Casualty - Season 20

Saturday 8:15 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 06, 1986 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Get What You Deserve
    An overweight patient causes problems for Nathan when Harry learns a trust directive is to blame for her not getting treated, and quits his role as clinical director. Meanwhile, Nina defies her suspension to help at a dangerous call-out, and Kelsey gives Alice a makeover after learning of her crush on Guppy.moreless
  • Last Orders
    Last Orders
    Episode 46
    Guppy & Kelsey wake up together after the house party, leaving the doctor worried he has lost his virginity, while Nina tells Abs that their relationship is finally over. Back on the wards a seriously ill fisherman is admitted, but soon becomes clear his friend wants to take him back to sea. Also Ellen awaits her test results and Tess gets some devastating news from Mike.moreless
  • The Truth Game
    The Truth Game
    Episode 45
    Abs and Nina's relationship seems to be in trouble, as during a questions game she is unable to answer Abs' question 'do you love me?'. Meanwhile Tess is shocked to find out that Sam is moving in with Kelsey to avoid living with his dad who's returning home for the first time since his accident.moreless
  • Happy Hour
    Happy Hour
    Episode 44
    Nathan manipulates Sam into saying he didn't dispose of the needle that pricked him correctly. Elsewhere, Nina comes to the rescue when a patient threatens Comfort.
  • Perfect Day
    Perfect Day
    Episode 43
    Kelsey assumes that Greg is gay when she notices he's wearing mascara but is proved wrong when he playfully kisses Nina on the lips. Meanwhile Nathan is furious about his needle stick injury and is determined to find out who is responsible.
  • Needle
    Episode 42
    The department is a mess when the new cleaning company don't pick up the rubbish bags. Nathan is trying to cut costs but pays the price when he pricks his finger on a discarded needle. Meanwhile there's tension between Selena and Maggie when Nathan annouces Selena has the new Assosciate Specialist jobmoreless
  • Silent Ties
    Silent Ties
    Episode 41
    Maggie is furious to find out there's a new associate specialist position available after her new consultants job was cut. Charlie is left to tell Selena the news and she is adamant that she won't be applying but later changes her mind. Ellen has a surprise for Nina and Abs, she's brought them a campervan to them for their support and then suggests they move back in together. Meanwhile Abs treats a patient who Kelsey has been dating, when he finds out that patient has herpes, he struggles to decide whether or not to tell Kelseymoreless
  • Abide With Me
    Abide With Me
    Episode 40
    The new paramedic, Greg, is late for work and immediately has a run in with Maggie who nearly runs over Greg's dog Grub. Nina is unimpressed by Greg's lateness until she finds out that he couldn't find anyone to look after the dog and ended up having to bring her with him. Meanwhile Abs is shocked to discover that Ellen has stopped her chemo, telling her that reiki should be used with chemo not as a substitute. Elsewhere, Harry has to break the news to Maggie, that the funding for her new position is now unavailablemoreless
  • All At Sea
    All At Sea
    Episode 39
    Ellen is back at work, but she collapses during her shift. Distraught she breaks down to Abs in a cubicle, where he suggest reike therapy might help. Meanwhile Maggie's interview for the consultant poistion is today but she's convinced that Nathan's candidate, John, will get the job until she finds out otherwise. Elsewhere in the department, Guppy finds himself being suduced in a cubicle when a bride to be and her hen party come in to the A&Emoreless
  • Target Man
    Target Man
    Episode 38
    Luke decides to leave Holby to teach football in Sierra Leone after a tough day that sees himself and Comfort trapped in their ambulance with Sol, his friends and a drug dealer. Meanwhile Kelsey is surprise to find out that Guppy is still a virgin and offers to set him up with some of her mates but Guppy isn't interested.moreless
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 37
    Ellen collapses in the street. Although Tess tries to keep her hidden in the hospital, Sam and Kelsey discover her secret. Maggie is given advice on her interview by Harry - he warns her to watch her temper. Luke arranges a football trial with Holby United for Sol.
  • A Problem Halved
    A Problem Halved
    Episode 36
    Abs discovers Ellen's secret when he bumps in to her on the cancer ward, He later questions Nina on why she didn't confide in him. Meanwhile Luke discovers that Sol has been making prank calls, He decides later that he'll give Sol one last chance.
  • No Way Back
    No Way Back
    Episode 35
    Nina goes to visit Ellen on the cancer ward. Ellen puts on a brave face during the visit but once Nina leaves Ellen breaks down. Meanwhile it's the end of Alice's four week trial and she's convinced that she won't be asked to stay on, will Sam be able to help her?moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 34
    Ellen tells Nina that the chemo isn't working and that she'll need a stronger dose, which leads Ellen to ask her stepsister for a heartbreaking favour - to cut off her hair before it falls out. Meanwhile Maggie and Charlie arrange a date before finding out they've been set up by Louis.moreless
  • First Impressions
    First Impressions
    Episode 33
    Luke befriends a boy from Sierra Leone, while refereeing a charity youth football match. Meanwhile, Maggie receives a romantic e-mail from a stranger and trys to find out who is the sender - but she gets a shock when she finds out it's Charlie.
  • Blind Spots
    Blind Spots
    Episode 32
    Ellen lies to Harry about the results of her tests and later on snaps and annouces that there is no baby and that there never was one leaving everyone to believe she was lying. Elsewhere Charlie's son, Louis is brought in with a friend, who is convinced Charlie is gay, until Louis tells him that Charlie is going out with Maggiemoreless
  • Going Under
    Going Under
    Episode 31
    Nina persuades a frightened Ellen to get the results of her biopsy. A jealous neighbour endangers lives when he attempts to spoil a hot tub party. Meanwhile, Selena and Maggie search Nathans office for encriminating evidence to prove that he's stalking Selena - will they be prepared for what they find?moreless
  • Family Matters
    Family Matters
    Episode 29
    Ellen gets a shock when she goes for her first scan and there is more bad news to come. Elsewhere, Sam looks after a young boy with learning difficulties while Tess worries that Sam is not coping in his role as Health Care Assistant. Meanwhile, Selena is getting tired with Nathan after he begins following her. He makes the excuse that he is conducting a research for the committee board, however, Harry tells a suspicious Selena that there's no such research going on. Also, a charity worker gets stuck in mud and is sinking. Nina uses her army training skills to rescue her. Following this, Nina asks Josh if she can train to be a paramedic and he accepts, on the condition that he trains her himself.moreless
  • Heroes and Villians
    Heroes and Villians
    Episode 28
    Kelsey is shocked to see a familiar face in the emergency department and worries that her secret past will be exposed. However, in her hurry to discharge the woman she is treating, she puts the patient’s life in danger. Elsewhere, Ellen is suffering from terrible morning sickness and worries when she starts spotting. Meanwhile, Selena is feeling depressed after her resignation from her police job.moreless
  • Nobody's Perfect
    Nobody's Perfect
    Episode 27
    Selena’s refusal to section a woman accused by her partner of being insane has disastrous consequences and leads to a dramatic turn of events. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to keep the Hepatitis B clinic open by handing out leaflets to prostitutes but gets into trouble with an angry pimp and the police. Sam decides he is going to become an HCA despite Tess’s misgivings.moreless
  • Worlds Apart
    Worlds Apart
    Episode 26
    A successful woman lawyer blames her son when he becomes the target of a violent attack. Meanwhile, Ellen gets a proposal she wasn't expecting.
  • The Lost Boys
    The Lost Boys
    Episode 25
    Some teenagers try to cross a dangerous railway line, and events take a nasty turn - one of them is badly injured, and he finds out who his real friends are.
  • Out of the Past
    Out of the Past
    Episode 24
    Charlie wants to prove that Bruno Jenkins has pulled a series of scams - and Charlie's efforts make a lot of waves.
  • Trust In Me
    Trust In Me
    Episode 23
    Ellen gives Harry the shocking news that she is pregnant, but Harry demands proof. Meanwhile, Bruno gives Kelsey some Botox, which makes her eye swell up.
  • It's A Man's Thing
    It's A Man's Thing
    Episode 22
    Nathan and Harry clash over the article in the Gazette. Meanwhile, Kelsey catches Bruno piercing a girl’s belly button and giving another woman botox.
  • Walk Before You Run
    Walk Before You Run
    Episode 21
    Nina's heroic actions save cross-country runners from disaster, but then her over-eagerness ruins things. Selena is made to feel uncomfortable by Nathan. Comfort feels out of practice when she receives some male attention.
  • The Things We Do For Love
    Harry has to treat Nathan’s mum, Peggy, in less than four hours, whilst a journalist from the local paper is let loose in the department. Meanwhile, Maggie overhears Bruno bragging to Kelsey that he recently didn’t attend a course but still got paid for it
  • Crossing The Line
    Crossing The Line
    Episode 20
    Guppy is in a terrible state. Jas is blaming him because he wouldn't help him die. Elsewhere, Bruno has a pang of conscience and a road accident forces Nina and Ellen to work together
  • Poisoned Love
    Poisoned Love
    Episode 19
    Jas tells Guppy that he doesn’t have to help him die but says he could leave a syringe lying around. Meanwhile, Harry tries to cool his relationship with Ellen.
  • Out Of Your Depth
    Out Of Your Depth
    Episode 18
    Time is running out for Guppy's dad while Abs finally wins back Nina
  • Casualty @ Holby City: Deny Thy Father, Part 1
    The first part of the Christmas Casualty @ Holby City special sees the return of two characters- Nick Jordan and Charlie Fairhead. In this episode, there's an accident in a tunnel following a car chase.
  • It's a Man Thing
    It's a Man Thing
    Episode 16
    Harry's relationship with Ellen is threatened when he realises all eyes are upon him. A boy racer is brought up short when his motorbike hits a baby.
  • Do They Know It's Christmas?
    Guppy goes to visit his father, knowing that his dad has a terminal brain tumor. Meanwhile, Abs and Nina hope to sort out their differences.
  • Enough's Enough
    Enough's Enough
    Episode 15
    The new corporate director, Nathan, arrives while Guppy is still reeling from the attack of his father.
  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep
    Episode 14
    Abs decides to confess to Guppy that he witnessed the attack. Meanwhile, Bruno finds an unethical way to make some extra cash.
  • Getting Involved
    Getting Involved
    Episode 13
    Abs confesses his secret to Nina meanwhile Woody gets the DNA results back and finds out whether or not he is Matt's father.
  • Anti-social Behaviour
    Abs is shocked to learn the person he saw being attacked was Guppy. Also Selena notices Ellen flirting with Harry and warns him to be careful.
  • Love and Duty
    Love and Duty
    Episode 11
    Racist thugs launch an attack on a group of gay soldiers while Guppy tries to get hold of his father, who is still not speaking to him. Meanwhile, Abs notices the racist thugs attacking someone and after a little confrontation with them, he turns his back and leaves them to finish their attack on the poor stranger - or is it?moreless
  • Big Bang Theory
    Big Bang Theory
    Episode 10
    Ellen questions Harry about his plans for fireworks night while the staff treat an Asian family following a fire at their house by racist thugs.
  • Casualty @ Holby City: Part 2 - Crash and Burn
  • Casualty @ Holby City : Part 1 - Teacher's Pet
  • For Better or Worse
    Woody is keen to get to know Matt and impress him by taking him out in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Harry is in a mood after an argument with his daughter Kizzy.
  • All's Fair in Love and War
    Abs is suspicious when he can't contact Tess. Meanwhile, Guppy is upset about being disowned by her family.
  • Sticks and Stones
    Sticks and Stones
    Episode 6
    Fluer has arranged a party at Tess's house for Sam's 19th birthday while Nina tells Abs the truth about Sarah - she's her ex.
  • Paper Moon
    Paper Moon
    Episode 5
    Nina is shocked when she finds out a face from her past has moved to Holby while Fluer makes Sam a picnic for lunch.
  • That's Amore
    That's Amore
    Episode 4
    Woody thinks that Matt is his son while Ellen is hatching a plan to get Will (Selena's estranged husband) back. How far will Ellen go to keep Will?
  • Deep Water
    Deep Water
    Episode 3
    Sam is still being distracted at work. Meanwhile, Harry gets Jas to resign quietly, however, Jas has some tricks up his sleeve to turn the tables onto Harry.
  • Holding On - Part 2
    The drama continues as Tess is trapped following her heroic effort to try and save a baby. Will Tess's attempt to save a baby cost her her life?
  • Holding On - Part 1
    The seasons premier centres around an asylum seeker's centre that caves in during a riot.