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The Way of the Ninja


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After a Japanese ballet dancer is inexplicably murdered, Castle and Beckett find that her secret life provides evidence of a ninja assassin, and now that ninja is after them.

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Mar 18, 2014
It was an OK episode. I realize that in the art of acting, one takes on a role to play regardless of one's background. But it always bothers me when actors portraying a specific ethnic or cultural group don't have that background themselves. So while the hostess bar matron and the Saya Ozu character were played by actors with Japanese family names, nearly everybody else who was supposed to be Japanese in this episode were of Chinese, Korean, or even non-Asian descent. Heck, the actress who played Jade didn't even appear Asian and did not even closely resemble her "sister."But enough of that! I was bothered even more by other linguistic and cultural shortcomings. Everybody pronounced the word "yakuza" differently or couldn't even pronounce it the same way consistently, the ME doctor butchered "Yokosuka," and when our three heroes entered the hostess club Mama-san greeted them with "Konnichiwa" (good afternoon) instead of "Konbanwa" (good evening). If some of the thugs in the hostess bar were meant to portray yakuza, then true Japanese yakuza would never get their hands tattooed.And finally when the ME mentions the type of surgical procedure Jade could have only experienced by a military doctor, the time frame just isn't realistic. If this episode is assumed to have taken place in 2013 and Jade's injuries were sustained 10 years earlier, well in 2003 the U.S. was barely in Iraq at that time and not yet two years in Afghanistan. The likelihood that this sort of medical expertise was on Okinawa by that point was probably slim to none as it would have been either still "down range," in the Landstuhl military hospital in Germany, or stateside in a place such as Bethesda.Other than that the episode still managed to be enjoyably entertaining.moreless
Mar 19, 2014
Seriously, you have some belief that everyone is a Polyglot?

If someone asked 20 people to pronounce words in different languages, the variations would be hysterical.

People are diverse. That's what makes us special. It would have been much more unbelievable if everyone on the show had pronounce every "Japanese" term identically.

How would YOU get on with Greek, Hebrew or God forbid, Swahili?

As for Yakuza, I pronounce it Yah-Koo-Zah

Why? Because that's how I first heard it pronounced in a movie I watched and I have absolutely no idea if it's correct, or not. I simply do the best I can, as did the actors on Castle.
Mar 18, 2014
Well, I don't think Castle has ever done fighting on this level of quality bevore. For a PG13-action show that was very well done.And how awsome was Castle's reaction to the first appearance of the ninja? So great. I bet Nathan Fillion had just as much fun in that scene as Castle did.
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