Season 5 Episode 19

The Lives of Others

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2013 on ABC

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  • Rear Window

    Definitely one of the best of the series. The interaction between Castle and Beckett is great. Great storyline, great acting and mazing ending. I can't watch it enough!!
  • Clever!

    Hot damn.. I had been missing all my castle dose lately, and wow. I just watched this episode and I'm blown away. This is by far my first review to my most favorite show on TV, and I have to say that this is the best I've ever seen yet on Castle. How I wish Castle episodes would be like this every week, but I know that would be asking too much on Castle's writers. Kudos to all the writers!! You've done a great job. Ya'll deserve to open a bottle of champagne :) And oh, I love Castle and Beckett's character build up. I know that Caskett have both not been showing too much affection lately in a very romantic way like we saw on the first episodes of this season, and there were some held back expressions, body languages, and what-not. However, in this episode, it's like a flash of lightning bolt just occurred and this is truly one of the episodes that I've been wanting to watch and truly been missing lately on Castle. Again Kudos to all the cast! :)
  • WOW!!!

    There were just one little tiny point I was mad about... I didnt expect the end :D

    One of the best episodes ever!!! Defenetly the best of this season (second place: ryan undercover

    Go on like that!
  • Amazing Episode!

    The ending of the episode was amazing...... I wouldn't have ever thought that they tricked Castle! The part when Beckett sits on Castle's lap and he rolls into the bedroom was so cute! You can just tell that Castle and Beckett were made for each other. Despite their silly arguments, they both care for each other very much. I really like how everyone chimed in for this one including Gates. This was a great 100th episode and I really hope for 100 more.
  • Great Castle

    This is why I enjoy the comedy-drama. I only regularly watch two or three network shows during the week. Being and older viewer I enjoyed the Grace Kelly look that Beckett pull off for the birthday party. And Castle's imagination going wild was great. To the cast and writers keep it light and funny and you will have a 100 more shows.
  • A modern-day Jimmy & Grace

    A stellar episode! This is precisely the reason why I watch Castle.

    - Terrific comedic writing

    Last night I used the word 'speculate' 3 times in the same sentence.

    It is a spa trip, darling. Not a guilt trip.

    You can be my angels!

    Oh to be underemployed.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down guys. It's not a race.

    If you get caught, you get a B&E on your record, and you'll never become president.

    - Suspenseful (Castle breaking into the apartment was just too fun to watch! Castle jumping when Alexis radio'd over to him was priceless!),

    - The 'didn't see it coming' (at least, I didn't) twist,

    - Alexis & Castle eating popcorn while watching the post-murder shenanigans of a the murdering husband.

    - The totally shaggable, knife-wielding murderous aforementioned husband,

    - An interesting B-story with the slain IRS agent,

    - The continued great chemistry of Caskett,

    - And so many other elements.

    A fantastic, modern-day homage to Rear Window, Hitchcock, and the late Mr. Stewart and Ms. Kelly. Well done writers! I wish more shows had 100th episodes like this one!
  • Great show

    What I really liked about this episode was the casual affection and love Beckett showed Castle. Not the serious, result of danger, so relieved you're okay affection, but the everyday signs that indicate love. In fact, she even used the L word, That was shocking.
  • Classic CASTLE!

    A perfect, absolutely perfect blend of comedy, banter, romance and thrills. Simply great work by the writers, cast & crew.

    A shining example of why I love this Show so much!
  • You guys are my Charlies Angels!

    Again with all the gushing 10's???

    Come on people, for Gods sake get rid of the rose tinted glasses!

    While this was indeed a very good episode, there have been many better ones over the previous 99 shows and I certainly felt there was some flaws here.

    The major one being how badly wrong it might have gone for Beckett if Castle had really "got the hump" when his perception of her was that she simply refused to believe what he said he saw.

    OK, I accept it IS a TV show and all would be well in the end but if we were to believe in the con, it was very feasible that Castle might well have dumped her ass mid way through (I'll see you later? Don't bother" come to mind)?.

    And really, so many people involved and Castle left without a clue? Sorry, that simply beggars belief!

    Nonetheless, I certainly enjoyed the show on every other level, with Espo and Ryan in "Charlies Angel" mode and Alexis conning her Dad like crazy.

    Beckett kinda gave it away near the end when she went over to the other building without a gun (if she had it under that black dress, I wanna know where!).

    While I definitely can't be persuaded that this deserved a "10" score, I will be looking forward to the next 100 and hope they can keep the balance of humour and drama at a sensible level.
  • Epic!!!!

    It was frigging AWESOME!!! They really had me! And Beckett's expression when Castle found out it was all staged, oh man! I thought he was going to end it, right there in front of everybody! I've seen every episode (more than once) since the beginning and this one was by far the best one. Congrats writers! You did an excellent job for the 100th episode. Keep it up, please!
  • Watchers

    Most 100th episodes tend to disapoint me because they never become what they should be something great. This episode turned out to be great (in my book) and probably one of my favorate episodes of the show.

    What I really like about this episode is that it's actually fun, you don't take it seriously since this episode is both an homage and parody to "Rear Window"; their practically as timeless as the movie from TV shows like "The Simpsons". As well as other films utilizing the format like "Disturbia" and "Abominable" both underrated gems in my book.

    It's just really funny seeing Castle at first suffering Cabin Fever, which is understandable since he has to be confined to his home for about a month, and the well of activity can run dry really fast (may'be Castle should've bought more video game

    It was really funny seeing Castle while watching he does comentary. That's easy to emphasize with, it's kinda like with us, how sometimes we might watch a movie at home and might every once in a while say something whether it's a joke, opinion, or what this or that person should do. One really funny moment was when Alexis joins in on the fun and both are eating popcorn while watching.

    And there are times when it's actually suspensful, like the scene where Castle investigates the apartment alone. I thought that was a cool turn, usually it's the person whom is uninjured that would do it but also further shows Castle's got guts going into a dangerous enviorment while injured. And when the killer comes back just like Alexis I was in suspense, because I knew in that moment Castle was in deep crap and wondered how he was going to hide or even get the evidence on time.

    It then comes down to the last half and we see Kate in a dress which is the same design as Grace Kelly's dress in the "Rear Window" film, I'll admit Kate/Stana looked great in it. Anyway, it comes down to a conclusion which I honestly didn't see coming, we see it was all a supprise party for Castle's birthday. I thought that twist was great it was remonicent of the film "The Game" and the underrated 80's slasher film "April Fools Day". There were suttle hints of this set up, when you think about Castle's birthday mentioned a lot and Kate in one scene gives out a hidden smile, let alone this episode premered on "April Fools Day" so the conclusion makes sense. And I liked what both Kate and Castle said to one another afterward which I thought was touching.

    Overall, this episode was great. Sometimes a great adventure or mystery is close to home.
  • This is why I watch this show

    This season has been a good one, so far. When Ryan and Esposito posed like Charlie's Angels, it was too funny. This is why I continue to watch this show. It's clever and well written. Bravo!
  • the Lives of Others

    Fabulous episode. Great writing by Andrew and Terri.
  • 100 more!!

    It was great!! But Becketts smile when after Castle had been up all night was a dead giveaway. It was still great and for a while I doubted that it was a hoax so I wasn't completely unconvinced. 100 more!! :)
  • Gilligans Island

    This last episode made Becket look like Gilligan from Gilligans Island. He was basically disrespected and dismissed and made to look like a dumb goof. I didn't like this episode at all
  • The Lives Of Others

    Castle continues its recent hot streak, as well as its recent attempts at parodying movies. This "Rear Window" semi-spoof (hey, at least they acknowledged it this time) showed why Castle can be such a funny program, and still leave you on the edge of the seat when it comes to the murder at hand.

    Not a fan of the surprise party ending, but this was still a well-written, unique installment of the ABC cop drama.
  • Magnificent coincidence

    As so often said: there is no coincidence. On Monday I watched Rear Window after reading a review by Paul Verhoeven in my Dutch newspaper. A day later this magnificent episode of Castle appeared; it was almost an epic remake of the movie and I wondered a long time how this would end as they probably wouldn't do a complete remake. But they anded it complete in style for the person Castle as well as the series (giving us a great 100th episode).
  • EPIC :)

    An awesome episode of Castle!

    I didn't want to get spoilered so I didn't watch any of the sneakpeeks so I was totally into the plot. I didn't see the twist coming at all and it was so Great!!

    I loved that everyone in the team and family was in on it :D even Gates!

    I loved all the Caskett moments of course but I also enjoyed seeing Caslte and Alexis together again for more than 15 seconds.

    Like Castle said it was EPIC :)

  • AMAZING!!!!

    Loved this episode, one of the best Castle episodes EVER!!!
  • Rear Window Lover's Style!

    Oh, this is a really magnificent and outstanding episode. OK, I really should just use one adjective, when both are so close, but, it is how the episode makes me feel The ending is simply amazing and very much unexpected. Thus like Castle I didn't see it coming and had the same concern for Becket and also like him I loved it!

    The writers found a wonderful way to work into the ending this being the 100th episode, which is very cool. Given some murder investigations take 2 episodes, I'm not sure how many murders they actually solved together, but then again some investigations end up with more than one murder. Maybe there is a website (like there is for Dexter) recording the murders, investigations, results, etc.

    Another sign this is a great episode came from my family. Honestly, I'm the Castle fan in this family, but starting with the Charlies' Angel joke, well, this turned into a family evening. Now, how great is an episode that brings a family together, right!?

    To the writers, creative team, actors, director(s), producers, crew, etc, thank you for a wonderful episode, 99 other episodes, and here's to another 100, 200, or more additional episodes. Keep up this quality and you'll have an audience for the series' 20th season.

    I was completely sucked in, right along with Castle. Can't wait to buy the season and so hope there are plenty of extras!
  • Better than "Rear Window"

    OMG,What an awesome episode! A dupe of the real movie but so up to date and just wonderful!

    i am so addicted. i cannot get enough of Nathan and Stana, and of course Susan and Molly. They are the BEST characters and I cannot miss an episode. This one was wonderful! What I want to see is the REAL Richard Castle (His "Heat" books are the best!) make a cameo on the show.

    Castle team, You never disappoint! i love it!!! Thank you for a smart, sexy show with humor and brains!
  • Rear Window

    That was a pretty amazing 100th episode. The homage to Rear Window was pretty brilliant and really well done and fit perfectly.
  • What a Show!!

    Loved this episode - filled with suspense and humor. Didn't expect the ending. This one is my favorite.