Season 2 Episode 5

When the Bough Breaks

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on ABC
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A body found down a manhole leads to the lonely life of a Czech immigrant recently fired from her job for getting too close to her employer's son. Meanwhile, on the eve of launching Nikki Heat, Castle's agent has an exciting new offer for him; but if he takes it, it would end his work with Beckett.


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  • It looked as though we were going to see what it was like for Castle to move on from Kate Beckett, in this case Niki Heat.

    The sole purpose of Castle's partnership with Beckett was to earn him the heart of his prized novel, which unfortunately met it's completion and could have easily ended his partnership with Beckett.

    I recently tuned into this season of 'Dancing with the Stars' and was shocked to notice Debi Mazar's appearance in 'Castle' the same week she was let off from the dance flick series. She and Castle did share some history since it was mentioned that they had a past fling together and earned a chapter because of it.

    Mostly I enjoyed the closeness between Beckett and Castle. I knew the entire 'leaving to score three rounds of British Spy madness' was a hoax, at least I hoped so. They kept beating around the bush the entire episode. I must admit the revelation in the end with the double phone call was cheesy at most. I almost, just almost believe that maybe he and Beckett would just bump into each other at times after that, but to find out he took a bigger and better deal revolving around his Niki Heat character was a bit of a *shake of the head* and a *deep sigh* on the side.

    Was it the fact that Castle wasn't going to make anymore books centered around Beckett which kept her on the low, or was it the fact that she wasn't going to be seeing his face and hear his witty remarks? Was she going to miss Castle? Were they actually going to kiss - I doubt this one, but the writers (hmmm why is that funny) seem to be pushing Kate and Castle closer together. Not a surprise. Loving Beckett's 'Nikki Heat' dress, was it meant to lure Castle in, or just another one of their flirtations.

    I admire all the episodes this season Castle is growing into this 'Show I must watch every week' don't you just despise those series. One may have better things to do and watch, Castle falls into that category.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four and a Half Stars

    Grade B+

  • Very interesting case.

    Beckett, Esposito and Ryan teasing the late Castle was hysterical.

    The scratching out of the photo is immediately odd – if she wanted a photo of Zane, why not just cut the mother out? She was obviously angry about being fired but most people wouldn't deface a photo. The affair with the husband *would* explain it. The baby-switching storyline was very interesting and I was impressed that Mrs Talbot allowed Zane's real father to meet Zane. It's really nice of her and she could keep it in court for years if she wanted to. I really liked that Mrs Talbot wanted to know about her son. It's definitely a warm and fluffy scene, I think there could be a very cordial friendship in the making.

    Love the dedication, so sweet. Castle's in a difficult position – the opportunity of a lifetime but it means walking away from Beckett. Beckett goes all dreamy-eyed and Castle chickens out and starts talking about the case?! Beckett predictably gets upset that Castle's thinking about walking away and not surprisingly, they have a spat. Gotta love politics – the mayor needs good press so is willing to make another three books happen – guess Beckett's stuck with Castle, and we couldn't be happier.moreless
  • Amazing chemistry between the two lead actors, great humor, a case with an interesting twist and a reason to worry us, until the very end of the episode! (Attention: Spoilers in Review)moreless

    I especially enjoyed this episode as there was a new twist in Castle's and Beckett's gradually intensifying relationship. By now we're at a point where both of them more or less admit to themselves their attraction for one another, but not to the other. So when Castle receives an offer to write some novels about some notorious British spy, he is seriously considering the offer, which will obviously turn to be a goldmine for him. His love for said spy is a major contributing factor to his enthusiasm. At the same time he is investigating his influence over Beckett and the team, to see if he was ever really needed and more importantly, if she's going to miss him. She seems cool at first but the scene at the party pretty much gives her away. She reads the dedication at the first page of the novel and is very moved by it, and ends up being very pissed that Castle is leaving the team. They exchange some seemingly indifferent lines in a very entertaining dialogue, and during the rest of the episode you can see Beckett is angry and sad that he is leaving. The scene at the car when they're waiting outside the victim's apartment was among the best of the episode, when Kate wants to tell him something and then the suspect appears. Finally the unrelieved tension is released in the final scene, where she tells him her true opinion of him and wishes him goodbye. It seems like something might happen (a kiss, perhaps?) and then the phone rings... And we're back to normal! Castle will do three more Nikki Heat novels as they bring in much more money than the spy novels, and Beckett is stuck with him, much to her hidden satisfaction. These two have great chemistry and there's no doubt about it. The scenes they had together in this episode actually carried me away into a romantic mood, that's how good their chemistry is. I think that's the main thing that makes the show interesting, all the actors blend very well together and create the most fun, exciting atmosphere. Now with the case, it was the murder of an illegal immigrant, who seemed to have an affair with a rich doctor but it turns out he had swapped her baby at birth with his own, since his own was sick and hers wasn't. Just as she was close to discovering the truth the doctor kills her. The scene where his wife and the boy's real father, the immigrant's ex-husband, meet and look at the boy play was very touching. I didn't think the doctor's wife would be so understanding, but it turns out the love for their children united them in spite of their superficial differences. I liked the twist in the case because in the beginning everything was pointing towards an affair gone sour. Also, the X-Files moments at the start of the episode, where the team makes fun of Castle about the body... Priceless!!

    As always, can't wait for next week!moreless
  • Castle's agent approaches him about the possibility of maybe writing the next three books about a certain famous British Secret Agent. The first Nikki Heat book is released to big numbers and rave reviews. There's a really good murder story as well.moreless

    I found this story fantastic. First we have Castle stoked about possibly writing stories about one of his favorite characters ever and the man who got him writing in the first place. Then we have Beckett secretly really upset that the Nikki Heat novel may be one and done. Finally we have one of the best twists on a murder story so far on this show.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Castle first started writing because of his love of those British Spy novels. Now with the possibility of writing three of the next stories in the historical sequence and for a pretty fair amount of money who could turn that down.

    Beckett actually gets pretty dolled up for the book party and the Mayor and her Captain are very happy she's been so agreeable about all of this. Having Beckett around is not as awful as she lets on and let's face it the two of them work well together. So after the dedication of the book to her and the boys at the 12th she really is crestfallen when she discovers he may get those other books to write.

    Never fear, Nikki Heat does so well and sells so many copies the first few days, the publisher comes back with a three book offer and more money than he was to get paid for the other series. The scene between them at the end before they left for the new murder scene was electric. She looked like she wanted him to kiss her. He looked like he was inclined too. Then he shook her hand?!?

    Oh yea, the murder of the Czechoslovakian woman was pretty brutal. Once we really get the twist at the end you don't understand totally why, but you do understand the doctor's panic. The final scene was touching, but very strange. This story is worth watching again.

    Overall a fine set of storylines with some really good acting and writing. The performances were great especially Arye Gross as the immigrant father/dishwasher. The chemistry between Beckett and Castle is really palatable and can only get even better from here. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Purely escapism!

    I really liked this episode and as usual, the writers and cast have managed to weave the case and its detective work seamlessly into the fabric of the main two character's lives. What sets this show apart from other shows that try to achieve the same is:

    a) it works here, and

    b) "Castle" has a stellar supporting cast to complement the "lives" we so enjoy watching.

    The case was compelling enough on its own, and I really felt for the victim's ex-husband; not to mention the murderer's wife...

    But the highlight is still the everyday lives of these characters.

    Castle and Beckett are a joy to watch and the book release party was predictable but so well done that the viewer doesn't care. Chemistry. Pure and simple.

    I love Susan Sullivan; I think she is priceless as Castle's Mother-cum-sister-cum best friend. That she is completely oblivious to her own eccentricities is what makes her so lovable. I would still like to see more of "Ryan" and "Esposito" because I think their interactions with the main characters is great as-is, but could add additional layers of fun to the life and pending love of "Castle"' and "Beckett".

    Fun show. I look forward to it each week.moreless
Elaine Hendrix

Elaine Hendrix

Melissa Talbot

Guest Star

Debi Mazar

Debi Mazar

Paula Haas

Guest Star

Reed Diamond

Reed Diamond

Dr. Cameron Talbot

Guest Star

Arye Gross

Arye Gross

M.E. Sidney Perlmutter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • GOOF

      Czech surname:
      The victim's full name is Eliška Sokol, but it should be Eliška Sokolová because all female surnames end with -ová in Czech.
      The ex-husband's full name, who is also Czech, is Teodor Hájek, but Teodor is a very unusual name in the Czech Republic and nobody is named like that.

    • GOOF

      On the lollipop wrapper, there is a Czech writing:
      "Třešeň Lolly", meaning "Cherry Lolly", which is a mix of Czech and English language and it is also written incorrectly because Cherry in the title should be an adjective and not a noun so for the title to be correct it would have to be written like this "Třešňové lízátko".
      "Sladkosti že chutná", which is nonsense. Writers wanted to translate sentence "Sweet that tastes" and they obviously used a dictionary instead of an interpreter otherwise it would have one of these forms "Sladkost, která chutná" (singular) or "Sladkosti, které chutnají" (plural).
      • The part with ingredients is a mix of Czech and English language and incorrect dictionary translation as well.

    • The lobby of the building where the Talbot residence was located in the episode was actually the Cecil Hotel located in 640 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90014

    • Det. Kate Beckett wore a skintight blue Herve Leger dress to Castle's book launch party.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Castle: Thank you.
      Beckett: For what?
      Castle: For using "irony" correctly. Ever since that Alanis Morissette song, people use it when they actually mean "coincidence." It drives me nuts!

    • Castle: I'm still asleep, aren't I? I'm dreaming. I'm having the dream where my book agent has shown up at my house at 7 a.m to not tell me something.
      Paula: Okay, it's not official yet. But you, my dear, are at the top of their list. And I can't give you any more details than that.
      Castle: You want some coffee? I'd love to sit down and not discuss this further.

    • Castle: The lettering has diacritical marks on it. They're accent marks used to represent sounds that are alien to Latin. I'm gonna go with Slavic-Cyrillic. No, Czech
      Dr. Perlmutter: And you know this how?
      Castle: I almost ordered a Russian bride once. You know, a Czech-mate...

    • Ryan: You sure we talked to 4E last time?
      Esposito: What, the robe lady? Yeah, she didn't know our vic. She wanted us to help with the ghosts in her apartment.
      Ryan: Oh yeah.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Příběh Elišky z Čech* (The Story of Eliška of Bohemia/the Czech Republic)

      *Čechy has two meanings:
      - Regional (Bohemia is one of three regions in the Czech Republic)
      - National (The Czech Republic as the entire state)

    • In 2006, Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) and Reed Diamond (Dr. Cameron Talbot) starred together in a pilot to a show named Faceless (2006), but the show was not picked up by FOX.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: September 14, 2010 on JOJ
      Germany: October 8, 2010 on Kabel Eins
      United Kingdom: October 20, 2010 on Alibi
      Finland: November 21, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: December 15, 2010 on Prima

    • Although credited Tamala Jones (Lanie) does not appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music: "Rocket" by El Presidente "Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic "Fever Burning" by Alyx


    • The major relaunch of a major franchise certain British spy mentioned throughout this episode is the the character of James Bond, created by Ian Fleming. The first novel to feature Bond was 1953's Casino Royale. Following Fleming's death in 1964 several of Fleming's remnant works were published between the continuation novels, novels written by authors to write the character. These novels, written by Kingsley Amis, John Gardner, and Raymond Benson came out throughout the late 1960's and mid 1970's before coming out regularly between 1981 and 2002 when the series was put on hiatus. In early 2008 an author named Sebastian Faulks was commissioned to bring the character back to the page after the success of the relaunch of the movies with Daniel Craig after Pierce Brosman 'retired' from being Bond.