Season 5 Episode 23

The Human Factor

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 06, 2013 on ABC

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    I'd truly love to see this show move on to something bigger. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are both distinguished actors. They have both the skill and chemistry that deserves a better and higher future. I think if this show moves on to something bigger, solving more interesting crimes, then this show will truly fly. Imagine both their crime-solving capabilities move on to something bigger. Wouldn't it be interesting? I'd love to see what's coming for this show in the future. I'm hoping that it would be something bigger, newer, and a lot fresher.
  • Excellent

    A drone murderer. Hacking into a drone. Talk about cool. Quite predictable who's the killer though.
  • The Human Factor

    Of course Beckett will not leave Castle and the NYPD behind, but at least the show wants to try and give us a different kind of finale next week.

    The episode was pretty good, although the premise took a turn for the worse fairly quickly here. I also hate when the show has these "everything's a cover up by the government" kind of storylines.
  • getting us ready for an angsty finale!

    I think in a way it's worse than one of them getting shot in the chest or dangling from a building or else because this feels like real life dilemna.

    I know there are a LOT of people angry with Kate right now but I'm not. I mean sure this is going to be a struggle for their relationship and I hope that both Kate and Rick realise what this relationship means to them and do what needs to be done (whether that's refusing a great job opportunity or following the love of your life in DC) and that it will allow them to go forward.

    Realistically, I know that this show is set in NY and all the supporting characters are working and living in NY and though it makes a good story twist I don't think they would move the show to DC, I'm still anxious to see how they will settle this season or more realistically still, leave us hanging with a cliffhanger for 4 monthes ;)

    Now about this episode, the case was average though the idea of a military drone being used to target civilians was kind of interesting (though I was expecting more CIA cover-up theory from Castle).

    I loved the scene where Beckett tricks Castle with his toys, the look on his face was just priceless!

    I also enjoyed the scene where they shoot down the drone and Castle's line like "I can't believe you missed with all your shots" or something. Just so Castle :)