Season 5 Episode 11

Under the Influence

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2013 on ABC

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  • Under the Influence

    The cop embracing the troubled teen gimmick is a little bit cliched, but this episode made it work. Interesting on a number of different levels, and while it is not a memorable episode, it is worth checking out.

    Just a little bit too much Esposito.
  • This was really the Esposito show

    Castle and Beckett were really guest stars in this episode and depending how you feel about that this is either a really good episode or a really bad one. I have to say after five years it's nice to get some more back story and to see his place. I liked the fact that even at the end of the episode he had not really won the kid over. The case kept me guessing and the Esposito centered story was good so other then the lack of Castle and Beckett I felt this episode was pretty good,but I wouldn't want to see an episode like this every week. Once a season is enough for me.
  • a little too much Esposito for my taste

    I'm not saying that Huertas is a bad actor. I'm saying that is was weird to watch Esposito going solo and even saying to Ryan "I got this" and having to do things alone (what was it with the weird bad cop scenes in the bar?). Further I was irritated that Castle and Beckett were almost inexistent in this episode. I like seeing them and seeing them together. Also I missed the nice Castle-in-his-beautiful-loft-moments with his mother or Alexis.