Season 2 Episode 17

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • By far the best and most dynamic episode of the season

    This episode was absolutely brilliant. It was well thought out, suspenseful, funny, clever, dramatic, everything a good show should be. I find it exciting that they are making Heatwave into a movie, and I wonder where the writers will go with that plotline. From the beginning this episode was full of suspense, starting from the mysterious caller calling for "Nikki Heat" saying he did murder someone. This serial killer is incredibly clever, writing letters on bullets, leaving clues to what he would do next in Heatwave, faking a suicide, it's all so brilliantly done. The addition of the FBI agent was an interesting twist because we got to see a little jealousy from Beckett, which I really enjoyed. The end though was by far the best part, starting from the fake suicide all the way to the explosion. I definitely cannot wait until the next episode. Why does it have to be a week away?
  • The show just keeps getting better!! gotta love Castle!Spoiler alert!

    Let me be honest: i´ve become a huge fan o Castle. Since the first episode i was caught and coudn´t stop seeing it!
    This episode just made me even more crasy about the show! I loved the way they played Becket being jealous of Castle and FBI Agent Jordan Shaw. She really anoyed me actually....i felt for Becket. I was specially upset when she so rudely told Becket to go home, the she wasn´t any good for her so tired...Dana Delaney did a good job, cause i was really mad at´t care for Jordan at all!!The Best part was when Castle shows up at Kate´s apartment with the wine...and the breakfeast next morning!and or course the team thinking they slept together and teasing them about it!!just hilarius!!
    About Castle´s mom: i really hope she doesn´t move out!!! i simply love her and her interaction with Castle! She often gives him great advice, even though she may seem a little nutty...but she´s actually not...
    WOW!"and that ending!! just awesome!!!!i was screaming!!of course i know she does not die or even gets badly hurt because i´ve seen the next episode stills, and she´s just fine!!thank god! but i can´t wait for Boom , next week!! i´m dying to see how everything is going to play out, specially Castle finding Becket(with no clothes acording to the writer), and her staying in his apartment afterwards!! can´t wait!!
  • best of the series (relatively spoiler free!!)

    this episode of castle departs from the usual light hearted case, and gives us a much more serious one. proving that castle is capable of delivering a much more dramatic performance. in similar fashion to the pilot, a nutjob takes a liking to castles latest book, resulting in a chain of murders as depicted in the book. this time around the killer is even more unhinged, and decides to test his intellect against our very own kate beckett/nikki heat.

    pretty soon after the FBI claim jurisdiction, castle realises that the agent in charge is the infamous jordan shaw, whom he has admired and wanted to meet for some time. several clever twist and turns lead to an explosive end to a brilliant episode that keeps you guessing from start to finish.
  • Kate gets a call for Nikki Heat at the station and the games begin as a serial killer is killing people and giving Becket (Heat) clues. A FBI Task Force is assigned to work the case and Becket's team is assigned to work with them including Castle.

    A very strong start to a two part episode with one heck of a cliff hanger. Dana Delaney plays Special Agent Jordan Shaw a tough FBI Special Agent famous for solving complex serial murder killings. She and Castle seem to click right away which miffs Kate a little.

    Jordan pegs Castle and Beckett as having the chemistry of people who have shared a bed together which off course Beckett and Castle must deny vehemently. She doesn't understand why Beckett keeps working with Castle until they start finishing each other sentences and working up solutions together just like he and Kate do. Another little hit at Kate.

    We get to see Castle making Beckett pancakes for breakfast at her place at one point. (Watch the episode!)

    The whole murder investigation hinges around Kate. The killer is targeting Kate and daring her to catch him before he kills again. We have a brilliant conclusion to this first part which leaves us on pins and needles to find out what happened. One must watch the episode to understand! Terrific acting, personal relationships, and superb writing all highlight this episode. Add a few personal family touches and the pieces are all there. The rating for this is born out of a few disappointments with the actual script and the setup, but overall an episode well worth seeing. Thanks for reading...
  • best episode of the season

    This episode had the quirky comedy that we all love about the show but it also add a suspenseful ride of case into it along with a little showing of beckett being jealous of castle new fbi friend. eveything in this episode clicked from the entrance of the fbi help to the killer and his mo not to mention to the suspense of the end all in all this was the best episode of the season. It seems after this episode castle and becket will become even closer than they already are which we all know is a good thing.
  • AWE-SOME! That's right- two syllables worth of awesomeness.

    ***POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*** This episode had everything i love about Castle- humour, an interesting plot, a clever antagonist. It was the final 2 or 3 minutes of the episode however that made it great. The build up of tension and suspense leading up to that final shocking moment was extremely well done- Castle's realisation of the truth, the silhouette of Kate in the shower and the sensational music that accompanied the scene was just superb. I may be wrong, but i think this was the first episode since the pilot where the murder had a direct link to Castle's books. This seems like a really good angle to use as it directly involves the characters- just as is the case in episodes where the issue of Kate's mother's murder is concerned. Of course this isn't something the writers should use on a constant basis (too much of a good thing, i think), but when they do, it really does work well. I'm not surprised the episode received such a high rating, just like everyone else i was bouncing up and down in my seat waiting for the follow-up. Excellent.
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