Season 3 Episode 22

To Love and Die in L.A.

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 02, 2011 on ABC

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  • Fun mix

    This one made me laugh out loud a few times. Entertaining but brief Hollywood versions of Ryan and Esposito. The interrogation scene in "the police station" totally cracked me up. Great scene with the omniscient concierge at the boutique hotel.

    Intriguing mystery surrounding the death of Kate's former partner, Royce, and the theft of some innovative untraceable bullets.

    One scene just seethed with chemistry between Kate and Rick, but nothing comes of it, of course. I've grown to expect these teaser scenes. I find them annoying now, and utterly predictable.

    The letter from Royce to Kate didn't right true, especially the advice to follow her heart with Castle.

    Still, I really enjoyed this one.
  • An Unsatisfactory Trip

    I was really looking forward to this episode after a few weeks' break and am sorry to say that I think this was the most disappointing episode this season.

    The biggest beef I had with the last night's episode was the rushed hotel room scene. The thing Castle said about Beckett's strength, heart and hotness, came out of nowhere, it didn't sound like a natural thing to say in the circumstance, she was reminiscing her relationship with Royce who just died and out of nowhere comes this? I was waiting for it to evolve into something that in anyway related to what was said earlier but that just led to the cliched door scene, which felt forced. Huge disappointment as I mainly watch this for the Castle and Beckett moments and they are always so exquisitely executed, but not so here. Which reminds me the final scene of the episode: the Royce letter. In all seriousness? A letter from a dead friend? Who has barely seen the two of them together a year before? And in his apology letter to Beckett he just so happens to mention that they should be together? Cheesy, unrealistic and meh. Again, not something you'd expect from the usually awesome Castle writers.

    Minor issues:
    - the fake Ryan and Esposito meeting? a lost chance for hilarity to occur
    - the Lanie Esposito make out scene where Esposito tells Lanie why he came down to the lab and she giggles?
    - the fact that Castle overused Beckett's name, which they always made a big deal of avoiding (and if this was supposed to be a delicate way of approaching her in a time of personal crisis then the crisis sure as hell wasn't channeled right in this episode)
    - the story? very little in the way of excitement, intrigue or last second heroics; having such a huge guy like Purcell and letting him go down just like that was just plain wasteful; and so the whole episode felt incredibly by the numbers, stale and unsatisfying; - what the hell was that thing with the robe?

    All together, the episode lacked flare and wit I came to appreciate the show for. Instead it was a dish of wasted opportunities and cliched scenes. However, Beckett in that white t-shirt – heart-melted.
  • 5/2

    Very enjoyable episode of Castle here as the titular character and Beckett hit the West Coast. A little bit of the writing came off as weak (the final scene with Kate holding the gun and some other moments came off badly) but as a whole this was a strong episode of the show.

    A nice story here, and although I did not buy into the whole emotional reason for it, I enjoyed what I saw. It had a Burn Notice feeling to it, and I guess part of my enjoyment for this episode was how much I have been missing that USA series.

    Castle needs more episodes like this. Nice action with some comedy thrown in, not generic CBS-like plots.