Season 3 Episode 3

Under the Gun

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on ABC

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  • Motorcycle Girl

    This was one of the most fun episodes this season which ends with a very good and funny scene (the one at the cemetary). Castle and Kate investigate the murder of a bail bondsman while they discover that they might be in the middle of a treasure hunt. I like it when Castle's episodes involve a puzzle that one has to put together (usually that is the case but in this episode is more than that). As I mentioned above the episode climaxes at the end with the cemetary scene where again Nathan and Stana show off how good their chemistry is. Also one of the funniest scene I've seen on this show. Season 3 is very promising, and as I am rewatching the episodes, it will get better. Fun facts:

    - Victim: Dean Carver a bail bondsman who was killed by a trophy award.

    - Kate still has a '94 Harley softail motorbike which she worked through high school to pay for it. She also teases Castle that she was ''straddling it in tight black leather''.

    - Kate's trainer officer at the academy was Mike Royce (who appears at this episode). Later he will appear at 3x22 titled ''To Love And Die in L.A.''.

    - Kate offered to show her boobs to a gun holder if he dropped his gun

    - One of occasions where Kate advices Castle about his parenting. This time it was about Alexis' wild phase.

    - Castle owns a set of lightsabers (from Star Wars) which he and Alexis used to have swordfights with.
  • Show 'em My Boobs(Spoilers)

    I loved this episode! I didn't trust Beckett's old partner turned bounty hunter form the get-go. I also knew what the map was, and new the old partner was one of the bad guys the second they took a picture in front of the murder board.

    I loved that Brian Krause was in this episode, I loved him back in the olden days of Charmed!

    My favorite part of the episode was the case, though. It was emotional, it was gripping, and after an if-y second episode this showed that Castle still has it in them to make an extremly intresting episode. And Finally, I couldn't say show 'em my boobs! :)
  • Man, Beckett can't catch a break!

    It was awesome that they introduced someone from Beckett's past, got some good early cop tales about pimping her partner out, flashing her boobs, and shooting some guy with a spear about 'Cops Gone Wild'. Gotta give it to SK for another great performance with Beckett. Confessing that she was in love with her training officer and talking about her mother's murderer to keep him on the line long enough to get a trace. Then fooling Castle into thinking that it was an act while almost coming to tears as she walked away....really pulled at your heart string with this one. Has she ever had a man in her life that hasn't let her down or broken her heart? Demming seems to be the only one that they've introduced so far that hasn't. I think next week we get to meet the new man in her life so maybe he'll cheer her up a little bit.

    Is it just me or does the flirting not as powerful knowing that Castle is in a committed relationship? I wish they would hurry up and break up. Still waiting on Alexis to do something wild....that girl needs to have some fun!
  • Slam dunk!

    This show is very clever and getting more so with every passing episode.

    Esposito and Ryan and their turn in the cemetary, carrying on like a couple of girls! Best line of the night goes to Ryan, about who would get shot first! LOL.

    So, adding to the list of professions you can't trust apart from lawyers, insurance agents and used car salesmen are bail bondsmen, priests and P.O'd wives...and yes, this particular wife was one real pro!

    Beckett needs to get with Castle. She needs to get with a guy who is decent and so far she has a history of batting zero. She could play for the Jays!

    And Castle needs to quit playing with treasure maps and Vespas and step up to the Beckett plate!

    Good twists and turns in this case...whooda thunk it that all the players would be the bad guy. Well done writing team. Go have a beer...