Season 5 Episode 21

The Squab and the Quail

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2013 on ABC



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    • Vaughn: You know, that's an extraordinary woman you have there.
      Castle: I know.
      Vaughn: Do you?

    • Vaughn: Are you and Castle...?
      Beckett: (pauses) Yes.
      Vaughn: Is it serious?
      Beckett: Yes. Yeah, you could say it's serious.
      Vaughn: But the truth is, you don't really know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have hesitated.
      Beckett: No, it's just, uh... We've never really talked about it. That's all.
      Vaughn: Why not?
      Beckett: We just haven't.
      Vaughn: Then he's a fool.
      Beckett: No, it's, uh... It's just, it's-it's complicated.
      Vaughn: Kate, there's nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what to do.

    • Vaughn: Detective Beckett, David Anderson, my attorney. The detective is looking after me, so make sure she has everything she needs.
      Anderson: If he gives you any trouble, we can put him on investor conference calls all day.
      Beckett: I might take you up on that.

    • Esposito: Beckett's hanging with Vaughn? Oh, hell, yeah, you should be worried. His hit list includes half of Maxim's hot 100. Oh, and unlike you, his helicopter doesn't need a remote control.
      Ryan: Don't listen to him, Castle. Beckett's loyal to you. She's not gonna be seduced by his charms.
      Esposito: Really? So you'd let Jenny hang with him then?
      Ryan: Hell, no. I wouldn't let Jenny near that guy.
      Castle: Thanks. Okay, but... I'm not worried. I'm not. Okay? I just, I can't believe that the department is forcing her to hang out with some womanizing rich guy against her will.
      Ryan: Yeah. Unbelievable.
      Esposito: Yeah, she's never done that.

    • Castle: Is that Eric Vaughn?
      Ryan: Uh, yeah. He was part of the victim's dinner party. He's that billionaire inventor, right?
      Castle: Yeah. Inventor, innovator, and number eight on my LSL.
      Ryan: LSL?
      Castle: Last Supper List. You and a table of 12, anyone from history. What is mine, you ask? I'm glad you did. In order, it is Lincoln, Einstein, Ian Fleming, John Lennon, Joan Of Arc, Sinatra... (Beckett stares at him) And you, of course.
      Beckett: Too late, Castle.

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