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  • Season 26
    • Charlie's Angels
      Charlie's Angels
      Episode 8

      Stuck in a traffic jam, Charlie is on his way to work when a girl blacks out and falls from a bridge onto his car, suffering from a condition that Zoe has to discover. Scarlett begins to suffer doubts about her capabilities as a nurse but has to put it behind her when a stabbing victim needs her help.

    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses
      Episode 7

      Fed up with the bickering between Omar and Jeff, Dixie changes the rota with Jeff and Omar working together and Tamzin and her working together but in the end, Dixie has them transfered back. Chloe is in a critical condition following her beating and eventually dies whilst Annie's withdrawal symptoms and grief threaten to overwhelm her as Linda tries to support her.

    • Fixed
      Episode 6

      Chloe returns to the ED with a clot in the leg and her friend Annie fears that she may be having a relapse from her drug addiction and when a Dealer goes to the Clinic and steals all the Diamorphine, the future of the Clinic is in jeopardy.

      Appointing himself head of complacency, Nick targets Zoe.

      When an unexpected guest arrives at a funeral, a brawl ensures at the wake, leading to a long family secret being revealed

    • To Have and Have Not

      When a young lad is admitted to the ED after falling from a rope ladder, Ruth and Jay work together to find out what is causing his blackouts and in the process, rekindle their relationship.

      Lloyd is in charge of looking after an elderly patient who wants to go home and be with his wife. When he slips away, Lloyd realises he is in serious danger and rushes to bring him back.

    • Memory Games
      Memory Games
      Episode 4

      A patient called Rachel arrives at the department with a fractured leg. She believes she is being stalked but the team soon discover it is just in her mind and she isn't being stalked.

      Called to the scene of an RTA, Zoe is surprised to find out that Dylan is a Basics volunteer, who assists paramedics at the scene of accidents whilst Lloyd ends up clashing with Jay.

    • Common Vector
      Common Vector
      Episode 3

      Several patients turn up at ED all suffering from the same symptons but none know each other as Dylan struggles to find the cause but when it is found to be a bad batch of Heroin, a desperate mother realises her young baby may also be affected as it is a race for Tazmin and Omar to find the baby to check on her whilst Linda bonds with the baby's mother and friend who are coming off the drugs.

    • Starting Out
      Starting Out
      Episode 2

      Lloyd Asike and Scarlett Conway arrive at Holby City ED for their first shift with Scarlett not feeling confident where Lloyd is over-confident with Lloyd getting off to a good start.

      A teaching assistant on his first day at work has problems with a student.

    • Partners
      Episode 1

      Two new Paramedics Omar and Tazmin arrive and give Jeff and Dixie some tough competition, especially when they take over a shout whilst Jeff and Dixie are cleaning their ambulance but when Jeff and Dixie come under attack from dogs at a farm, they find they are most helpful.

      When Nick experiences symptons that suggest his tumour is returning, Nick is understandably worried and gets and MRI scan but what will the outcome be.

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