detective work at the end to really come up with the killer. You'll have to see it to understand. It is interesting that the dog really broke the case in the end! A very entertaining and sappy episode of Castle that one doesn't care if it was sappy. Just good feelings and an enjoyable story. Well acted and written. Thanks for reading...