Season 2 Episode 19

Wrapped Up in Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on ABC

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  • not a bad episode some spoilers

    well im really new to castle this is like the second episode i watched throughout the whole series but i the first time i watched i liked it not immediately but i thought i would give it another try and i did and this episode was funny yet full of mysteries i really liked the part where castle was in the elevator and the elevator gets stuck and he lays on the ground and then the door opens and evryones just looking at him. i also loved the part where the team members were making it look like castle was really cursed.
  • An Archeologist is killed when a Gargoyle falls from his rooftop and crushes him to death. There's a curse and mummies and everyone but Castle is having a good time with this. It seems anyone who sees the face of the Mayan Mummy is cursed to die.

    Another fun episode of Castle. I like how Castle says Kate is Daphne from Scooby Doo and then at the end she says "Rut Row" just like Scooby Doo does. Cute stuff.

    The episode is a little too light hearted for my taste. What a great subject. Mummies, tombs, and curses. A writers dream! It's almost unfortunate that Castle gets cursed as that ends up being a big distraction from the rest of the episode and the heartfelt Mom scene and Kate will you take care of my daughter just didn't quite fly. Also the constant ribbing from his detectives got a little old fast as well.

    Overall though the episode was clever. Especially the switching of the bodies and the carbon dating and the fact that the victim had recognized what was going on. Obviously the victim was the leader when it came to these digs and adventures as the women all liked him and simple jealousy was the cause of all this mess in the end. What a nice guy to kill the girl he liked just because she didn't like him!

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, but as I stated could have done without the strange behavior. The one scene that was humorous related to that though was Castle's scene by himself in the elevator. Pretty funny bit actually.

    Now that Castle has been renewed for a third season we can relax and enjoy the fun. I'm looking forward to the continued adventures! Thanks for reading...
  • Death in the museum. No Spoiler here!

    This is a episode with good mix of it's crime story and humor. It's extremely funny. Somewhat lacking character development, but overall very good episode. The crime story in this one is quite clever. It well keep you guest who is the bad guy. As in most Castle episode, there is quite few well-known face (from tv-show or movies), which keep you from guessing who is the badguy.

    The best part of this episode is dialogue and humor moment. Although it's best moment is something very sweet moment between Castle and Beckett, it was both funny and moving. It's these type of episode that keep me watching Castle.
  • Good case, good humor, classic Castle episode.

    First thing I thought was interesting was when Castle was talking to Alexis about her science experiment and got interrupted by his cell phone, Alexis said "Beckett?" with a tinge of resentment in her voice. Seems like Alexis is getting a little jealous of all the time her dad spends as a would-be detective.

    Castle was in true form this episode with the Indian Jones play acting, excited about going to the museum, and the elevator scene. Castle thinks he's cursed to die and Kate and the boys are too willing to feed his paranoia with pranks, sabotaging his chair and rigging the coffee machine to explode on him was priceless.

    We got a sweet moment when Castle contemplates his mortality and asks Kate to look out for Alexis if anything happens to him, saying she looks up to her. Kate is touched and gives a very sweet smile. Can't miss Kate checking out Castles butt either. I'm still waiting for a episode where we get to see a shirtless Castle, I mean how often has Kate stripped down so far? I want some man skin.

    I liked the case too, had a nice twist at the end and was very interesting. All in all a very good episode I thought.
  • Very fun episode and my fave ending of any episode this season.

    Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of Will Medina, the assistant curator of the Natural History Museum. The museum's personnel believe his death is related to the curse of the ancient mayan tombs. This episode had a very good and funny case. The way Castle looked into the tome and then found out it was cursed was really good. The cast is great in the series. This episode kept me guessing for the whole episode. The one thing that makes this episode one of the best is the ending, where they tell the guy he is under arrest and he runs and Beckett just goes back to talking to Castle and does not even chase him lol. That had me in stitches lol.

    9.5 out of 10!!!!
  • Another fun episode, with little character development but still enjoyable from start to finish.

    The show has found it's niche and is slowly perfecting the formula. Each episode contains a plot line that could be taken out of any mildly trashy crime novel which Castle can have fun with by making fun of himself and the genre in general.

    It is a simple but clever idea, in that the audience is treated to a light crime mystery, whilst enjoying genuinly funny dialogue and great characters. The episode plot is almost entirely forgetable but Castle's delight and childlike exceitement over the exotic nature of the crime is the real star of the show, as it always is.

    I'm so glad Nathan Fillion has finally found a show that has managed to last more than one season. He is a fantastic actor with a unique abilty to be both a clown and a ladies man at the same time. He makes this show and it's obvious that the writers have created this character for him. It fits like a glove.
  • Mummies and Gargoyles and Curses, oh my...!

    Messy opener, for a "Castle" death, that is. But a nice set up with a topic that is perfect fodder for playing on the imagination of anyone involved. The cut to Alexis' tomato project was a fitting touch...

    Even unshakable Castle gets caught up in the whole archaeological mystery/curse angle. The tip of the hat to Indiana Jones was perfect for Nathan-slash-Mal-slash-Castle, and the elevator scene was too delightful.

    The dirty tricks were to be expected and not as inspired as I might have imagined they'd be. I also would have liked to have actually SEEN some of the hoops Castle had to jump through (or ladders he had to walk under as the case may be) to reverse "the curse" because it could have been a hoot, but instead it was left, at least in part, to the viewer imagination. Which is fitting I guess...

    Not top on my list of episodes this season, but still fun. And the cast has matured nicely together after the last two-parter.
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