Season 4 Episode 11

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2012 on ABC
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The investigation of the death of a ladies' man causes problems on Ryan's wedding day.

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  • welcome back castle!!

    a fun episode to watch with a light yet clearly written plot line. but more then the crime plot, i loved watching the bits and pieces of scenes that are completely unrelated to the crime (like when castle points outs esposito's donuts frosting). I like how there's a story within the story that brings out each of their personality.

    the bit about kate's "number" was particularly interesting. Are they already in a relationship and just don't know it yet?moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    A fun episode. Poor Ryan having to choke down that green glop. The rich sexual history of the victim (good grief!). I'm glad the wedding didn't take over the episode. Didn't care much for the dress Alexis picked out. Seemed a little old for her. Got a kick out of Castle's reaction when Kate asked if he'd expect to be given a detailed accounting of her sexual past. Hee. And what a cute surprise that Lanie's +1 was gay and that she ends up joining the wedding with Esposito.

    And the very BEST PART: Kate is Castle's +1. 'Bout Time!moreless
  • Back again

    I enjoyed this episode. Fast moving, easy to follow with some sweetness on the end. The Espo/Lanie bits were fun to watch. Loved the ending as well.

    Can't wait for next week's show.
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    Glad they did not waste too much of our time with the wedding, just a few minutes at the end. Not what this show is about.

    We had a good case tonight, and as someone who works out the fact that "whey protein isolate" was said on a procedural made me smile. Seriously though, a quick-moving easy to follow premise, and an amusing, albeit short, scene with Castle and Alexis tonight.

    A little more light-hearted than the show usually is today, but all in all it was a solid show.moreless
Sam Hennings

Sam Hennings

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Jaime Ray Newman

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Daniel Romer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Ryan describes the victim as being 28 years old. However, the close-up of the driver's license specifies his date of birth to be March 25, 1978, making him 33 years old at the time the episode aired.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Beckett: Castle, if we were getting married, would you want to know about all the guys that I've slept with?
      Castle: All?
      Beckett: Seriously? You sign women's chests at book readings. You cannot be shocked that I'm not a virgin.
      Castle: It's just the word... all, suggests a lot. How many are we talkin'... Exactly?
      Beckett: Are you really asking for my number?
      Castle: You show me yours, I'll show you mine.
      Beckett: Men. You all want to know, but you don't want to know.

    • Castle: If you found out a man was cheating on you, how would you kill him?
      Martha: Knife... to the heart.
      Castle: All right. What if you don't have the stomach for that?
      Alexis: Shoot him.
      Castle: But you don't have the stomach for that either.
      Martha: What's wrong with our stomachs?
      Alexis: There's always poison.
      Martha: True. Watch him writhe and suffer.
      Alexis: Die like the rodent he is.
      Castle: Wow. All these years writing about murderers, I had no idea I was living among them.

    • Castle: Suggests premeditation. She knew she was gonna kill him, so she booked the room anonymously.
      Beckett: Yeah, but then why sleep with him? Why not just push him out the window?
      Castle: Because she's a black widow... The coldest-hearted creature on Earth. She lures an unsuspecting male, takes him into her web, and then the moment they culminate, as soon as he feels the ecstasy of achieving his biological destiny, she opens up her jaws and eats him alive.
      Ryan: I'm glad I'm in a healthy relationship.
      Beckett: (smiles) Yeah.

    • Ryan: Castle, Jenny tells me that you RSVP'd plus one.
      Castle: Mm-hmm.
      Beckett: You're bringing a date?
      Castle: I am.
      Beckett: Who?
      Castle: Oh... well, she's beautiful, she's intelligent, she's funny, and the way she smiles at me sometimes just melts my heart. It's Alexis.

  • NOTES (4)