Season 2 Episode 20

The Late Shaft

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Castle appears on a late-night talk show to promote his new book, Heat Wave. During a commercial break the host, Bobby Mann, whispers to Castle, "They want me dead." The next day he is found dead of natural causes and it's up to Castle to convince Beckett to investigate the case as a murder. Meanwhile, Castle is seduced by Ellie, the guest star to appear on the show the night he died.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Fun episode- a long way to go

    I gotta say, the episode was fun and light hearted in typical Castle style; Nothing amazing, but certainly not a disappointment either. One thing I think this episode confirmed to me, however, was how far Castle and Beckett are from being ready to get together. A lot of people seem to focus on Beckett and her hang ups- she has a difficulty trusting people and a defensive wall a mile high. But Castle obviously isn't really ready for this either. Not only is he just as active in protesting that they are not together, but he obviously falls in- and out- of love far to easy for someone like Beckett to give her heart to. Beckett's mother might have died, but before she did her parents were obviously very much in love. Castle, on the other hand was raised in a very different environment. Obviously Martha loves him and did his best, but his past marriages and the way he is so easily swayed by a pretty face shows that he has a lot of growing up to do.moreless
  • Holy shift, Batman!

    My only complaint about this episode is that the only glimpse I got of that beautiful car was in a photo! One lousy photo!

    Okay, I have one other complaint: The bimbo's line, "you have no idea how hard it is to be a woman in Hollywood"...sob, sob... Honey, if you were a real woman, you would have no difficulties whatsoever. You might not be an A-lister but you'd not have to pull any bad "chick" scenes. I understand the need for this character...sort of...but she grated on my nerves for some reason. I'll get over it.

    I easily pegged the side-kick for the deed, but all the intrigue in between provided quite the trip to the punch line. As for Beckett, she does jealousy really well. She displays it in well placed, never-miss-a-beat arguments, but a rose by any other name still makes Castle a happy man...and isn't THAT interesting!moreless
  • Castle is a guest on a late night talk show. The talk show host tells Castle in confidence that someone is out to get him and then he is later found dead. Castle thinks it's murder and after verifying it the team must uncover who did it.moreless

    Very interesting episode with a number of twists and turns. Unfortunately you have a pretty good idea who did it early on. One of the things this show does is hide motive. You have a group of characters to pick from as suspects. Basically you have to figure out who did it. Not on what you know, but on what you don't know and who you think the least likely person would be. They also have been known to pop a new character in at the end who is guilty that we've never met.

    In this case, once we hear the motive it is obvious who is too blame. The only problem is we don't hear the motive until the last five minutes. This is not clever gritty writing. You need to lay the facts out and allow the audience to come to some conclusions on their own.

    Fortunately this cast manages to overcome these little problems with tremendous quality acting and charisma. We see a great number of mind games being played between Beckett and Castle. A little jealousy rears its ugly head and then she puts the mojo on him. Of course you knew she was right. Only Castle was taken in. As we see later he could care less though. This is what this show thrives on. Castle's liaisons were a little surprising, but the writers feel we know Beckett is attractive and they wanted to make sure that Beckett knew that Castle is also a man who attracts other women.

    The list of suspects was pretty standard with no big surprises in the end. I think that's the one area this show can work on. It has the charisma and the talent. Now they need to work on the stories. Thanks for reading...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • GOOF: When Castle and Ellie Monroe are sitting together on the couch during Bobby Mann's show, they move together and are touching. The scene then cuts to a view of them on the couch as seen over the shoulder of a cameraman, through his camera pointed at the couch, and there is suddenly a noticeable gap between them. The scene cuts back to the couch and they have moved back together again; just in time to get up and move apart as the show ends.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Janine Marks: He was banging my daughter right under my nose? I will kill him!
      Castle: He's already dead.
      Janine Marks: Well, I will kill him again. I don't care. Where's the corpse?

    • Castle: You sure you want to take that many books?
      Alexis: Overambitious for a 5 day trip?
      Castle: You're gonna be responsible for your own pack. I think you're supposed to be more Sacagawea than a scholarly reader. Besides, look at all those pages the trees might want revenge.

    • Castle: Yet another example of why you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, even show business.
      Beckett: Are you talking about the case or yourself?
      Castle: Hahaha… Yeah. Touché, Detective.
      Beckett: So you want to go for a victory lap and grab a burger?
      Castle: Oh, can't. Gotta go. Big date.
      Beckett: You're kidding, right? You're going out with Ellie Monroe even though you know the only reason that she was interested in you was for a part? Have you lost all sense of human decency and self-respect... what?
      Castle: My big date... is with Alexis. She's getting back from her trip.
      Beckett: Oh. (Castle leaves smiling and so does Beckett)

    • (Castle just hang up the phone with Ellie Monroe)
      Beckett: Ellie Monroe, huh?
      Castle: Yeah, she's pretty upset about this whole Bobby Mann thing. That we were his last guests. She thinks it would be comforting if we were to be together.
      Beckett: "comforting"? Is that what the cool kids call it these days?

    • Beckett: What are you doing? (Castle looking into Bobby's evidence bag)
      Castle: It's called investigating. You should try it.
      Beckett: I usually wait until there's a crime.
      Castle: Cell phone, money clip.
      Castle: He stuck a piece of gum to a paper before he put it in his pocket.
      Beckett: One of his last acts was not littering.
      Castle: Yes, but there's a word on this paper..."tory." Could be a mystery woman.
      Beckett: Wow, Castle. Cracking this case wide open.

    • (Alexis and Martha watching Castle's interview on TV)
      Castle: Call me old-fashioned, but when a beautiful movie star is impressed with my fake law enforcement credentials, I'm in.
      Alexis: (Alexis asking Martha) Do you think he's asked her out yet?
      Martha: Your father, pretty girl like that? He may have proposed by now.

    • Beckett: (Talking about Ellie Monroe) That's why she was throwing herself at you. She wanted you to recommend her for the part.
      Castle: What?
      Beckett: For the record, she's nothing like Nikki Heat.
      Castle: Oh! You just can't stand it that a beautiful actress is actually interested in me.
      Beckett: Why would I care?
      Castle: Exactly. That's a good question. Why would you care?
      Beckett: I don't!
      Castle: Fine! I'm gonna go get some coffee.
      Beckett: Fine! I've got work to do.

    • Bobby Mann: (Asking Castle about his book) Now you worked with actual NYPD Homicide Detectives to research "Heat Wave".
      Castle: Yes, yes I did. And they still won't let me carry a gun.
      Ellie: I didn't know you worked with law enforcement. It's kinda my weak spot.
      Bobby Mann: Hello.
      Hank: Waiter, check please.
      Bobby Mann: Wow, you guys are single, right?
      Castle: Well, actually not anymore, Bobby. Thank you very much.
      Bobby Mann: Oh!

    • Bobby Mann:(Talk show introduction) And did you hear? Our favorite golfer is in the news again. Missed a charity tournament over the weekend. Really unfortunate. The world's top golfer had to pull out. In fact, it's the first time he's pulled out of anything… in five years.

    • Beckett: (Watching Castle on tv) Wow! Camera does really add ten pounds... to his ego!

    • Det. Kevin Ryan: Aren't famous people crazy and narcissistic?
      Det. Kate Beckett: I don't know. Gotta ask Castle.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vražedná sledovanost (Murderous Rating)

    • Featured Music:
      "How Much I Feel" by David Pack
      "Turn Around" by Soul P
      "With You" by Graham Colton

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 12, 2010 on 'A'
      Australia: May 9, 2010 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: January 18, 2011 on JOJ
      United Kingdom: February 2, 2011 on Alibi
      Germany: February 11, 2011 on Kabel Eins
      Finland: March 6, 2011 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: March 10, 2011 on SBS 6
      Czech Republic: April 13, 2011 on Prima


    • When Mickey Reed (played by Bill Bellamy)takes the Late Show from the dead host's show, he removes a decorative pencil jar in the shape of a general's head, just like the one Conan O'Brien keeps on his desk.

    • When Det. Kevin Ryan informed Castle and Det. Beckett about the parking garage in 1525 Broadway, he mentioned that the penthouse of Mikey Reed is located there. Castle responded by saying "Oh Mickey, not so fine", he was referring to the song "Mikey" by Toni Basil which starts with the phrase "Oh Mickey, you're so fine".