Season 2 Episode 6

Vampire Weekend

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on ABC
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It's close to Halloween, and a man is found murdered in a graveyard - with a stick through his heart, and sporting fangs. Castle and Beckett track the murderer to a vampire cult, all the while Castle is trying on costumes for his Halloween party - costume mandatory!


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  • A good one.

    I'm loving that Crow's sister is wearing a "Hayley Blue" shirt when we first see her. Links in to a future episode, can't remember which. Quite well done there.

    Good episode with good twists that played out well.

    And I loved the halloween party at the end. Hot damn Lanie.
  • Very cool episode – vampires, werewolves and an 18 year old murder.

    Nathan Fillion dressed as Mal Reynolds!!! A nod to our beloved Firefly! He still looks so good in that outfit!

    Love the whole vampire culture and it's fascinating that people actually take it to this extent in real life – actually drinking blood… and it's legal. Very cool storyline – the 'vampire' who burns in the sun, the werewolf. Loved when Castle showed Morlock the killer, that was just freaky.

    The 18 year old murder tied to the present murders, Matthew having memories of the mother he saw murdered at 2 years old – very awesome story.

    I so love Castle's relationship with Alexis and she is so responsible. He absolutely did the right thing calling Paige's parents – if I was her mother, I'd want to know. Alexis' costume was beautiful.

    Castle knows how to throw a party – his costume as Poe was great. Beckett's stunt was hilarious. "I'm giving you the bird." then hands her the raven.

    This was an awesome episode – freaky, fascinating and tragic, with an old murder to solve.moreless
  • Good episode and a great reference to Fillion's role as Captain Reynolds in "Firefly".

    Good episode and a great reference to Fillion's role as Captain Reynolds in "Firefly".

    However, like any TV episode that revolves around vampires, this one (like all others) misses the mark. "Vampire" names such as "Crow" need to be shot down. The writers should look more into the real life culture rather than Hollywood's version of what vampires are.

    Whoever the artist is in this episode is top notch. But props to the costume designers in this episode. They're all fun and imaginative. Too bad not all Halloween parties are like this.

    The raven is kinda creepy. Gotta love it! The sexual tension between Castle and Beckett grows!moreless
  • Classic Castle Capers!

    There are many reasons to love this show. It has the right amount of procedural stuff, family drama stuff all thrown together with bits of humor. For this example it was exemplified through many little moments such as the witty repartee between Castle and Alexis towards the beginning of the episode regarding the first costume he tried on. As a Firefly fan, it was a good callback to all of Nathan Fillion's charm throughout the years. The whodunit of the show played itself well too. The vampire theme was used respectfully. Overall, this show is TV at it's best. It's interesting enough where you care about all the characters but at the same time it doesn't take itself sooo seriously where the audience does have that "suspension of disbelief" totally intact.moreless
  • i really enjoyed this episode

    this episode was pretty good. i enjoyed it very much with the occasional laugh. this episode was mysterfying if thats how you put it lol. what i mean though is that this episode kept me guessing at who could if done this. and this halloween episode was funny to. and i really enjoy how everyone on the team can get a long so well and they can almost bee personal with each other i forgot which one brought this up but he said he had a girlfriend who was all in this vampire cult and he said she wanted to have sex with him in a coffin i thought that was funny and when castle was carving pumpkins with his daughter and castle his hold up a carving knife and then he starts laughing really creepy lol. this episode was really intertaining i liked it very muchmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Castle and Beckett first interview Matthew's family, Rosie, the daughter, is wearing a shirt that says 'Hayley Blue.' Hayley Blue is the pop star that's murdered in the following episode.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Castle: I had no idea you were interested in comic books.
      Beckett: Oh, Castle, the things you don't know about me could fill a book.

    • Beckett: Are you kidding me?! Is that a stake in his heart?!
      Castle: Looks like Buffy's visiting the Big Apple.

    • Ryan: Yeah, vampire coven is like joining a church or a club. You like to play golf, I like to play golf. You like to drink blood, I like to drink blood… what? I used to go out with a girl who was into the lifestyle.
      Esposito: What happened? Did the relationship suck?
      Ryan: Deal breaker. She wanted to have sex in a coffin. I'm open-minded but I'm not that open-minded.

    • Castle: He reminds me of early Frank Miller.
      Beckett: Which Frank? Epic Comic or Dark Horse Years?
      Castle: Oh my god, that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard you say.

    • Castle: If he is a vampire and you pull that out, he comes back to life.
      Lanie: If he does then we can all go home early.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Upíří víkend (Vampire Weekend)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: September 21, 2010 on JOJ
      United Kingdom: October 27, 2010 on Alibi
      Germany: October 29, 2010 on Kabel Eins
      The Netherlands: November 25, 2010 on SBS 6
      Finland: November 28, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: January 5, 2011 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Pure Pleasure Seeker" by Moloko


    • Nathan Fillion(the actor who plays Richard Castle) previously wore clothing similar to Castle's Halloween costume in his role as "space cowboy" Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds in the 2002 television series Firefly and its 2005 film Serenity. Also, when Castle first comes out in costume, a slide guitar is played in the background similar to the one used in the Firefly theme song and score. There is also a prop from the same show behind him on a shelf.

      Also, Molly Quinn (who plays Castle's daughter Alexis) mentions that he wore the same costume five years ago and that he should move on, a reference to the fact that Fillion has not played Reynolds since Serenity.

    • Halloween Costume Fun:
      Castle as space cowboy
      Det. Ryan as (dead) doctor
      Det. Esposito as modern US soldier

      All of these costumes are references to parts the actors have played before. Nathan Fillion was space cowboy Capt. Mal Reynolds from Firefly. Seamus Dever was a doctor on both General Hospital and Army Wives. Jon Huertas played Sgt. Espera in the HBO series Generation Kill. He served for 8 years in the US Air Force.

    • Dressed as a flapper for a Halloween masquerade, Martha tells Alexis and Castle that she hopes to meet her "Gatsby" at the party that night. The Great Gatsby was a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (1925) critiquing the American Dream. In the novel, Gatsby is a multi-millionaire bootlegger.

    • Castle: (When he sees the body at the cemetery) Looks like Buffy visited the Big Apple.
      Buffy is the title character of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the series. Previously, the role of Buffy was played by Kristy Swanson in the 1992 movie version. Nathan Fillion himself guest-starred as Caleb on the last season of Buffy.

    • (about the murder victim, who looks like a staked vampire)
      Kate: Who would go to the trouble of killing someone that way?
      Richard: Lycans. They've been in war with the Vampires ever since Lucian was murdered in the 15th centu...
      Reference to the Underworld film series; Underworld (2003), Underworld: Evolution (2006) and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009). The films tell the story of the war between the Vampires and Lycans. Lucian is apparently killed in an early battle of the war, but actually faked his death. This is one of the lead plot lines of the entire series.