Season 6 Episode 11

Under Fire

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2014 on ABC

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  • Backdraft

    Ryan and Espo are trapped in a burning building after investigating a serial arsonist.
  • Under Fire

    I wish they would have had one character die, or at least give us some kind of twist, but this was still a really thrilling episode. Good concept with them being trapped, even though that has happened all too often on Castle, even considering it is a fictional program.
  • Worst of the series?

    This was definitely the worst episode of this season, perhaps of the whole series - although I can't be sure because I would certainly have forgotten an episode this bad.

    What was wrong? Imagine the usual dramatic music when describing the exploits of a dangerous criminal... he is a SERIAL ARSONIST... he torched over 10 EMPTY CONDEMNED BUILDINGS... he gets off by watching fires, and there is even a website for that fetish. Not women dancing with fire, mind you, just videos of plain ol' fires. And of course the arsonist starts taping his "work" even before the fire starts, and uploads those entire unedited videos to the "fetish" website (and on said website he only watches his own videos).

    I thought it was a parody, you can't possibly deliver "burns abandoned buildings" with such drama.

    Anyway, the writing sloppiness does not end there. Esposito and Ryan are exiting a room which blows up and then we find out the FLOOR they were running on gave away from the explosion and they fell 2 stories down to their.. ehm.. rescue I guess since there was a hidden escape down in that basement.

    You don't need a Masters in physics to see how an incendiary bomb (since the aim was to burn the building) can't selectively destroy a floor in a nearby room/corridor while leaving the people running on that floor unscathed.

    And all that just to put Espo and Ryan on some kind of peril while Ryan's wife was in labor just outside...
  • Dever Power

    Both Seamus and Juliana Dever were so great in this episode. Also liked the subtle acting of Tamala Jones while being there for Jenny. Well written and great acting by all.
  • Gates growls

    the show's unique ability to switch between light-hearted humor and banter, and intense drama is amazing. Marlowe's team are a talented bunch, masters at moving the show so seamlessly between these polar opposites. IMHO, there is no show on television that executes these change-ups better than Castle.

    the entire cast worked hard, and hit it out of the park - Javi & Kevin stayed frosty like we expected, Lanie showed her soft side, and Gates growled at everyone to JUST 'KING GET IT DONE.

    I choked up when Ryan told Jenny to name the baby Javier
  • Castle Takes a Back Seat

    I was surprised that Castle had little to no role in assisting Beckett/the NYPD in solving the case. But a good showcase of the entire ensemble of primary and secondary characters, plus with some heartstrings definitely tugged.
  • allow users to watch episodes online w/out cable subscriptions!

    I don't have cable so I was only able to watch this over the air, now that ABC won't allow you to watch episodes online without a cabel subscription if I ever miss a Castle episode I'll have to stop watching the rest of the season. (which means LESS VIEWERSHIP, LESS AD VIEWS you idiot at ABC who decided this).
  • plain awful with primitive drama

    Dont know how much producers of this show think their audience is dumb but they certainly have low iq standart for us. Writers of this episode couldnt make the script in more than a 10 mins. Starting from the most obvious pattern for an arsonist there could be and continuing with infinite number of cliches. The most plastic, stereotype emotional dialogues would be embarrassment to an Uwe Boll movie. Actually everything besides acting maybe, would be embarrassing to a B movie. This episode = 1 detonation + drama cliches
  • so intence

    if i could give this a rating of 100 i would!