Season 6 Episode 5

Time Will Tell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2013 on ABC

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  • One of the best.

    I'm usually not into the whole 'using ambiguity to lend credence to otherwise ridiculous possibles' like all that psychic and supernaturalism BS but this plot was put together quite well and enjoyed it apart from the Beckett being the one to make the stain on the letter -which was way too 'on the noes', would been better if some remake that the picture showed a stain that the original didn't have.

    What I really didn't enjoy was another dose 'side story Alexis' -you know the ones where she does (or wants to do) something naive/dumb, Castle is like "oh noes!"; Alexis says she is >18 YO and that she is "smart", then everyone else puts in their anecdotal BS 2 cents in, Castle apologizes and she gets her way.

    I mean seriously? what she is now is quite different from the early episodes which depicted her as witty, responsible beyond her age and actually intelligent rather than being called "smart" because of her good grades and everyone for some reason assuming that being good at memorizing text translates to all areas of life.
  • Time Will Tell

    This episode had its moments, but I also think they tried a bit too hard and the character from "the future" became too ridiculous. Solid, but forgettable.
  • Interesting Sci-Fi Twist

    As most know the synopsis, I'd like to know what happened to "Simon Doyle's" time traveling foil? Last I saw he was in interrogation when Simon disappeared into thin air as Castle was trying to return his Then, for whatever reason, we cut to the Castle/Alexis scene. Okay, so why didn't Castle tell Beckett that Simon just vanished, and furthermore, after Beckett spills coffee on a letter she then notices a future version of [with the same spill], why is there not a "to be continued" somewhere????
  • The Terminator

    A time traveller arrives from the future to stop another, tough and seemingly unstoppable, time traveller from killing a scientist who will, in the future, invent something that will help the good guys win the war, if he is killed they will lose the war in the future, and millions will be killed. AWESOME episode, Castle completely ripped the Terminator and it was the best episode of Castle I have ever watched! Great to see Morgan from Chuck too, he played the part perfectly, Shame they couldn't land Arnie.
  • Couldn't watch it in just one sitting

    Some story lines are (for me) so awesome or interesting I just can't watch them in one sitting, because they get my brain to thinking about "the Time travel is one of those very few topics. In the past episodes the writers gave Caste the frame work to weave a crime story requiring time travel, but there never was any real time travel. This time, though, when there seems to be real time travel, it isn't left to Castle to weave the time story, but to support it.

    Now before we go any further, let me say I believe time travel is possible. OK, not in the time frame discussed, but I believe either God already knows how to do it or someday (maybe in 100,000 years) someone on some planet will figure it out. Given I believe it is possible, I accept the foundation of the story, but see it for what it is -- fiction.

    The biggest draw back to this episode is locking the series into what we now know about the future: Global war is coming, Senator Beckett (well, Senator/Mrs. Castle), Castle writing seriously, and three children. Does this mean the writers are preparing us for the end of the series? Honestly, I was hoping the series could go as long as Law & Order, Gunsmoke, or even (gasp) Doctor Who. Yeah, I know, Castle is a light show compared Doctor Who, but I still love both series. Yet, who says the series can't continue with writer Castle and Senator Beckett working together to sovle larger issues than NYPD murders. As the title says (Only) "Time Will Tell" the tale. Fortunately other television series show us it is possible to evolve the series past the original setting and still be wildly successful. The writers just need to be faithful to the original premise.

    As for this episode, it is fun and exciting on so many levels. Even if you see time travel as fantasy that can never happen, the story is still true to the Castle series with Beckett being the rock of facts and logic and Castle exploring the fictional possibilities.

    On the home front, Pi is giving us a "long term" story line for what typically is a short one episode plot. What I find strange is how Alexis forgets how wise her Father really is about the world. I mean he was right about her video blog providing too much information and there have been other times, too. Yet, she is young and . . . Well, what might be a very interesting plot twist is simple: Pi is involved with another girl or even gay!! While Alexis and he are living together isn't for sex, but to help him out and because she wanted to expand herself. At least I don't think they actually said they're having sex or are serious about one another. I can see it as your typical Alexis twist based upon past times she surprised her Dad with her maturity.

    Finally, I'll say I wish this had been a two part episode with a cliff hanger of Castle and Beckett ending up in the future, but I can see why the writers didn't do it. Castle isn't a science fiction series and some of the reviewers dislike even this much fantasy or possibility being part of a plot line. The writers were wise and I was, well, greedy.

    I rated this episode a 10 not because it is perfect, but because it is better than a 9.5. Using the old user rating system (at the 1/10 increment), I'd put it at 9.6 to 9.8 (or so).

    If you have yet to watch this episode, have an hour, and can accept both science fiction and drama, you need to put this one on your "to do
  • Finally, a break from the routine!

    This episode was awesome!

    I really liked the storyline, but while I was watching I had this sad feeling in my gut - this is just gonna be another one of those episodes, where Castle's fun and fantastic theory on the case will turn out to be wrong, and Beckett will be right again with her down to earth explanation.

    Finally, they made the ending open by giving hints that Caste's theory might have been correct.

    A breath of fresh air!

  • No Time Like The Present *Beware of Spoilers*

    I liked this episode. I have always been a fan of stories involving time travel. The mixture of logical explanations and fantasy hopes, to appeal to a wide ranging audience I'm sure, was well done. I'm curious to see how closely, or not, the writers will progress the story of the show in comparison to what was stated in this episode. I noticed that Kate's reaction to having kids was similar to the previous episode. I am wondering when the writers will bring that subject into closer focus. I suppose as the episode's title suggests: [only] time will tell.

    I am not sure what to think of the storyline with Alexis this season. Usually when things such as this happen to a character it's because the writers no longer know what to do with them, and sometimes they are soon written off the show. I don't believe that will happen with Alexis, but I am still not confident in where that storyline may go.

    Joshua Gomez did a great job. I don't recall seeing him in anything previously but I find myself hoping that will change in the future.

  • Horribble

    I hate episodes that talk about things that are not possible. And the hint in the end that time travel is possible is just plain stupid. There in no such thing.
  • Best. Castle. Ever!

    Brilliant episode. The perfect blend of sci-fi, comedy and drama. I love how they left the episode open to multiple interpretations. Simply awesome.
  • senator caskett

    Kate the senator, and three kids!?! cooiio

    and who would have guessed that Espo was a Dr. Who fan?

    the Alexis scene was overdue - break to the Beatles "She's leaving Home"

    "No Alexis, I do trust you - I'm just saying deciding to share an apartment with someone you met on a banana plantation a month ago just doesn't strike me as the smartest decision you've ever made.

    And Castle's response to Ryan...........

    Ryan: And you're letting her?

    Castle: Well apparently the only way to stop her is by locking her up but according to Miss By-the-Book here that's unlawful imprisonment

    Joshua Gomez was terrific - good actor, very committed to the part and the plot; he really sold the time travel

  • wow!!

    The idea is amazing. The ending is amazing. Joshua Gomez is the MVP for this episode.
  • Fantastic!

    Welcome back Castle ! I love when castle comes up with crazy theories but this time time travel left viewers with feeling that there relay was a time travel involved. Joshua Gomez best acting performence !
  • Awesome!

    I loved everything about this episode. Plus I have always been a massive fan of Joshua Gomez and he was his typical crazy self in this episode!!! It was just a brilliant episode with the time travelling twist and dropping hints at the end like it was a real possibility lol