Season 5 Episode 6

The Final Frontier

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on ABC

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  • 5x06 - Epic!

    It isn't often that I give a show a perfect ten rating, but this episode was so good that I have to bestow it. Not only did I spend a lot of my time laughing, I also genuinely enjoyed the mystery and I didn't even call the killer's id like I usually do. Go show.

    The show did such a great job of gently teasing the geekery in the viewer (a total sci-fi geek here!) but it also dished a lot of love not only for the sci-fi genre but also for the geeky fans who love it. I adored that they had Beckett be a mega fan for a terrible show and they backed up her love by explaining why the show had such meaning for her. Something which all sci-fi fans can say, although not necessarily with her level of eloquence. I just loved that!

    I found this a brilliantly funny episode! So many things cracked me up: Castle teasing Beckett over her mega fan status, his freaking out about losing his hair, his shriek of horror over seeing Alexis all dressed up as a sexy assassin (this one in particularly made me pause the show until I could get over my gigglefit); Alexis and Castle 'not talking about it' non-coversation and the last scene!

    I was also surprised by how much I ended up liking Nebula 9's 'Captain'! The man may have been a 'washed up actor' but he clearly loved the role a ton to go out and spend money to get himself a working blaster. It brought a huge grin to my face.

    Great episode! I don't always rewatch this show but I'll happily see this episode again. It was so well done! Now that's the way to make a shout out to fandom!
  • This was a total delight to any sci-fi geek

    This is what I love about Castle, that it gives us lots of quirky and colorful stories and characters. It has heavier material, like the on-going story of who killed Beckett's mother, but for me it really shines when it is being fun and off-the-wall. I especially loved all the meta references to sci fi culture, and in particular Firefly. And it was a good murder mystery, it kept me guessing until the end.
  • Nice one

    A nice trip into the fun side and viewers needed that after the heavy drama in last week's 'Probable Cause'. There were some really funny moments and a few subtle hints of the developing relationship. However, the episode was hyped up a bit too much. We have had better (and lesser hyped) ones this Season. Enjoyed it nonetheless
  • what fun:)

    what a fun episode:) The 'mockery' of Firefly. Nathan Stark from Eureka, the principal from Buffy. Becketts enthusiasm for the little known scifi show
  • The Final Frontier

    I give the show praise for trying to think outside the box and have a fun episode at a sci-fi convention, but it was just a really boring story as I did not buy into any of the characters, and could not care what happened to them or who the killer was. The episode just did not suck me in.
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