Season 2 Episode 16

The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • This episode just goes to show you...

    ...that you never know about the person living next to you. That girl-next-door-engaged-to-a-doctor-PhD student, could be the multiple-lives-candy-coated lady they find hanging in your local park!

    Or, your in control, decisive, successful business executive neighbour could be hung up from day to day as to whether he wants to be on top or on the bottom; UNprofessionally speaking, of course!

    Or, your favourite mystery writer could have run out of words and ideas of his own so he starts quoting children's writers to make his point: "in a box with a Fox". HE wishes!

    Or, horror of all horrors: your sensible, insanely bright, wise beyond her years teenage daughter could decide that a walk on the wild side is manifest in pom-poms, silly ditties and moments of extreme vacuousness!

    Or worst yet: your closest colleague and one with whom you'd like to be closer still, is a bigger and better tease than you will EVER be! Go Beckett!

    I love this show...
  • castle and beckett investigate a murder which leads them to an S&M ring.

    a good episode, not stand out but by no means filler. a body of a PHD fellowship candidate is found dead hanging from monkey bars in the park showing signs of bondage. some of the victims research leads castle and beckett to an S&M dungeon where they learn she wasn't just writing a paper on domination, she was living it. naturally castle acts like a schoolboy in a candy shop upon entering the dungeon, showing a keen interest in the kinky sex scene. watching castle squirm is highly amusing throughout the episode, especially whilst with Beckett. throughout the course of the case it becomes obvious beckett knows a lot more about the sex scene than she lets on, incessantly teasing castle. beckett handles the dominating female role well, stringing the men in this episode along with the you-can-never-have-me attitude. the killer is not revealed until the end, and despite there being several suspects and one who is forced to ask for a lawyer, the actual killer is someone you wouldn't have taken much notice of which is a nice touch on the writers part.
  • When a PhD candidate is found in her lingerie suffocated, covered in caramel, and hanging by cuffs from the monkey bars in the park the team investigates the hang outs where she was supposedly doing her research only to uncover a destructive relationship.

    A well written script that for once leaves you with the who dun'it until the very end of the story. You have all the pieces, but just not enough to put it all together.

    An interesting cast of characters starting with Mistress Irena played by the sultry Dina Meyer of Birds of Prey fame among other TV shows and movies. There is the first year intern doctor fiancee, the mistresses at the "dungeon" she worked at, her roommate, her customers, and her fellow PhD candidates that were all viable suspects.

    They gave some subtle hints from her research a little early in the episode that unless you were really paying attention it might have gone by too fast. A Destructive relationship she described which she was in that was very close.

    Castle spends a lot of time being mesmerized by not only Lady Irena, but some of the thoughts that started running through his head about Beckett. Also his daughter is trying out for the cheer leading squad which seems to be causing him pain no end.

    We finally get to meet Detective Ryan's girlfriend Danielle who has some very kind things to say about everyone and Esposito and Castle are a little jealous.

    A well written plot, a well acted episode, and another winner for Castle. Even though it has not officially been renewed I have to think that ABC can't pull a new show out that is going to out perform this one. We'll see how long it takes them to announce it. Maybe they are waiting for FlashForward or V to fail first which would seem much more likely. Thanks for reading...
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