Season 5 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 13, 2013 on ABC
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Beckett has an interview with a federal law enforcement agency which compels her to reassess her job and her relationship with Castle. The latest case involves skid row and turns up many peculiar things about the death of a young woman found inside a water tank there.


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  • Strong episode

    Good strong episode, but it made Beckett out to be selfish for not even consulting Castle on her career move. Also I doubt the job move would be too devastating to the relationship as Beckett made the flight to and back from the interview in one morning without Castle even noticing untill he saw the ticket.
  • Cliffhanging Finale

    When I first saw this, which was about a week after it aired, my friend saw it before me, and told me it ended with Beckett getting on the plane to . When I saw the episode, and watched the ending, I cried so much. This was most likely the best cliffhanger of the series. I'm dreading Beckett's answer but at the same time I can't wait for it.
  • a very hopeful finale!

    I'm seeing alot of negative and positive reviews about this finale. To be honest the writers had to do what they had to do. Everyone wants Castle and Beckett to be together, have kids, live happily ever after. If that happens, then there's nothing to see anymore. Show's over, the thrill is gone, people start changing the channels. The viewers will slowly decrease their interest. However, I'm actually glad that the show's planning to revamp and make it a little more fresh for the audiences. I would love to see this show get bigger, to see Kate's character with even more dimension and versatile. She has a HUGE potential as a character. To see her like Carey on Homeland, solving bigger problems would be so awesome. I just wish Castle would simply said, "I love you Kate, just the way you are and I'll support whatever decision you have because I love Bam! Honestly, I would love to see Castle and Kate do this together. It sucks that Kate has to make a decision. Him or DC. Why not have both? Wouldn't it be interesting to see Castle and Kate solving bigger problems, with Castle always on her side, adding comedy like he always does? Then add Ryan and Espo on the side helping them do some spy work then Laney with her usual talent on figuring out dead bodies and what-not. I'm seeing this show with a lot of potential. I'm looking forward to the next season. I think it's a smart move and it's very hopeful that this show will have even more dimension and edge of your seat stuff that we always love.moreless
  • enjoy


    love the show it is amazing i love all the seasons.
  • Worsening

    The show keeps getting worse every chapter. Castle's theories are too ridiculous, Beckett is suddenly an ass***, cases derivative...

    I really like the show but I prefer to see it canceled before they destroy it.
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Kyle Secor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode marks the first time Kate Beckett's full name, Katherine Houghton Beckett, is used.

    • When the tech is demonstrating the techniques used to narrow down the network connections, all of the IP addresses listed include octets greater than 255 (some higher than 300 as well). This is not possible, as no IP address can have a value greater than 255 in any of its octets.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Beckett: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept secrets.
      Castle: It's who you are. You don't let people in. I've had to scratch and claw for every inch.
      Beckett: Castle--
      Castle: Please let me finish. I've been doing a lot of thinking about us, about our relationship, what we have, where we're headed. I've decided I want more. We both deserve more.
      Beckett: I agree.
      Castle: So whatever happens, and whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?

    • Martin: (during the interrogation) I told you, I've never seen this girl before in my life. You're wasting your time.
      Beckett: Do you have any idea how many people have sat across that table and confessed their sins to me? What makes you think that you're any different, any smarter? You've only been in this room for one hour. But this room-this room has been my life. My home. And I will not let you sit there and lie to me in my own home.

    • Jim: So, what are you gonna do?
      Beckett: I don't know, dad. It's like I'm standing at a crossroads and I have to choose between two possible futures.
      Jim: Why do you think you have to choose?
      Beckett: Because, dad, he's right. If I take this job, then there's not gonna be time for anyone else. And then if I don't--
      Jim: It'll be because of him, and you'll end up resenting him for it.
      Beckett: Or worse. Dad, I don't know what we have. I don't know if it's real. It's like we've been doing this dance for the past five years and I mean, what happens when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?

    • Beckett: (about the job offer) Castle, this isn't about you. This is about me. This is about my life.
      Castle: So you're seriously considering this?
      Beckett: Yes. This is a wonderful opportunity. It'll be a chance to do more.
      Castle: Without me.
      Beckett: Castle, please don't do this. Please don't make this about us.
      Castle: I'm sorry. Tell me how this isn't about us? You get this job, you move to DC, I'll never see you. That's pretty much the end of our relationship, isn't it?
      Beckett: You don't know that. And I probably won't even get the job.
      Castle: That's not the point. The point is, you knew what this could mean and it didn't occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you and you chose not to. Now what does that say about us? Not much, you ask me.

    • Castle: Maybe Erika was some kind of online Erin Brockovich, you know, a crusader for good delving into the seedy underbelly of the legal system in order to uncover some seamy truth.
      Beckett: Or maybe she was just hired by a rival firm to steal privileged information.
      Castle: Now why must you be so cynical?
      Beckett: It's in my job description.
      Castle: Which is why you need me.

    • Esposito: Crystal Sky? That name's so fake, it sounds like something out of one of your books.
      Castle: Right? Whoa. What-what-what is that supposed to mean?
      Esposito: What do you mean, what is that supposed to mean? Derrick Storm? Nikki Heat? Jameson Rook? Would it kill you to name someone Gonzales every once in a while?

  • NOTES (1)