Season 3 Episode 15

The Final Nail

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2011 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    Remember; my reviews are just my feelings not overviews of the episode!

    I actually did think Kate was overreacting a bit about Castle not mentioning the father's death. So 20 years later, when Castle didn't know he was a prime suspect, it should've popped into his head?!

    And I'm sorry Kate is the biggest hypocrite when she tells people off for being close to cases yet when it's about her case she never lets anything go and tells people off for trying to take her off cases.. yeah ok. What Castle has been doing might be annoying, asking why she needs to ask about their relationship status but him not mentioning the father is HARDLY worthy of that yelling match. And I'm sorry how does Castle owe her an apology?! He did nothing to say sorry for. And when he comes back she's a bit of a dick to him.. yeah ok, Castle always is the one apologising. Anyway, perhaps in this situation they should both apologise.

    Rant over, sorry episodes that make Kate look like God and never having to apologise are a bit annoying.

    I was glad Damien was innocent in the end, but I liked the twist about the fathers case.

    Castle kind of had a point, all 'evidence' pointing to Damian is only suspicious because of his history. And the idea of using that history to frame someone is actually extremely plausible. I think Beckett was becoming less objective, she had a bit of tunnel vision that Damian HAD to be guilty. Makes me even more glad when he was innocent for her death.

    Damian was a bit of a scum though, but "no doubt that you're so cold as to get a contract killer", she really was a bit pathetic in this episode I thought. He was just a douche that liked money (until we learn about the father).

    Lol at Ryan. "Jenny loves chocolate" "jenny is planning a wedding!" hells yeah. I'd love to eat chocolate when I'm planning my wedding but I'd probably kill whoever gave it to me :P

    I kind felt for Amber, she really liked Sam and he couldn't even smile at the idea of them being together, he's flirting with his ex behind her back and then not even telling her.. But she also didn't seem to feel guilty and felt justified. Justified in yelling, maybe throw a pot at the wall or something, but yeah that was a brutal death.

    Being the skeptic I am, I have to ask - how can they really prove that Damian drew the drawing of the house? If I was going to steal some rich items from a rich house, I'd make sure I had a floor plan of a house or at least guess at a general layout - quick in and out. The rolex is a bit more suspect sure, but he could say the dude, being a thief, stole it too or whatever. (Just to throw an alternative out there!)

    Person below laughs at the fact Kate has a couple hours yet at the start Kate says if her and Josh had a couple hours free..... Yes, Kate may have a couple hours, but that doesn't mean Josh does? So we don't know if she is blowing him off. I don't think she was.
  • 2/14

    Well, here is something I did not expect to see from this show, but tonight's episode was a little boring. A standard cop show cliche with one of the characters refusing to believe that his lifelong friend could have been involved in the crime. Just got a "been there, done that" feel throughout the entire broadcast tonight, and what's worse is that Castle did not even offer up any of his usual offbeat humor.

    There were some bright spots, and the episode still was decent, but just too slow-moving, very un-Castle-esque in that regard. Can't give this more than a 6.0/10.
  • Beckett Hit the Nail on the Head!

    I know how Castle feels in this episode. Westlake was Castle's hero, and it's hard to believe that you hero isn't as good as they seem. BUT on the other side, I think he acted like a huge jacka** in this episode. He lets his personal feelings, and he keeps lying. He says like five times he'll stay out of Beckett's way and then 10 seconds later he tells her shes wrong about the case.

    Other than how unbeleivably annoying Castle was in this episode. I liked it. I was a good case, and it was very fun to watch Beckett try to get enough evidence to nail the guy (HA you get it? Nail!)
  • *Spoilers alert!!*

    I loved this episode (but then again I love every Castle episode...) it was great to see the conflict of opinions between Castle and Beckett when we're so used to seeing a compromise or acceptance of each others differences (eg; fate, psychics, etc...) but then again it's not much fun to see Castle and Beckett argue but that shows us that not everything is as perfect as it seems between them (with of course the exception of them being together)
    I really didn't see the ending coming, I always expected that Castle's friend had killed his wife and was shocked when it was actually Amber, I was cursing my detective skills until I found out the guy (whose name escapes me) wasn't really all that innocent!
    I REALLY have to mention this sorry!
    did anyone pick up on Esposito and Beckett's conversation about Valentine's Day at the start when he asked if she'd be spending it with Josh and she said that they were a cop and surgeon and didn't have a couple of hours to spend? And THEN at the end Castle was upset and Beckett offered to buy him a drink and when he mentioned her spending Valentine's with Josh she said she had a couple of hours to kill :D
    *sigh* I love this show
  • Leading to a great finale.

    Since the Nikki Heat episode, Castle's writers have been giving us some great episodes that could potentially lead to an even better season finalle. This week we see Castle face someone from his past that he actually looked up to and had a great image of him in his mind. But it's like Beckeet said, he made that whole story in his mind and that someone really didn't existed. The great thing about this episode was that we had the chance to see Castle being desappointed by someone that he considered his friend and someone that actually made him fight with Beckett.
    Nathan's acting was great this week as was Stana's. After almost three whole seasons they learned to work almost flawlessly together, which is impressive.
    I liked the end of the episode where Beckett offered her support for a very blue Castle, which is already something weird for us to see. A blue Castle, I mean.
    Next week is very promissing. We will be confronted by a two parter that has every possibility to leave us gasping for air.
  • Even Castle is wrong sometimes.

    Well, kudos to Castle for his dogged loyalty. However misplaced it turned out to be.

    It was unusual to see Kate and Castle at such odds over whoodunit, but an interesting exercise in the wise gently leading the blind. I mean, I was assuming Castle must have had it right, because ultimately he always has it right. But this time, the usual back and forth over each of the possible suspects hit Castle right where he lives. Directly in the non-Hollywood ending. Smack-dab in the middle of his writer's fantasy, ideal world.

    Thankfully for Castle and despite the painful introspection, with Kate there, the landing was a soft one for our Peter Pan.

    Now, about that Valentine's Day rat-framed photo? Didn't the vermin go missing? Like permanently? On Alexa's watch too? Was this an In Memorium Valentine's, and how weird is that?
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