Season 5 Episode 18

The Wild Rover

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2013 on ABC

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  • Calling out his chums

    I loved when he called out his team at the end and introduced them one by one, especially Castle's response. This was an excellent episode.
  • Good use of cast members

    It was good to see Seamus D's character expanded. We need to see more of the story lines of the whole cast. It is also good to see Castle share some of the ghosts in his closet. I feel it brings Caskett closer together as a couple.

    So far I feel the writers are keeping the Caskett relationship at an even keel.
  • awwww :)

    Kevin ryan has always been one of my favorite characters of the show. He's always kind of looked as this nerdy kid brother type and that's the staple and Seamus D is very good at playing the nice guy opposite Jon Huertes' playboy Espesito cop. But occasionally he's shown the NYPD cop grit and that's what makes him awesome and one of the reasons ive kept with the show. Anyway this episode.. .man I've always known Seamus D can act but this one was tense, it was funny and sweet. Although if there was one flaw... I didn't quite get the big reveal of Castle's secret. Maybe I need to watch it again but the "aww" moment of beckett and castle just didn't hit me the right way because of it. Still stellar episode.
  • The Ryan Game

    early scene: cut from Ryan and Jenny to Caskett & Javi at the new Murder Board, and Castle says "So, the Master Baker",,,,,,, LMAO. Anngel421 is right - Seamus showed us his chops; when he stood outside the bar and took a breath and set his collar and walked in like he Owned the Joynt - BOOM. I knew this one was gonna be fun.

    I'll bet they have four different Javi episodes the writers are pimping around the set - we know he's a Certified Badass, and he's gonna go all medieval on someone's ass; they're just working on the setup
  • The Wild Rover

    Hate the Kevin character, but this episode was a break from the norm, and actually made him come off as not just a complete tool. A bit of an anticlimactic ending, but sometimes Castle does fall into this trap.

    Definitely an episode to check out.