Season 4 Episode 20

The Limey

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2012 on ABC

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  • shocking london accent

    felt I had to voice my opinion ( spot the pun ) sounds nothing like a good old british accent .... quack
  • Bad accent just ruined the episode!

    Premise of the episode was fine, and I was willing to look beyond little holes etc, as it's TV, it's escapism & I love the show! But the second Brett Tucker appears on screen trying to play a British cop... WOW! What? Whoever cast him did a dreadful job!! It tainted the whole episode from then on. Half the time the actor wasn't even trying to hide his Australian accent! Total mess-up by those with power over the casting! I don't believe they couldn't have found a Brit actor in Hollywood to play the part! Or even just any male actor capable of pulling off a convincing Brit accent!

    Really did ruin the episode for me!
  • Limey, blimey

    I am a Londoner and trust me, that accent was from absolutely nowhere in London or anywhere in the UK. It was so ludicrous to cast him as an old Etonian that it distracted from the story and ruined the episode.
  • Give him a break

    Fair enough the accent wasn't that great but they can't keep recycling their extras and who cares anyway, it's tv. If you think that the accent was the most unbelievable thing that was going on you're being picky.

    I think it was supposed to be a bit awkward.

    Just enjoy the stories that are being told keeping in mind that they're just acting.
  • Real drop in class

    We just saw this episode in the UK and naturally fell about laughing at an obvious Australian trying to pretend he was from the East End of London (actually Dick Van Dyke was nearer the mark!)

    The writing was uniformly bad all the way through - the Castle and Beckett dialogue was clumsy and unbelievable. Where's the lightness the writing used to have? Let's hope this was a one-off writer for this episode because he/she/they were terrible.
  • The Limey

    Like a lot of my fellow users this was just not one of my favorite episodes. Some fun scenes with Kate at the function, but it was a really boring and awkward storyline. The new character they introduced did little to entertain us well. Below average showing from Castle.
  • Agreed Worst English Accent

    This was the worst English accent ever. When he first came on I thought I had switched channels and accidentally turned on Neighbours or Home and Away (Australian soaps which were popular in UK in the 80s/90s). was born in South London and have lived there for over 25 years and my parents still live there so I feel I can certainly recognise most London accents and many northern dialects as my family were originally from the north of England.

    He was attempting an East London accent but it sounded more South London this is possibly why. South Londoners are often mistaken for Australians when they are abroad. When I went to University in Scotland they thought my accent was from Australia. All that said, this accent sounded like an Australian trying to put on a cockney accent which ended up as an Estuary English/Australian mish-mash. Whereas Australians often pick up the pitch towards the end of their words all he did to try and sound London was to clip the end of his words, it didn't work. I'd love to know what Americans thought of his American accent?

    Furthermore he didn't 'look' British. When they filmed Bourne at Waterloo Station (where I worked) you could so easily spot Matt Damon crossing the station because he looked 'so' American. I imagine Brits stand out in a similar way in the US, this guy looked like a surfer dude with an Aussie accent - AWFUL!

    Then there was the tacky Scotland Yard badge, firstly it's New Scotland Yard but that is a building the organisation located there is known as the the Metropolitan Police. Do the FBI have a badge that says J.Edgar Hoover or the CIA have a badge that says George Bush Centre for Intelligence, or the NYPD have a badge that says 1 Police Plaza? I think not, normally these badges name the organisation not the headquarters. Also the badges don't normally look like a 5 year old knocked them up on their home PC.

    I was looking forward to the new tension between Castle and Kate and the episode started off promising but as a Brit I found it damn right insulting that as usual American producers could not be bothered to put the effort in to get things right when dealing with anything outside of the US borders it hardly takes five minutes to find out who the Met are and at least what their logo looks like.

    A guest star from the UK would have been more appropriate, someone from a BBC crime drama would seem ideal Matthew Macfadyen or Rupert Penry-Jones from Spooks would be great. Both British hunks that would have both looked far better in a Dinner Jacket (Tuxedo for Americans) and please don't get me started on the lack of appropriate waist garment with Brett Tucker's dinner jacket and his hotchpotch of a black tie.

    Sorry Brett Tucker I am sure you are a reasonable actor but completely miscast in this episode and it really destroyed it for me. Sorely disappointed in the producers over this one.
  • Fun episode--great (guest) eye candy! But what's with the middle school jealousy thing?

    I have to disagree with "Worst English Accent EVER", because his accent sounds EXACTLY like that of a friend of mine who was born and raised in England. I may be way off base here, but I imagine that there are several DIFFERENT types of English accents, just as in the U.S. people from the deep South don't sound like Midwesterners...

    I agree, though, that the main characters seem to be regressing in their relationship. Of course Kate is "going through stuff"--I'm sure that being shot in the chest has long term repercussions--but hasn't she always been? By the way, she is fully aware of Castle's continued interest in her mother's case--if you recall, when she first came back this season she was upset to discover that little had been done about it. (It was, if you recall, because they couldn't do more investigating without dirtying Montgomery's name).

    strikin--Do you know the name and meaning of every American police force and how they operate and where they operate from? Scotland Yard is what Americans associate with British law enforcement. If minor details like this are so upsetting, why do you watch American TV? And the spelling is "anywhere", not "any ware". "Ware" applies to silverware, glassware, flatware. "Where" is a place term. If you're so finicky, why don't you know this?

    Anyway, the episode was fun. I like a little extra "eye candy" sometimes, and this was some fine looking "eye candy" indeed!

    I can't help wondering though--Richard Castle has a new e-book coming out--about Derrick Storm! Is this the end of Castle as we know it?
  • not good

    the writers are chosing the worst way... as almost every body else here I am starting to hate the plot line between Castle and Beckett. It is contradictory and backwards. Castle can't feel betrayed since he is holding a secret from her and she is doubting herself too much, not like her at all. And if they send us to the first series in terms of their relationship I will just stop watching.
  • The spirit of Dick Van Dyke lives on

    Worst English accent EVER
  • Dissapointing

    The story line and plot was good. but its disappointing to see things taking such a nastty turn between CasKate. Ok i did think things would get worse befor ethey became better but the most i thought would happen was that Castke would find out that Kate knew(which he did) and Kate would find out about Castle's secret working on her mother's case (which i think will happen soon given the ugly turn of events) Never did i think they're gonna start playin the jealousy game again with each other like in end of season 2 and most of season 3. its like 3 years down the drain in terms of the story, back to square 1
  • Why??

    Why do americans Never actualy do any research Scotland yard is a place, the Police force it belongs to is the Metropolitian police . The warrent card was so shit no crown on it any ware. God Why don't the people do any research

  • The Limey

    Grrrrr... I am getting SICK of the B.S. between Kate and Rick. This show is in its fourth season and these two so-called adults are still behaving like bashful eighth-graders. I'm getting fed up with this. The writers had better wise up ... because if they don't start delivering the fans may just decide to take a hike.
  • Blimey!

    This show is in free fall. I hope the writers don't think they can just hit the reset button and think CasKett goes back to season 1. Maybe all they really care about is getting to syndication. The notion that two middle-aged saviours of the world (and each other) can't admit their feelings for one another is beyond absurd: it's just pathetic. Yes, character development is risky; so is life. I no longer believe these writers have the skill or ingenuity to let the characters be real and sustain the romantic tension. Too bad.
  • A bit unbelievable

    I enjoyed the plot and the British-y stuff but the Castle & Beckett story becomes a bit unbelievable. The previous episodes already strained the credibility with very neatly timed mistakes by the characters but now I find it annoying how to characters who have previously shown to be both adults are unable to simply say *anything* to clear up the situation. I understand that the writers are doing it do drag it out but soon people will stop watching if they do it for too long. It makes me almost wish for the season to end so they can finally move on with that subplot.
  • Dragging

    Is it just me or are they dragging it on for far to long? I'm almost tempted not to watch it anymore it is taking to long and they havent developed from the previous plot on who killed her mother and its coming to the end of the season and there is nothing big happening seriously?? next time maybe give beckett and castle and bone so we know something is gonna happen! FFS. And Next time get a British actor for a British roll not an Australian seriously, you could hear the aussie accent on mute