Casualty - Season 21

Saturday 8:15 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 06, 1986 In Season




Episode Guide

  • To Love You So
    To Love You So
    Episode 48
    Guppy steals Stitch's supply of cocaine after being refused any more, in this week's visit to Holby. Inadvertently, he administers a lethal dose of anaesthetic to a patient. However, Stitch, feeling responsible for his protégé's decline, shoulders the blame. Selena, meanwhile, steps in front of Harry and saves him from a patient brandishing a gun. Will she recover from her serious wound?moreless
  • Seize The Day
    Seize The Day
    Episode 47
    Guppy resists calling his dealer but his resistance is futile. Stitch goes out with the paramedics for the day and infuriates Maggie when he berates a patient's husband for interfering in his wife's suicide. The team blames Stitch when the man later kills himself, but Stitch shows no remorse. Meanwhile, Selena is having a bad day and misses a vital diagnosis. She later confides in Harry that she didn't go ahead with the abortion and is still pregnant.moreless
  • Walking The Line
    Walking The Line
    Episode 46
    An exhausted Guppy is making mistakes on his shift and, feeling helpless, seeks solace in drugs he has pocketed from a patient. Guppy later passes out as a result of accidentally taking heroin, but Stitch comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, Greg and Dixie bicker with each other during their shift but, when they are late, Josh threatens to report Dixie.moreless
  • The Fires Within
    The Fires Within
    Episode 45
    The team begins to turn on Stitch. Tess and Abs struggle to get to their tango competition. Bastille Day celebrations go off with a bang between warring neighbours.
  • Lie To Me
    Lie To Me
    Episode 44
    Cyd is left fighting for her life when she is bitten by a venomous snake. Dixie confesses a deep secret.

    Guppy's exhaustion leads to him making a reckless decision.
  • It Never Rains...
    It Never Rains...
    Episode 43
    Events start to spiral out of control for Guppy as Stitch continues to push him hard. A shout to a sewer proves the ultimate test, but will Guppy be able to handle it?

    Kelsey tries her hand at matchmaking.

    Charlie forms an unlikely friendship with a bouncer.
  • Entropy
    Episode 42
    When a newborn baby is found abandoned by its teenage mother, Selena struggles to keep her emotions over her recent abortion hidden.

    Mischievious Stitch determines to help Guppy lose his innocence.
  • Brass in Pocket
    Brass in Pocket
    Episode 41
    A shocking case forces Nadia to bond with a child and revisit her past, leaving Tess surprised by her reaction.

    Sparks fly at Tess's party as it turns into a showdown between Nathan and Selena, resulting in Cyd and Greg falling out.
  • Communion
    Episode 40
    After a terrible accident on the hospital premises, Nathan must rely on Stitch's brilliance to save a man's life and stop them from being sued.

    A knife attack causes Josh to have flashbacks to his own stabbing.
  • The Apostate
    The Apostate
    Episode 39
    Nathan does everything in his power to prevent Selena from going ahead with the abortion.

    Dixie's decision about the transfer is made for her.
  • A Long Way from Home
    Sam still hasn't come home, so when a boy matching his description is trapped at a crash site, Tess and the rest of the team begin to panic.

    Dixie learns that she has to downsize her crew.

    Alice decides to reveal her innermost feelings.
  • Close Encounters
    Close Encounters
    Episode 37
    Tess is in turmoil when Sam fails to show up for work.

    Nathan establishes contact of a new kind whilst Selena makes a tough decision affecting their future.
  • Aliens
    Episode 36
    Josh is forced to go back to medicine when there is a medical emergency on a plane with a suspected terrorist.

    Elsewhere, Selena tells Nathan she is pregnant and they come to a decision.

    Meanwhile, Tess and Abs's odd behaviour is noticed by Sam.
  • Lush
    Episode 35
    Charlie is concerned when Guppy's adulation of Stitch risks the life of a young boy. Selena learns the identity of her baby's father. Jeff encourages Dixie to talk about her feelings for Cyd.
  • Lost in the Rough
    Lost in the Rough
    Episode 34
    Nadia puts her affair with Stitch before work, but is betrayed. Dixie realises her feelings for Cyd run deeper. Selena gets a result, throwing her into uncertainty.
  • Day One
    Day One
    Episode 33
    It's life or death as Stitch gambles on Guppy's ability to make decisions. Sam arrives late for work, with a mystery woman on his arm.
  • Life's Too Short
    Life's Too Short
    Episode 32
    Maverick new consultant Stitch makes a dramatic impact on ED, but not everyone is impressed. Sam's eyes are opened on a paramedic shift when he dashes to the aid of two ladies in distress.
  • Stitch
    Episode 31
    Nathan takes a gamble on a new consultant named Stitch. Greg battles to prove he believes in Cyd. Alice stands up to Tess, winning Sam a paramedic shift. Nora defies Jim by joining forces in the hunt for Kira's baby.
  • A World Elsewhere
    A World Elsewhere
    Episode 30
    Cyd is haunted by the death of a patient and begins to believe the girl's spirit is warning her about a child in danger. Neither Dixie nor Greg believe her, but Cyd is determined to trust her instincts.
  • Sweet Charity
    Sweet Charity
    Episode 29
    Sam, Alice, Guppy, Kelsey and other staff members attempt various fundraising schemes for Comic Relief, much to Nathan's annoyance and he bans any further fundraising.

    Angus Deayton is at the hospital to have a splinter removed from his finger. Sam blackmails him into helping them with an auction for Comic Relief. Nathan then changes his mind after speaking to a former nurse at the hospital and supports the staff's attempts to raise money.moreless
  • Combat Indicators part 2
    Greg apologises to Cyd, who has just caught him with Andrea in an ambulance, as Kelsey spreads the news all round the department, including to Selena. Greg is embarrassed about everything and tells Andrea they should keep the relationship low key.

    Meanwhile, Jeff and Dixie arrive at an incident on a farm. They find three children badly injured and a doctor is needed. Cyd and Greg are forced to bring Andrea to the scene. Andrea decides that one child is near death, but Cyd is convinced she can save him, and starts working on him.

    Elsewhere, an ex-soldier sits drunkenly in the messy kitchen of his house. His son angrily takes some money and storms out after a confrontation.moreless
  • Combat Indicators part 1
    Dixie is jealous that Cyd is spending so much time with Greg. Meanwhile, new Army consultant Lt Col Andrea Petersen arrives and quickly riles Selena by being rude to an overweight patient having a heart attack. Later, Andrea tells Dixie that she's keen to do a shift with the paramedics.

    Elsewhere, Nadia persuades Guppy to give a patient a suppository for her. Andrea is angry when she finds him carrying out a nurse's procedure and Kelsey is made to do it instead.moreless
  • The Killing Floor
    The Killing Floor
    Episode 26
    Posh new nurse, Nadia, works her first shift and triggers a war with Kelsey. Selena feels Harry's absence and Nathan puts the mockers on her new love prospect. A trio of mountaineers attempt to keep a dark secret.
  • The Miracle On Harry's Last Shift
    Alice has made a big sign for reception, announcing the saving of the department. Jeff and Dixie cope with a difficult drunk in a fight on the street, and Jeff proves his prowess as a paramedic.

    Meanwhile, Harry and Selena deal with a pensioner brought in by Jeff, but they fail to save his life and Harry is distraught.

    Later, Nathan decides he needs to apologise to Harry. He goes up to his office and, through the blinds, sees Selena and Harry in a passionate embrace.moreless
  • No Return
    No Return
    Episode 24
    Can Harry win enough votes at the election to save his department from closure? A young woman's real identity causes trouble in the ED.
  • The Silence Of Friends
    Kelsey agonises over whether to tell Selena the truth about Nathan as their wedding approaches. Harry's had enough when news of Alice's harrassment claim is leaked to the papers. Dixie makes an enemy of Tess.
  • Countdown
    Episode 22
    Greg tells Cyd how much he wants the duty officer job – Josh's job – as the hospital drama continues. But he has a bitter pill to swallow when Dixie walks in and announces that she has been offered it.

    Meanwhile, Nathan tells Kelsey that he won't tell anyone she is moonlighting as a prostitute if she keeps quiet about his visit to the brothel. Selena later praises him for making a tough call by suspending Harry for sexual harassment.

    Elsewhere, Sam finds Alice crying in the staffroom. She tells him that everyone hates her because she is the one who made the complaint about Harry.moreless
  • The Personal Touch
    The Personal Touch
    Episode 21
    Harry is suspended by Nathan, after he persuades Alice to make a formal complaint. Abs has an emotional day. Kelsey is forced into taking desperate measures, leading to a nasty surprise.
  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather
    Episode 20
    Kelsey is forced to consider taking drastic action when her debt problems escalate and she is threatened with eviction.

    Elsewhere, Cyd's loyalties are torn when Greg and Dixie reveal they are both applying for Josh's job.

    And Harry acts on Maggie's advice that he needs to be more personable if he wants to succeed in his election campaign when he comforts a distressed Alice - but Nathan sees an opportunity he can't resist. Meanwhile, he waits impatiently for Selena's answer to his proposal.moreless
  • Fish Out of Water
    Fish Out of Water
    Episode 19
    The gang decide to get away from all the recent tragedy, but their seaside trip goes horribly wrong. Nathan's mother causes havoc for her son, with unexpected results for Selena.
  • The Sunny Side of the Street part 2
    Prostitutes and punters make a desperate bid to escape as fire rages at the brothel. While staff at the hospital are alerted to the incident, Guppy provides back-up at the scene and treats an injured man inside the burning building following Maggie's instructions over the phone. Meanwhile, Charlie finds Harry crying in his office - disillusioned with life and devestated by Ellen's departure - and a suicidal Nessa climbs on to the hospital roof, unable to come to terms with her baby's condition.moreless
  • The Sunny Side of the Street part 1
    When Kelsey is forced to borrow money from Guppy to make ends meet, a patient offers her advice on raising cash. As the staff try to come to terms with the aftermath of Josh's actions, an accident involving a vanload of prisoners and a crowd of residents protesting against a brothel ensures the staff have their hands full.moreless
  • Silent Night
    Silent Night
    Episode 16
    Josh is found badly injured in the back of an ambulance. The outcome looks bleak and, although the team battle to save him, his life is left hanging in the balance.

    Laura, meanwhile, has taken off with her daughter, Rosie, leaving her husband, Matthew, at the hospital. Ellen desperately tries to find Rosie before it's too late.moreless
  • Killing Me Softly
    Killing Me Softly
    Episode 15
    Ellen is terrified that her cancer has returned. She goes for a scan and is on tenterhooks while she waits for the result.

    Elsewhere, Laura brings in her daughter, Rosie, who is suffering with stomach pains. Her condition worsens and the staff realise that all is not what it seems.

    Meanwhile, Josh's world is crumbling around him and, feeling that he has nothing to lose, he puts his life, and that of his colleagues, in danger.

  • In Good Faith
    In Good Faith
    Episode 14
    Holby MP Steven attends the opening of the new leisure centre where he becomes involved in a tussle with an angry constituent and accidentally falls down the stairs. Steven is rushed to A&E, where he is treated by Harry, but his condition worsens and he dies.

    Meanwhile, Josh continues to isolate himself from the rest of the staff by being short-tempered with everyone. Later, Louis visits Charlie at the hospital and runs into Josh. The two men argue because Josh refuses to apologise for hitting Louis. Harsh words are exchanged and Charlie throws Josh out of his office.

    Elsewhere, devious Nathan hires an undercover journalist to help him bring about the downfall of Holby Hospital. However, his plans are foiled when Charlie becomes suspicious.

    Kelsey is still in financial difficulty and receives a final demand statement from her bank. She turns to Abs for the £200 she needs, but he can't help her out. Luckily, Maggie comes to her rescue.moreless
  • The Edge Of Fear
    The Edge Of Fear
    Episode 13
    Selena is due to appear on television to speak to the Holby MP. Nathan tells her to ask the MP why the current Emergency Department should remain open when they could have a bigger, better ED at St James's. However, his plan is foiled when Selena is quarantined when a patient called Martin is admitted to the hospital with radiation burns and Harry takes her place on the show.

    Meanwhile, Josh falls out with Dixie over the treatment of a patient and things get worse for him when another patient's mother makes a complaint about him. Josh turns to Charlie for support but Charlie ignores him – he's still angry because he believes that Josh hit Louis.

    Elsewhere, Kelsey is still broke and avoiding her landlord's phone calls. She tells Ben that she can set him up with Alice – but he'll have to pay her £20 for the privilege. However, Sam intervenes when he finds out what's going on.moreless
  • No Place Like...
    No Place Like...
    Episode 12
    A homeless woman called Jackie is admitted to the ED. However, she walks out, despite being told that she has gangrene in her foot and will lose it if she leaves. Jackie returns to the streets and goes to an internet café when, suddenly, a car crashes into it at high speed. Jackie and a young man are trapped in the rubble and Maggie, Charlie and Josh are faced with an agonising decision – whether to amputate Jackie's leg at the scene or risk both patients dying.

    Meanwhile, Maggie agrees to go out on a date with Charlie and Josh looks after Louis. Louis, a handful, falls over and cuts his face. Josh tries to help him but spiteful Louis lies to Charlie, saying that Josh hit him.

    Elsewhere, Nathan goes on the radio to gain public attention for the plight of the ED. He is surprised when the rest of the staff are not impressed with his interview and he feels isolated. He decides to put his needs first, and makes a decision about the future.moreless
  • All Through The Night
    Ellen has a brainwave to draw the public's attention to the closure of Holby ED, as the hospital drama continues. She ropes in Kelsey and Alice and they all jump into the City's water fountain in white t-shirts, causing a media frenzy. They are interviewed by a local reporter. However, the stunt results in an unexpected consequence for Ellen... Meanwhile, Harry decides to express an interest in the position at St James. With the Trust insisting that if he accepts the job he mustn't resist the closure of Holby ED, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. Elsewhere, Josh is hard on himself when he makes a mistake with a patient.moreless
  • It's Now or Never
    It's Now or Never
    Episode 10
    Sean calls an ambulance when he discovers a lorry full of illegal immigrants. Comfort and Josh respond to the call. When Sean hurts his hand whilst helping and needs to go to hospital, Josh sees this as a perfect opportunity for Sean and Comfort to patch things up. Comfort realises she has made a huge mistake and rushes to catch him before he leaves. Harry, meanwhile, is stunned when the NHS Trust offers him the job of running the new, 'super ED' which he has previously been against. With Holby ED closing, and more money and power on offer, Harry reconsiders all his options.moreless
  • To Be A Parent
    To Be A Parent
    Episode 9
    Selena decides to carry out a major accident exercise in a bid to prove that Holby is better than St James's ED, thus preventing the department's closure. But when she rubs people up the wrong way, her plan results in chaos. However, Nathan announces that he has just received a call from the trust. Meanwhile, Sean finally admits to Comfort that he loves her and begs her to go to Australia with him. But Comfort is torn about whether or not to go. Elsewhere, Alice pretends to have a boyfriend in a bid to make Guppy jealous.moreless
  • Born to be Wild
    Born to be Wild
    Episode 8
    Josh is due to attend an awards ceremony to mark his 20 years of service. But when a string of events makes him question society's values, his decision whether or not to collect his much-deserved award hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Comfort is blissfully happy after spending the night with Sean but her joy is short-lived when she overhears a private phone call. Elsewhere, Guppy attempts to impress Cyd but ends up pretending that it is his birthday as an excuse to ask her to the pub, and Kelsey suggests that Alice should try to make Guppy jealous to get his attention.moreless
  • What You See Is What You Get
    Two men from the Health Authority are visiting the hospital today and Nathan is feeling the pressure. It is a chaotic day and the team is keen to impress. Maggie walks in on Selena and Nathan kissing. Selena tries to explain but Maggie is angry and thinks that Nathan is favouring Selena because of their relationship. The atmosphere between the pair is tense and when they treat a patient together it doesn't help the situation. Meanwhile, Comfort gets dressed up for her date with Sean, but doesn't realise that he is taking her on a picnic. Things get off to an awkward start but the pair soon share a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Angels and Demons
    Angels and Demons
    Episode 6
    Comfort becomes emotionally involved in a case concerning a girl she feels is being abused, and fears for the girl's safety. To make matters worse, Sean is certain that she is drunk on the job. Harry and Tess find themselves dealing with a boy whose symptoms have been ignored by his parents - is there a link to the girl that Comfort is worried about? Kelsey and Alice, meanwhile, continue to play their alphabet game, but Tess finds out and is less than impressed. Elsewhere, Nathan grows worried when he is called to an emergency board meeting but things are far worse than expected, and not just for him.moreless
  • Sons and Lovers
    Sons and Lovers
    Episode 5
    When a woman and her baby are brought into the emergency department, the subject of child abuse is raised, leading to a tragic revelation involving the baby's older brother. There is another surprise in store for the staff of Holby as Sean Maddox returns to work. While Charlie is pleased to see an old friend, Comfort is less than thrilled with his approach to the case.

    Elsewhere, Selena's attempts to prove herself in her new position alongside Harry are causing more harm than good, and both Tess and Harry soon decide they have had enough.

    Meanwhile, Alice and Kelsey continue the alphabet game, while Cyd reveals an insightful talent for reading people.moreless
  • Heads Together
    Heads Together
    Episode 4
    Selena and Nathan are back together, but she wants to keep it from her colleagues. Nathan tries to undermine Harry by offering him a position which he would share with Selena. Meanwhile, a new no-smoking policy on hospital premises for staff puts Kelsey in a bad mood. She cheers up when Alice has an idea for a staff game.moreless
  • Waste Of Space
    Waste Of Space
    Episode 3
    Two new paramedics join the team but Josh is umimpressed by their laid back attitudes. Will he allow Dixie and Cyd to continue to be a team after Dixie criticises his management? Meanwhile Nathan worries about his future when he cuts himself but he does let her give him a blood test. And a practical joke played by Kelsey has unexpected consequences for Alicemoreless
  • Different Worlds part 2
    A difficult birth in Cambodia, makes Comfort realise her life is missing something - motherhood. So when the mother dies, she finds herself offering to raise the baby but will the family agree? Charlie admits to Duffy that he's in love with Maggie but back in Holby her relationship with Somnag is taking an unexpected turn.moreless
  • Different Worlds part 1
    Guppy's surgical skills are put to the test when he, Charlie, Abs and Comfort head out to Cambodia to help Duffy. Meanwhile, in Holby, Maggie and Harry struggle to work with Somnang, a cambodian doctor.
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